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Primary school moonlight daydream composition 500 words

Daydream in the moonlight

The light light of the moonlight is the beauty of the light of the moon. I am rippling and enjoying in the beautiful picture of moonlight.

The moonlight is like a poem, and the beautiful moonlight follows. Moonlight is like water, moonlight is like painting, moonlight is like poetry, moonlight is like song. I love the moonlight as crystal clear as water, I love the beauty of the moonlight as painting, and I love the meaningful moonlight as poetry and song.

Lonely, accompanied by moonlight, his beloved release will not be lonely. Moonlight, the cold moonlight, is the country broken? Night chant should feel the cold moonlight, cold moonlight, because there is no love, to accept the gentle whisper of the moonlight. Silence is better than sound.

Intoxicated in the moonlight, also thinking in the moonlight; melancholy in the moonlight, also sighing in the moonlight; wandering in the moonlight, also singing in the moonlight; walking alone in the moonlight, also silent in the moonlight. Looking back around, I realized that there was no one and no company. It seemed that the lonely night had gone deep, and the bamboo outside the window was silent. The wind had already gone away, and the moonlight was still light, falling silently. At this time, I suddenly saw the cloud in the distance under the Moonlight: silently, quietly in tears, but did not fall Come on. Alone, also seems to be in the cold, but I do not know the soft moonlight, at this time, it is as sentimental and considerate woman, came into my heart. In the quiet moonlight, with tears beat out the most sad melody, the most desperate elegy, no night, leaning on the window lattice, in the cool moonlight, closed eyes, quiet reverie

Reverie in the moonlight

Looking at the bright moon above my head, I unconsciously recalled the past in my heart. Moonlight through the window, quietly scattered on the table in front of the window.

I sat at the table and looked up. The moon is so bright, can't help but make people imagine; the moon is so mysterious, even Chang'e is willing to throw herself into the moon; the moon is so round, reposing my missing for my relatives.

Think of the past, my grandfather and I also sat on the roof, looking at the full moon overhead, talking about my childhood fun, looking forward to the future. I remember my grandfather asking me, "what are you going to do in the future?" I replied with a smile, "I want to make a lot of money and take my grandfather to travel around the world." Grandfather just smile, and looked up at the moon in the sky, for a long time did not reply. At that time, we spent the Mid Autumn Festival together and enjoyed the moon. Now, I am the only one left to enjoy the round and bright moon.

Today, there is another Mid Autumn Festival. Moonlight, soft. Like a young mother's hand sliding gently in her sleep, like a baby's fragrant pillow, like a sweet fragrant dream, like a pool of autumn water in the calm sun. The full moon is still hanging in the air. It's rounder and softer than any other round object in the world. The wind blows gently, and the full moon in the water seems to be broken. At this time, I look at the reflection of the moon.

I seem to vaguely see a tall and straight tree, a lovely rabbit with a snow-white fur jumping under the tree. In the rabbit's side, falling flowers, a white should slowly find.

If you look at it carefully, the fairy who thinks that the dead fish and the wild geese are falling and the moon is closing is coming with light steps. He is like flowing water, like gossamer. He dances in white ancient clothes, just like graceful butterflies. He resonates with the falling flowers, forming a beautiful realm and combining a moving dance.

Under the moonlight, I looked at the front quietly, recalling all kinds of things in the past, until the moonlight dissipated and was blocked by the clouds, I came back to myself.

Daydream in the moonlight

Soft moonlight will be the body into the window, everything seems so quiet, lost the noise of the day, the unique beauty of the night can make people relax. The machine stopped working, the shop stopped operating, and people stopped working. At this time, it seemed that the sound of frogs was still vaguely heard. It was a natural sound, and the moonlight covered the sound with a mysterious veil.

Beethoven, the great musician, wrote a beautiful "Moonlight song" under the gentle moonlight. Notes jump on paper, music flows on fingertips. After a busy day in the noisy city, people's mood becomes soft with the music, as if they are separated from the city and in a place that really belongs to them. People look up at the tempting moonlight, see it through the night when the tenacity, and at this time, it is so charming, and I clearly see the hope. Some people say: "hope is a process of constantly calling and approaching heaven." although the hope of success is very small, I will approach heaven a little bit through my own efforts. Even if I don't arrive at the end, I still say to the people around me with pride: "I succeeded!"

China's traditional festival - Mid Autumn Festival, custom is to eat a piece of moon cake, round moon, it symbolizes reunion. People from other places and I enjoy the same moon. Even if we can't get together immediately, we can at least feel the warmth of our relatives. I entrust the moon to tell my relatives that I hope everything is OK with you!

Standing in the moonlight, I can't help but recall my childhood partner with deep attachment. It was carefully selected, with pain and sadness deleted, leaving a simple and happy self and a smile to share!

