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One of the things that affected me the most

One of the most influential things to me

Maybe & hellip has been used to it, but it has not been a big event since I was used to it;

At that time, I was about to take the graduation examination. My father decided to accompany me to the nature to relax and climb mountains because of my study pressure.

One weekend, we set out.

There is no shade on the mountain in the sun. We crawled step by step. When I was at the foot of the mountain, I felt confident that I would be able to go up to the top of the mountain and shout out the pressure of the day before yesterday. At first, I was light footed. I ran up two or three steps and didn't want to stop to rest. Because I want to climb to the peak as soon as possible, and experience the ambition of "being able to climb the top of the mountain and see all the small mountains".

When I got to the mountainside, I slowed down and began to gasp, but I was still energetic and kept climbing up. Isn't it just a mountain? --The initial confidence has not yet dissipated. In the harmonious music of birds and sunshine, I climb up with confidence.

But after a while, I was sweating, flushed and out of breath. Looking up at the sun, I felt that it was so cruel. Looking at the stone steps leading to the summit, I felt so far away. My fighting spirit is about to end. I just want to go back to the car and enjoy the air conditioning.

At this time, my father saw my mind. He said to me, "don't worry. Now you don't want to think about how far it will be to the end. Just tell yourself that you only take one step at a time, step by step, and then step by step. Try it. 'after listening to my father's words, I didn't care how far ahead I was. I just focused on every step in front of me and walked forward step by step.

Finally, we climbed to the top, looked down from the top of the mountain just walked the road, only to know that I had gone so far.

Yes, a little makes a lot, a little makes a big one. You go forward step by step, and you will reach the end. This is the same as we achieve our goals. Don't think that we can reach distant goals by setting our goals as footprints in front of us, right?

Standing on the top of the mountain, the sun is no longer fierce, and the heart is not afraid.

"Step by step, I want to move towards the goal in my heart! '

Part two: the one thing that influenced me the most

Late at night, floating wind, rain.

At night, I was awakened by the beating rain. Looking around, I can't see my fingers.

Open the window, touch the night wind, collect a little bit of rain. Therefore, this night, the wind, the rain caused my infinite reverie & hellip;

My careless character seems to be predestined. No matter what I do, I always miss everything. My parents have criticized me for this many times, but I still go my own way and rely on my parents has become a habit.

That day, I got up late, washed in a hurry at home, and then flew to school. Of course, I forgot to bring my school card again.

Until I got to the school gate, I found that I was anxious like an ant on a hot pot in the morning. I called my parents in a hurry. I thought that my parents still agreed with me in a helpless and doting tone, but my mother refused. She told me clearly on the phone that I should solve it myself.

Put down the mobile phone, a sense of loss arises. For the first time in my life, I understand what it means to be impatient; for the first time, I began to blame myself for being so careless; of course, I began to blame my parents for not being considerate of myself & hellip; & hellip;

But no matter what, looking at the school gate fewer and fewer students, I was finally anxious. He planned how to deal with it in his mind, but all kinds of ideas were rejected. I looked at my watch, there is still a period of more abundant time, a horizontal heart, turned to run home.

My home was not too far away from school, so all the way I complained about my parents who refused to spend five or six minutes giving me the school card. When I got home, I saw my mother was staring at my school card. I was very happy to see me back. But I didn't notice, just took the school card and left in a hurry. Similarly, I didn't notice the happy smile of my mother behind me.

Of course, from then on, I said goodbye to 'carelessness'. At that moment, I really understood the pains of my parents. Perhaps my mother was also worried when I was traveling between my school and my school, but she did not help me, but witnessed the process of my farewell to' carelessness'.

For me, I have gained two things: mother's love and good habits. I never rely on my parents for small things. My independent character was formed at that time. I believe it will accompany me all my life. Mother's love, it also integrated into this habit, accompany me to grow up. Chapter 3: the most influential thing to me

Life is made up of countless things. We do countless things every day, just like the twinkling stars in the night sky. Among them, such a star is always the brightest.

I remember my birthday when I was 10 years old. My father gave me a bicycle. The bike was snow-white. I loved it since I was a child. Looking at the car, I couldn't help but feel excited and wanted to ride it. My father looked at me as if he knew what I was thinking. He pointed to the bicycle, touched my head with the other hand, and said with a smile: 'how about it? You want to ride it!. 'I looked at my father and nodded abruptly. My father then said, "let's learn how to ride a bicycle. It's too old for us to learn how to ride a bicycle.". &I was a little hesitant at first, but then I felt a little sad when I thought that all the children of my age were riding bicycles on the road. I couldn't help biting my lip and solemnly saying a good word to my father.

