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I learned the composition of fishing 250 words

I learned to fish

It's sunny and sunny on Sunday. Dad took me fishing, I was very happy, because this is my first fishing.

My father and I went to the Bank of the river A lot of people, some children play in shallow water; some come to fish just like us. My father and I chose a good position to sit on the shore, hanging the earthworm prepared in advance on the fish hook, then threw it into the water in the distance, and then sat quietly on the bank waiting. After a period of time, I was impatient and asked my father, "why is the fish not on the hook?" Dad said: "work with patience. If you don't have patience, you can't do a good job. Fishing is the same thing. If you are more patient, you will know." After listening to my father's words, I sat quietly on the bank and waited. Sure enough, my kung fu paid off. I suddenly found that the hook began to shake. I hurried back to pull the fishing rod, a 5 cm long small fish was caught by me. I was so happy that I put it into the bucket.

It's time to go home. Dad and I carried a bucket full of booty and left with a smile. Today, I not only learned how to fish, but also learned how to be patient no matter what I do.

I learned to fish

Today I learned to fish. Fishing is very fun!

On a sunny spring morning, I prepared a small bucket and a small shovel to go fishing with my father in the wet stone floodplain reservoir.

I first used a shovel to catch a few lively earthworms in the soft soil and put them in the bucket. Then I checked whether I had brought enough things with me. Then I drove to Shimantan reservoir with my father.

To the beautiful Shimantan reservoir, cool wind blowing. Spring. The wind brings warmth. birds ' twitter and fragrance of flowers. I sat on the chair and threw the hook of the fishing rod into the reservoir, and I began to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the reservoir. After a while, I saw that the red part of the hook went down, indicating that there was a fish on the hook. I quickly pulled the hook up, and a small fish really fell off. Although the fish is very small, but I am very happy, because this is the first time I catch fish myself.

My father and I started to go home when the sun was about to set. I had a good time today.

I learned to fish

My grandfather likes fishing very much. He can catch a lot of fish every time. I'd love to go fishing, but I don't know how.

This Sunday, my grandfather will go fishing again. I think this is a good opportunity to learn fishing!

My grandfather and I came to the pond. The water in the pond is very calm, but occasionally one or two small fish come out to breathe and break the calm water. We began to fish. First we prepared the bait, and then my grandfather threw the line out. I did the same with my grandfather. After putting down the hook, I quietly wait for the fish to bite. After a while, my grandfather fished four big fish in a row, and I didn't catch a scale. I was a little impatient. At this time, my grandfather said earnestly, "you should be patient when fishing, and you can't be impatient." I went back to the pond, picked up the fishing rod, motionless, and focused on the buoy on the water. After a while, the buoy moved a few times, I quickly mentioned, oh, a small golden fish on the hook!

Today, I not only learned to fish, but also learned to be patient.

I learned to fish

Today, the weather was fine. My brother and I went fishing.

As soon as I arrived at the destination, I couldn't wait to pick up the fishing rod and sit by the river and start fishing big fish. At this time, my brother also came. He kept a movement when he was fishing. I asked my brother, "Why are you so quiet?"

My brother whispered, "be patient and quiet when fishing." After a while, brother's buoy moved. I said, "brother has a fish on the hook."

He said, "the fish just tried." After a while, my brother's buoy sank, and my brother pulled up a big fish. A few minutes later, I also caught a fish like my brother. In the evening, we returned with full loads.

I've learned a truth that we should be patient and not give up halfway.

This truth also let me have my own unique skill - fishing.

I learned to fish 5

I learned to fish. On Sunday, my uncle and I went fishing by the river. I put the chair, sitting on the chair fishing, I saw my uncle fishing one by one, but I did not catch any. My uncle told me to show him the fishing rod. He said that there was no shrimp on my fishing rod, and the small fish would not be caught. I put the small fish on the top of the fishing rod, and sure enough, the fish caught one by one.

Later, my uncle said, "I want to borrow a yacht to go fishing, OK?" I said, "if you go fishing, you have to buy small fish and shrimps." I said, "let's divide our work and work together."! I'll buy fish and shrimps, and you can borrow the yacht. In about half an hour, wait over there. "

Do you know what I've learned?

When fishing, I learned to wait patiently, and also learned to be patient in the future.

I learned to fish

Fishing is a good leisure sport. Ah, it's really interesting to remember when I learned to fish.

On Saturday, my father took me to the lake to go fishing, I put down fishing, after a few minutes, only a small fish caught. I picked up the fish rod that I put down. It turned out that there was too little fish feed.

I put more fish on the hook and caught a very big fish. I jumped up happily.

I started fishing again. I had a problem. Last time, the fish caught the bait quickly. Why is it so slow this time? I pull it up and put it down for a while, but there is still no fish.

Dad said to me, "you have to be patient. You can't catch fish if you don't have patience."

I didn't think about it. I put down the hook and waited for an hour. Finally, another fish got hooked. I was very happy.

I learned to fish that day, and I'll often fish later.