As if absorbing the power of the moonlight, I feel like I am working hard at night!

I love this quiet night, but also love the charming moonlight!

Daydream in the moonlight

Month, cause people's mind how much past, cause people how much reverie.


Month is the patent of children

When I was a child, the bright moon could always arouse my reverie. Whenever I saw the water in the water tank disappeared in the yard, I ran to my mother with ecstasy, "Mom, go and see, our water was eaten by the moon, it turns out that the moon is a thief! It'll be so white. It's all from our water. " With a knowing smile, mother pointed to the boiling water in the pot and said, "all the water is here." I don't believe it. I ran to the water tank at the speed of five kilometers per second, hoping to capture the thief. As time went by, the cunning moon finally came to the "crime scene" again. As soon as I stretched out my hands, the whole person plopped into the water tank with less than a quarter left. The result is not known - I became a drowned chicken and was reprimanded, so I put all the blame on the moon, and vowed that one day I would bring the thief to justice.

The moon is the chain between you and me

On the full day of the 15th month, my brother was holding a book under the moon and reciting "when will the bright moon come, ask Qingtian for wine.". I don't know what year it is in the palace of heaven... " You are holding the newspaper, leaning under the tree, sometimes watching the moon, sometimes reading the newspaper.

I sit beside you and tell you my dissatisfaction with the moon, but you just smile and don't think much of my words, "you see how beautiful the full moon is, there is Chang'e jade rabbit in it! You see, Yutu is still drinking water there I thought to myself, he stole the water!

Over time, I was captured by you, to be exact, infected by the moon. Listen to you say so many beautiful legends, I began to fall in love with the moon, and listen to you tell the story of the moon is my happiest moment.

But - another full moon night, you left me forever. Whenever I miss you, I will tell the moon how much I miss you.

Really, really miss you

Reverie in the moonlight

Month! In the starry sky of the mirror wall like water, the wisps of clouds and autumn wind dance wantonly under the shadow of the moon! My thoughts are floating on such a moonlit night

Since ancient times, many literati have borrowed the moon to express their feelings, recite poems and write poems

Li Bai, a poetic immortal, raised his head to look at the bright moon and bowed his head to think of his hometown; Du Fu, a poet, expressed his wish for a long life and a beautiful life together; Li Shangyin, a poet, expressed his wish for the moon to be cold at night All is to release the silk and love in the heart by moonlight!

Now, just a short distance away, compatriots on both sides of the Strait can only look at the moon and think of their relatives! Decades of separation, perhaps when we see each other, we are already gray. Perhaps, it has already passed away! Only regret and tears left in the end! One morning, mom was holding her baby - Hey! Baby, what dream did you have last night? Smile so happy, still straight shout "Taiwan baby will come to motherland mother embrace! Baba's eyes blinked, and he said something to surprise Baba: "Mom. Taiwan baby cried last night." then, a crystal blue liquid overflowed from Baba's eyes

Dear mother! Do you know that baby dreams are looking forward to, are looking forward to ah!

As a middle school student, I sincerely hope that the home of the motherland reunited one day! The youth is strong, the country is strong, the youth is rich, the country is rich! The prosperity and decline of the motherland is in our hands, how can we live up to her! We should study hard, keep fit and strive for the future of our motherland!

Tomorrow, we will hold up the eastern sun with love!

Daydream in the moonlight

It's late at night.

There are still some lights on in the opposite building. I looked at the clock. It's half past twelve. There are still some exercise books on the table - what I want to do. It's the third day of junior high school.

I'm tired. Tired is the kind of a lie down can sleep tired. I really want to go to sleep and not even wake up, at least not so tired. Of course, it's just thinking, it's just thinking. I also know that I'm not the only one. Every junior is very tired.

The Mid Autumn Festival is coming. The moon is so round and beautiful. The moonlight, like gossamer, poured down into the window.

The moonlight often reminds me of playing in my childhood.

Every Mid Autumn Festival, several children hang out with lanterns in the moonlight. It is said that there is Chang'e there. She is very beautiful. I always fantasize about her, big eyes? Or Danfeng eye? I thought about it again and again, and even wanted to meet her. I thought about everything I wanted to say. I also made a wish on my birthday to see Chang'e, ha ha, at that time I was so silly, so cute.

Now, I no longer have the innocence and simplicity I used to have. The face is no longer the pleasure of the game, instead of the pressure of learning. Junior three, everything is not as simple as before. Although tired, it's worth it. It's hard, but it's rewarding. There are so many things for us to face. Since we can't change it, we should adapt to it. Sooner or later, I have to experience the third day of junior high school, no longer afraid, no longer escaping, and face it bravely. Create a better future for me.

Junior three, grow up, the sensible.

The lights on the opposite building went out one after another. I didn't complain or say I was tired any more. I continued to write my homework

Tonight, the moon is so round and beautiful.