He immediately pushed the bicycle out, then pulled up my two hands and put them on the handle of the car. Then he asked me to put my left foot on the pedal, which is also called "force". He walked forward slowly. At first, when he stood on tiptoe, the whole car would tilt to the left. Later, my father told me that when you weigh it, the left foot will tilt to the left, so the strength of your two hands should be Tilt to the right a little, so that I can balance, I suddenly realized, according to my father's teaching practice, slowly, I can weigh on the pedal for a long time, I am very happy, think this is OK, I also thought in my heart: "it's so simple to learn to ride a bicycle. "But my father said calmly," what's more, this is only the first step. 'no doubt my father's words threw cold water on me, but I did according to my father's instructions.

For a moment, my hand shook, the whole person followed the car and overturned on the ground, and my head suddenly bumped into the tiles beside me. A big bag suddenly popped up on my head, which made me cry at that time. There was also a cut in the car and a hole in my heart. I thought of giving up, and found all kinds of reasons for myself. But when I thought that other partners had learned, I began to ask myself, "how can I not? 'strong self-esteem kept me going and eventually learned to ride. Although it is still a little unstable, but basically can ride. Because of this, this birthday has become my most unforgettable birthday, because it is not only a birthday, but also a witness day of my courage.

Life is always full of challenges. As long as you persevere and strive hard, you can become the winner of the challenge. For me, riding a bicycle is a challenge for me. Her influence on me is great. I will always remember it -- the most influential thing to me.

Chapter 4: the most influential thing to me

Today is the third day of the Northeast tour. We drove to the foot of Qianshan Mountain.

The boundless blue sky reflects the beautiful thousand mountains. If you look at them, they stretch for thousands of miles, and the peaks one by one connect to the sky. Mountains, ancient trees towering, green leaves covered the sky, a trace of sunlight can not penetrate. The winding path in the mountain leads to the top of the mountain. Beside the path is a clear mountain spring. The water surface reflects the reflection of rocks and trees, which is worthy of being the first peak in Northeast China.

'climb a thousand mountains! "Happy, I called, so I rushed up along the old stone steps. At the beginning, I had endless strength. I was like a monkey. I stepped two by two, and sometimes I jumped three steps. Regardless of my mother's advice, I left them behind. As I went up, the stone steps became narrower and more dilapidated, and there were still roots emerging from the middle of the stone steps. I was so difficult to take every step. After a while, I was panting and sweating. I really wanted to stop and have a rest. But my goal is to get to the top of the mountain at nine o'clock. I still have half an hour to go. If I walk like this, stop and stop Hei couldn't reach the top of the mountain, so he pulled up his lead filled legs and climbed up step by step.

It seems that God really wants to test me. When I bypass a big tree, the mountain road is steep and difficult to walk. Every stone step is not half the width of a foot, and it is uneven. One step is even higher and steeper. If you can't step on it steadily, you will have to roll from the middle of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain. Looking at the stone steps in front of me, my scalp felt numb. To be on the safe side, I slowly moved to the side of the railing. My right hand held the railing tightly, but I didn't think it was enough. My left hand was like an eagle's claw, and it was supported by the left foot, and the right foot stepped upward. When the toe was stable, I exerted force to pull up the whole body. Along the way, I saw people sitting under the trees panting for breath. I was too tired to have a rest. I really wanted to sit down and have a rest. But if I sat down and wanted to stand up again, I didn't know how much courage it would take. Moreover, the more I went up, the more brilliant the sunshine was, and the more interesting the scenery was, so I dragged my stiff legs and climbed to the top of the mountain to see the time. It was nine o'clock Five points, not bad, basically achieved the goal. Standing on the top of the mountain and looking far away, you can see the meaning of Du Fu's idea that "you will be at the top of the mountain, and you will see all the small mountains". You are filled with the heroic spirit of being the highest mountain. I have stepped on the towering mountains at the foot of the mountain just now. You can have a panoramic view of the boundless scenery of the mountains, hills, ancient trees, and unpredictable and elegant white clouds.

The scenery is always in the distance, and the ideal is always in the high place. This trip to Qianshan makes me understand that I can see the rainbow through the clouds, and the sweat can harvest the ideal. From then on, Qianshan will always stand in the depth of my memory and become an eternal landscape.

The most influential thing to me

My mother, although not profound knowledge, but she knows the truth of life, also had a significant impact on me.

Before I, very selfish, never know to care about others, only myself in my heart. When others are in trouble, I never give a helping hand; when my classmate is hurt, I don't even look at it and think it's meddling. Gradually, the students are far away from me, said that I am a person without love.

It was a winter day, my mother and I went to visit grandma, we all the way to the station laughing. Because of the cold weather, there are few people waiting for the car, and the car seems to be afraid of the cold, and there is no one for half a day. At this time, the bicycle lane suddenly heard a "bang Dang" sound, along the reputation, only to see an aunt with the car fell to the ground. She fell heavily, eyes half closed, pale, lying on the ground, motionless, as if in a faint. Waiting for the bus