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Environmental protection around me

Environmental protection is by my side. When you see this topic, you will think: 1. What is environmental protection? 2. How to protect the environment? 3. How do you protect the environment? Good! We said one by one. 1、 What is environmental protection? The abbreviation of environmental protection is environmental protection. 2、 How to protect the environment? It means not throwing garbage, not making garbage, picking up waste paper when encountering waste paper, and planting more trees outside the factory, on the side of the road, on the grass and in the park & hellip; & hellip. 3、 How do you protect the environment? Environmental protection should start with me and start from childhood. Let me tell you how I protect the environment: let's take two things as an example. The first thing is: once, I asked some classmates to go to the children's paradise to play on the jumping bed. On the way, I saw a child's father and mother put the ice cream into the dustbin, but the child did not throw it into the dustbin. His father and mother said, "you should protect the environment and put it in the dustbin Inside. 'then I went up to him and picked it up and threw it into the dustbin. My uncle and aunt praised me as a good child who spoke hygiene and obedient. It happened that some of my classmates came. The second thing is: I went shopping. After shopping, I found an ice cream stick in front of the door. I was about to pick it up. However, one of my classmates, Liu Yiding, picked it up. It turned out that he also began to protect the environment. The boss praised us as green guards and said, "if everyone can be like you, our country will become more beautiful.". If each of us can pick up a piece of garbage, and each person can throw one less garbage, the whole country will be able to pick up one more garbage, and the whole country will be able to reduce one garbage. In this way, our motherland will be cleaner and more beautiful, and our home will be beautiful. Environmental protection is around me. When it comes to "green life", people will say that "protecting the environment is green life". How can we protect the environment? This is not, our family began to 'green life'. "Hua Hua Hua" I turned on the big faucet in the kitchen and washed the dishes vigorously. From the living room, my mother called out: "save some water! "With so much water, do you love money again? My mother walked into the kitchen and said to me seriously: 'no, the world is short of fresh water resources. There are more than 140 cities short of water in China alone, and more than 120 cities are seriously short of water ~' "well, I'll be young. 'I whispered, embarrassed. 'it's not only to make it small, but also to collect our washing water and dishwashing water in buckets for recycling. 'I put down my bowl and gave my mother a thumbs up smile:' that's a good idea! 'after school, I walked out of the school gate with the crowd. I saw my father standing there pushing a bicycle. I asked curiously:' dad, how do you come to pick me up by bike? What a bargain! How about your motorcycle? "Hum, what do you know! Motorcycles waste oil and exhaust gas will pollute the environment, so I will ride a bicycle in the future. "Dad said with pride. I said: 'you can protect the environment by yourself! "Dad said: 'our colleagues have begun to ride bicycles, which shows that we have begun to pay attention to environmental problems, we can not lag behind, come on, let's go!" look, this is our green life, students, have you started? Let's protect the environment and the earth. Let's do it bit by bit! Environmental protection is around me. 3: let environmental protection come into our lives. (1) there is a clean and environment-friendly home on the earth, which is eager for green, healthy and healthy communities to blossom everywhere; In the morning, when I came to Yuexiu Road, I saw an old man in a yellow coat sweeping the floor. It turned out that the old man was also a cleaner and was beautifying the city environment. He had a broom in one hand and a dustpan in the other. I saw a piece of leaves gently in the breeze, dancing in the sun in the beautiful dance music, fell on the ground, the grandfather quickly swept the leaves off, suddenly, there is a paper bag flying in the sky, and gently floating from the air to the ground, grandfather swept the paper bag again. Some people throw rubbish on the ground, such as: plastic bags, disposable lunch boxes & hellip; & hellip; when a breeze blows, some light garbage floats and flies all over the sky, and the earth suddenly adds trouble to the grandfather. It is to blame these litters, otherwise, the grandfather will not have to sweep the garbage so troublesome. (2) Yesterday, when I came home from school, I saw some uncles and aunts at the school gate giving out leaflets. We were very happy to accept them. However, as a result, we encountered the phenomenon of littering and pasting. Some people pasted the leaflets at the school gate, some people threw the leaflets on the ground, which looked like a piece of 'cowhide moss' from a distance Ah! Some people also fold the leaflets into paper airplanes & hellip; if it goes on like this, the consequences will be disastrous. As soon as the whole breeze blows, these leaflets will fly around, which will pollute the environment! I have seen the above two scenarios, I would like to appeal to people: "the city is my home, clean environment depends on you! "We should protect the environment, everyone has a responsibility, for this beautiful city, let's work together! Environmental protection is by my side. I remember that I took part in a military training in the summer vacation. Military training is not in the city. The sky is blue, and there are green hills full of trees. The air there is so fresh that it contrasts with the smell of automobile exhaust on the street. Now, people are advocating low-carbon life. The earth is our common home. What we can do for him is not to continue to destroy the environment, but to start from the small things around us. Look up at the sky, the original blue sky is not covered with gray yarn, the original clear lake water has begun to turbid. In the countryside, the environment is much better than that in the city. They will use electrical appliances reasonably and save energy. In our daily life, we take less taxis, change to subway or walk, exercise and environmental protection, turn off the lights before going out, don't throw garbage, save water. These seemingly simple things, as long as everyone does, then our earth will have less burden. In addition to what we have done, there are still more aspects to pay attention to. Because of the high-rise buildings built by people now, many big trees have been cut down. Due to over fishing, the marine fishery resources are decreasing. Due to the climate change and our waste of limited resources, the sea level is rising, and many places will be submerged. Due to our waste of water, fresh water resources have been threatened, due to industrial compounds Mixing in the air, the health of each of us has been threatened... These are the harm that we human beings have done to ourselves. If each of us reuses the water that needs to be poured out, we may not have the water shortage like this. Some people do damage the environment for their own benefit. But if even the earth's home is fragmented, what benefits can be said. Therefore, I appeal to you here to protect our earth. Environmental protection is actually around us. Environmental protection is by my side. We know that it has been a long time since human beings discovered the need for environmental protection, put forward environmental protection, and promoted environmental protection worldwide today. But can environmental protection really be achieved? We can see everywhere spitting, littering, factory sewage and waste gas. Although the government has issued strict laws against these people, it is useless. What we get is a temporary cure rather than a permanent cure. The key lies in our moral character, whether we have a heart to protect the environment and love animals. We can't stop people from deforestation, but we can save every piece of paper and take good care of flowers and trees. We can't stop people from hunting and killing rare animals, but we can avoid catching and eating all the animals protected by the state. We can't stop factories and urban sewage from polluting rivers, lakes and seas, but we can save water as much as possible. We can't stop the overwhelming white garbage from polluting the environment, but we can buy vegetables, lift vegetable baskets, use as little or no plastic bags as possible, recycle as much as possible, and recycle those recyclable wastes. We can't stop people's crazy mining of coal mines, the reduction of human marine resources, and the pollution of the sky by waste gas. I think if everyone does this, our living environment will be less polluted. For our own sake, for our future generations and for our common homeland, protecting the environment should be our conscious action.