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A deep regret composition

Deep regret composition 1: deep regret, my brother and I have a conflict, I am very aggrieved. When I had dinner, I couldn't help crying. I held it firmly, but tears still came down my cheeks. After seeing this, my mother was very angry and said to me: 'how can someone cry every day? Either you or he cried. 'I said wrongly:' I'm not good at him. Why does he always fight with me? After hearing this, his mother became more angry and said, "can't you let him? After all, he is younger than you! 'I cried again. My mother snatched my bowl aside. I saw my chopsticks fall on the table. Mother looked at it and said angrily, "if you don't eat it, you can't eat it any more in the future. 'when I saw my father back, I felt that there was a savior, and I cried again. My mother saw that I was crying even more, so she said impatiently, "can't you let me and your father have a safe meal? Your father and I get up early and go out to carry bricks every day, so that you can eat, wear and have money to go to school. Now you are & hellip; & hellip; 'speaking of this, my mother seems to be crying. I heard, can not help but nose acid and tears, I do not regret. The next morning, as I was walking on the way to school, I couldn't help but think of yesterday's scene & hellip; & hellip; I regretted that I should have quarreled with my brother for good or bad, which made my mother angry. I wish I had no ability to reduce the burden of life for my parents. Mother, do you understand your daughter's mistake? My daughter had misunderstood you and always thought you were cruel to us, so she didn't understand you and even alienated from you emotionally. From today on, no! I have read you thoroughly since yesterday! Mom, my daughter is really sorry! From now on, I must be a good daughter you like, OK? Deep regret composition 2: deep regret at the age of 10, my parents sent me to a private primary school in our county. Come to this school that I admire for a long time, everything is so strange, strange environment, strange teacher, strange classmate, young I both novel and some at a loss. Fortunately, the enthusiastic teachers and classmates soon made me adapt to the life here. I gradually forgot the loneliness and loneliness of leaving home. Especially, MI Yihua, who lived in our bedroom, gave me a lot of warmth. We ate together, studied together, and rested together, and became good friends who were inseparable from each other. However, a small thing changed all this, resulting in unexpected consequences. It was a weekend and I went back to my aunt's as usual. My aunt is a stern and irascible person. When she found out that there were many mistakes in my homework, she was furious and slapped me in the face. I hid and slapped on my shoulder. I went back to school with pain and sadness. One day before going to bed, MI Yihua came to my bed to play with me as usual. Accidentally, she touched my arm. The pain of the cone made me roar at her. Before she could react, I knocked her to the ground with a fist. Mi Yihua's eyes widened. I saw tears in her eyes. At that moment, I really wanted to help her up and say sorry to her, but I didn't know why, but I got into the bed and ignored her. When I woke up in the middle of the night, MI Yihua's sobbing voice made me very sad, but my self-esteem made me unable to open my mouth, and I fell asleep again in a daze. In the following days, MI Yihua and I studied together, ate together and had a rest together, but her face obviously lost the old mirth, and we no longer played as freely as in the past. I always wanted to find a chance to explain to her, but she always avoided me, so the days passed. One day at noon, I asked Mi Yihua to go to the canteen for dinner, but I couldn't find her. My classmates told me that her mother took her away after class and she transferred to another school. Looking at the reproachful eyes of the students, my heart is like overturning the bottle of gourmet, full of regret and self blame. Time flies and time flies. Now that I am a sixth grade graduate, I have already left the private primary school, but the people I used to do are unforgettable. I often say in my heart, MI Yihua, where are you? Can you forgive me? Can you accept my sincere apology? Deep in the heart of regret composition 3: the regret hidden in my heart, life will inevitably have mistakes, there is regret, and people always like to hide it in the heart, do not want to reveal it. In fact, it makes you feel more guilty. In my heart, there is always a regret that makes me sleep and eat uneasily. It was Thursday. I don't know why Lei's father and mother quarreled. It soon began to rain cats and dogs. To go to school, just my family bought a new purple umbrella, can be beautiful! My mother let my brother and I share an umbrella to go to school. When I was a child, I was very selfish, thinking: if such a beautiful little flower umbrella, I would go to school alone! So when I got out of the house, I said to my brother, 'brother, you go to school first! I have a stomachache. I want to stop here. "But the younger brother refused to leave and said," you should give me your umbrella first. 'I was stunned for a moment, and then with a sly smile, I cast my poor eyes on him and said,' do you have the heart to get caught in the rain? After all, my brother is soft hearted, especially when I see my poor appearance. At this time, there happened to be a classmate in their class who came over with an umbrella. My younger brother left with him. Before leaving, I was angry and said that my umbrella was not as beautiful as his. I'm so angry that I can't hurt the umbrella. What can I do! All day, I couldn't rest assured. Back home in the evening, my mother opened the umbrella and wanted to air it. But when she saw that the umbrella stand was broken, my God! That sound should have been heard in the whole village. Mother cried out angrily: 'who made the umbrella like this!!! 'seeing my mother's angry face, I hesitated to tell a lie: 'it's my brother. 'My brother argued, but I was older than him, and my mother still trusted me. As you can imagine, my brother was beaten up. Back in the room, my tears broke down and I didn't dare to face my brother for many days. After that, I took this matter as a secret and kept it in my heart. It became a permanent regret in my heart. But now, when I grow up, I have figured it out and decided to be a real person. Deep in the bottom of my heart regret composition 4: regret tears in a blink of an eye, three years passed like this, I lost, I was happy. Is that I harvest hope, at the same time I also understand too much should not, this should be the tears of regret. When I was young and happy, I entered the middle school I had started and expected. I was so happy, but I was still very young. For me, everything is still fresh, everything is still so strange, so I expect that I am full of fantasy about the world. In 2006, I was so confused, I spent such a jump year in the hazy, but I was so confused, so helpless. I learned to stare at the blue sky and white clouds foolishly, then I would feel happy and satisfied. I regret the loss of 2007, time in a drop by drop of the passage, in unconsciously I, I gradually grow up, I found that I missed too much, but the time is no longer. Finally, eyes dim, dry face has been wet, it is the tears of regret, so I left, sad land is not in my heart.