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My environmental protection dream primary school composition

My environmental protection dream primary school composition 1: my environmental protection dream I am a fifth grade student, my dream is that I have made achievements in my studies. At the same time, I also love the beautiful nature and like an elegant learning environment. Therefore, I have an environmental protection dream. "Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment" can be seen everywhere, but it is very easy to say but very difficult to do. For environmental protection, each of us should do our part, starting from me, starting from every bit. Let's jointly create a beautiful living space and protect the environment. For our students, we should start from the campus. We should act immediately, start from the side of the body and start from every little thing around us. First of all, as a primary school student, we should not throw scraps of paper in our spacious and bright classroom, spit everywhere, chase and fight in the corridor, reduce the dust in the corridor, keep the campus playground clean, take good care of the plants and trees in the campus, and make every corner full of vitality and vitality. We study in such a good learning environment, Each of us should cherish this beautiful environment and be a real environmental protection guard. Secondly, in our campus, we should eat less snacks, we should throw the garbage into the dustbin, do not litter. To maintain a good living environment. We should be a propagandist of environmental protection outside the school and never forget the mission of environmental protection. We keep in mind environmental protection, environmental protection every day, always have a dream of environmental protection in our heart. Green campus, green hometown, beautiful environment depends on you, I love flowers, I love grass, I love green trees, I love campus, I love society this big home! Students, let's stretch out our hands, with practical action to our campus, our hometown, our earth mother dress up better, to realize our environmental protection dream. My environmental protection dream primary school composition 2: my environmental protection dream everyone has his own dream. Some people dream of being an engineer of the soul. Education inspires students. Others dream of being a pianist and playing wonderful music on the big stage. Some people dream of being a scientist and making contributions to the society. And I just want to be a propagandist and executor of environmental protection. "Protecting the environment" is no stranger to us, but there are several people in the world who have really done it. As a child, protecting the environment has become my greatest ideal. I think we should do two things to protect the environment. 1. Protect forests and green vegetation. Forests are indispensable to us. It is like a big green umbrella to protect us from the wind and rain, and to filter the air for us. Every year, 11 million hectares of forests are cut down in the world, and 21 hectares of forests disappear every minute! If human beings lose this umbrella, the beautiful world we depend on will become desert: dead and lifeless, and human beings will not exist. 2. Energy saving and emission reduction, the use of clean and renewable energy. Some time ago, Beijing continued to see haze weather, PM2. The main reasons are industrial waste gas and automobile exhaust gas. In 2012, the world used 7 billion tons of coal, of which 51% were used by China. If this continues for a short time, all the materials will be used up. In addition, the discharge of industrial sewage and domestic sewage pollutes rivers and land. The environment has been destroyed, leading to the constant extinction of many animals and plants. Unexpectedly, even the fierce tiger will face extinction. It's hard to imagine how much human destruction of nature is! How I wish to see the lovely giant panda eating bamboo leisurely; the fierce tiger relaxing in the jungle; the Yangtze finless porpoise playing freely in the Yangtze River; the red crowned crane flying carefree in the air; the Chinese alligator swimming in the river. Protecting the environment starts with me, saving every drop of water and every degree of electricity. Let's work together to write a new chapter of harmony between man and nature. Let our motherland have beautiful mountains and clear waters, with trees in shade. Let us look up to see the blue sky and white clouds; let us breathe more fresh air! In recent years, many places often have haze weather, which is caused by air pollution. In fact, this is only a warning from nature. If human beings continue to destroy the environment like this, the consequences will be unimaginable! Let's take a look at the bad consequences of destroying the environment. It is understood that in only 40 years, human beings have wiped out hundreds of organisms and plants. There are still thousands of species, and plants are on the verge of extinction. Now, almost every hour, dozens of animals are labeled as extinct because of destruction, pollution. Many animals have genetic mutations, such as the two headed snake in Spain and the two headed three eyed lizard hellip; & hellip; in some animals, the mutation also poses a great threat to human beings. The giant spider crab in the southeast coastal waters of Japan is derived from the variation of spider crab, which is extremely ferocious. In Africa, there is a giant bee with the variation of European bee, where no life exists. At the same time, due to excessive logging, the status of many plants is not optimistic. For example, precious mahogany. Because of deforestation, it is on the verge of extinction. Recently, the problem of unqualified mineral water has been talked about on TV and radio. I think of the problem of water pollution heard on the radio before. Don't those who destroy and pollute water sources drink water? Isn't it self inflicted that they drink polluted water? Can't those innocent people who drink polluted water and get sick can't those who damage the environment be concerned? Let's change our bad habits, starting from me, starting from the side, with a little effort, to protect our common home of mankind --- mother earth! My environmental protection dream primary school composition 4: my environmental protection dream, I tightly hugged my little BAP, choked and said: 'BAP, where are you going, do you know? The elder sister looked for you everywhere, did not find you, you are too mischievous, go out to play also don't tell me, elder sister and you are no longer separated '. My little BAP is a birthday present given to me by my six-year-old mother. Her golden hair, pink face and dimples always smile at me happily. My father and mother go to work every day, and only BAP gives me company every day, Slowly, she became my inseparable good sister, just a few days ago, she suddenly disappeared, feeling like evaporation, I asked my mother. Mother didn't say much, I also looked for, but did not find, the psychology of falling Mo is still thinking about every day where is my little bape? I remember that night I had a dream. I dreamt that the lovely little bape was dancing in her little flower skirt, dancing. The little bape was blurred in front of my eyes. When I looked carefully, the hair of Xiaoba flower became fluffy, her pink face was dirty and dirty, and the lace on her skirt was also torn off. 'why? "Little BAP said wrongly: 'because usually I like playing with my sister, my clothes are getting dirty, my hands are getting dirty, and my hair is also getting disordered. That day, when my mother cleaned up, she looked at me and threw me away. Boo Hoo! Elder sister, you know, I leave you too pitiful, every day people throw dirty things at me, sister, I am in the nearest garbage station from our house, now people are too hateful, do not pay attention to hygiene at all, sister, go, I will take you to have a look, you must help me '. I followed her to the garbage station. The flies and disgusting smell on the garbage table surprised me. How could this happen? 'sister! It's nothing. Look over there '. When I looked at the place where BAP é pointed to, my God, the wind swept the ground, and the flying garbage almost covered the sky. How could this happen? It was the blue sky and white clouds, which made the garbage invade our sky. 'sister, please think of a way. If it goes on like this, maybe even I will be sent to the sky like those rubbish, and I will be blown around by the strong wind every day. By then, I will never find you again. Sister, think of a way! '。 Said, small BaP in my eyes become blurred, 'BAP, you want to go, you don't leave me, don't leave me! 'I cried and cried, but my mother woke me up and rubbed my eyes. Only then did I know I had a dream. I wake up from a dream and I can't sleep any more. I think about my poor little BAP, those flying flies and rubbish flying all over the sky, what she said to me with begging eyes, and what the teacher told us about environmental protection, I secretly determined that I must strive to be an environmental protection officer. I am a primary school student. Although I can't go to the street to clean the road, although I can't ask others too much not to destroy the environment and protect cattle, I should try my best to start from the small scope of my life, tidy up my house, do not litter, and tell people around me to take good care of the environment. If I go to the park, I will set up the white garbage in the park and throw it into the garbage can. I will tell the children not to analyze the flowers. If I go shopping with my mother in the supermarket, I will take my home bag with me and try not to use plastic bag once. If I go back to my hometown on vacation, I will tell my uncles and aunts the importance of doing a good job in environmental protection. I think too much about environmental protection. I must do it according to my idea, because I can find my dream of small BAP. My environmental protection dream primary school composition 5: my environmental protection dream: the sky is blue, the mountains are green, and the river is clear. This was once a beautiful home for me to yearn for, but today, the earth lacks a lot of vitality. One day, our neighbor cut many trees from the forest and sold them to the manufacturer. Although he realized his dream of becoming rich, many big trees died in his hands. In addition to this incident, there are many and countless. People's greed destroys the environment. It was getting late, and I fell into a sweet dream. In my dream, I became a great scientist. I invented the health robot. A lot of garbage was sucked by my robot and turned into seeds of trees and scattered in the desert. The exhaust gas from the car is transformed into fragrant air by my health robot. Besides these, it can turn the harsh noise into melodious music for people to listen to. It can also restore the original clear river. As we have more and more people, the earth is no longer able to live. My robot can also find a suitable planet for us to live on. Suddenly I woke up from my dream. I really hope our home - the earth is like a big garden, where the warblers and swallows dance everywhere, and the fish are wandering, and the intoxicating fragrance is always filled with.