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I learned how to cook

I learned to cook in the third grade. I saw you in the morning. I didn't wake her up and waited for my mother to get up and cook. At this time, an idea flashed into my mind: I'm ten years old, and it's time to learn to cook. I went to the kitchen to see what I could do. I found some mung beans and thought that my parents were very busy these days, and they were already on fire. So I decided to make mung bean tea. I took a small bowl and filled it with a full bowl of mung beans. I picked up the dirty things inside and cleaned them with water. Then I filled half a pot of water in the electric rice cooker. I poured the cleaned mung beans into the rice cooker, connected the power supply, and turned the electric rice cooker to the cooking stall, ready to fry. What's the stir fry? My mother usually likes to eat scrambled eggs with tomatoes. Let's make scrambled eggs with tomatoes! I first took four eggs and two tomatoes, like my mother put the eggs into the bowl, then I met with trouble: do not know how much salt to put. All of a sudden, I remembered that my mother only put a little salt in scrambled eggs. I put a little bit of it as usual, mix it up and put it aside. Put the oil into the pot, not long after, I heard the sound of 'ho ho ho'. The oil was hot, I quickly poured the eggs into the pot, kept turning them over, and made the eggs into pieces and poured them into the plate. Then I was relieved. When I went back to get the tomatoes, I found that they had not been cut. He quickly picked up the knife and cut the tomato. I cut it on the chopping board first, but I got tomato juice on the chopping board. At this time, I suddenly remembered that my mother usually took it and cut it into the bowl carefully. In a short time, I cut the tomato well. I turn on the fire, wait for the water in the pot to dry, and then put a little oil in the pot. When the oil smokes, I quickly pour the tomato into the pot, stir it around for a while, and then put the egg back into the pot, put Nande seasoning and monosodium glutamate, mix well, pour it into the plate, and a dish of tomato scrambled eggs is ready. I turned on the rice cooker and saw that the mung bean had already blossomed. I know that mung bean tea is also cooked, so I put them out and put them on the table to wake up my mother. When mom got up and saw the food on the table, she was surprised and asked, "who made this? "I did it! 'I said with pride. 'really? My children grow up and can cook! 'I'm happy to hear my mother's praise. I learned this meal bit by bit when I watched my mother cook. It seems that I've learned a lot about it! In the future, in my study and life, I have to observe carefully, pay attention everywhere, and learn the knowledge. I learned to cook. I learned how to cook. Whenever I saw my mother cooking, my hands were always itching. I always thought: when can I show my skills! Looking forward, looking forward to the opportunity finally! Today, my parents were not there, so I went into the kitchen. First, I opened the gas bottle. Then, I put the pot on the gas stove and started the fire. Then I poured the oil into the pot. After smoking, I put the cabbage into the pot. Suddenly, a stream of hot gas rushed towards my face, which scared me to step back. After a long time, I boldly took the spatula and shoveled it in the pot 。 Because the fire was too big, I accidentally burned the food, vaguely smelled a bitter taste, I flustered my hands and feet on the fire, and finally, I put the dishes on the plate. Then he murmured in his heart: can you eat cabbage like this? So, I looked left and right, I found a few eggs in the box, I said to myself: 'it's better to scramble eggs! 'Do what you say, and start right away. I put a little oil in the pot, and then learned from my mother's usual way of beating eggs. After a few eggs were put into the pot, (fortunately, this time was really smooth), I used a spatula to shovel a few times in the pot, and then left shovel and right shovel, like a mold. At last, the egg is cooked. When I turned off the fire, I put the eggs on the plate. Just wanted to take it out. I don't know when. My mother had already stood behind me. I pushed my mother out of the kitchen and put cabbage and eggs in front of her. My mother looked at the cabbage and said, "what is this? How black, can you eat it? Then I put the eggs in front of my mother. After tasting the eggs, she nodded with a smile and said: 'this is not bad. I can't even describe myself as happy. Ah! I finally learned how to cook today. How happy I am! I learned how to cook. One day, my mother called home and said she would come back later. I was the only one in my family. "Usually, my mother often cooks for me, today I will cook a meal for my mother myself." I thought, so I took out my mother's commonly used "home cooking recipe" and learned to cook like adults. First, I put four cups of rice in the small basin, and then I poured water into the small basin, and a few rice grains floated with skin. I stirred them with my hands, and the rice grains sank, and then I poured out some water When the rice grains leaked out, I quickly stopped the rice grains and filled them with water. Finally, I measured them with my fingers. Ha ha, it was just right. I poured the rice and water into the rice cooker, plugged in the power supply, and pressed the switch on the cooker. After about half an hour, the cooking indicator light on the rice cooker turned off, but the heat preservation indicator turned on, About ten minutes later, the delicious rice came out of the oven, and seeing my steamed rice, don't mention how happy I am! After a while, my mother came back and saw me steamed rice. My mother was surprised and praised me vigorously, 'son, you are wonderful! After listening to my mother's praise, the joy flowed all over my body. I said to my mother, 'Mom, I often cook for you. "From this time I learned a truth:" as long as a person is willing to learn, no matter what he or she wants to learn, it is very simple. I learned how to cook. Now we are like a little emperor at home. We live a life of opening our mouth when we eat and reach for our clothes. In addition to learning, life is nothing. Every time I come home from school, I want to try my mother's delicious food. But every time my mother makes excuses not to let me learn. After my endless struggle, my mother finally willing to teach me. First of all, I scooped out two bowls of rice and poured it into the rice basket. Then I cleaned it again and again with water, and then poured the rice into the pot. At this time, my mother told me: 'to cook with hot water, in order to ensure that the vitamin in the rice is not damaged, but also to grasp the amount of water, the most appropriate is 2 cm higher than the rice. "Under the guidance of my mother, I put the water, covered the pot cover, plugged in the power supply, and pressed the button,,,,,,, half an hour later, I couldn't wait to open the pot cover, and the fragrant and white rice appeared in front of me. One bite, it's really better than Mom's. If my mother is not at home one day, I will make it for myself. Learned to cook, but also let me understand to do anything must pay hard, so as to have the harvest. I learned how to cook. Yesterday, my mother said she would teach me how to cook. I was very excited and nervous. Today, I'm going to show off. My mother took me to the farmer's market, and my mother said, "first of all, I want to know what kind of food to eat. Whether to eat tomato egg soup, cabbage fried meat, there is fontanelle at home, let's buy chicken wings to fontanelle! 'I said:' good! 'so we went to buy what mom said, and then we went to pick Dad up. When I got home, my mother told me to clean rice. When I finished, my mother said, 'put it in the rice cooker. 'I put it in, and my mother said:' go and wash the chicken wings. I'll start the electric rice cooker, and then put the chicken wings in the fontanelle, and then cut the cabbage. You stir up the eggs, and then cut the tomatoes. When you cut the tomatoes, I'll fry the cabbage and stir fry the meat slices. Finally, I'll teach you to make a tomato egg soup. OK or not? 'I'm happy to say,' yes, I promise to finish the task. When it comes to easy work, it's hard to do it. I usually do it by watching adults divide three by five. Why is it so difficult for me to do it? As for tomato cutting, the knife always doesn't listen to me. My mother cuts it easily and beautifully. I squash the tomato and can't cut it. After a long time of hard work, my mother and I finally finished the meal. I think my cooking is delicious! Cooking is a very interesting thing. I'm very happy. I've learned another skill. I'll cook more and let my mother rest more. I learned how to cook. Because my father is often on business, my mother often wakes me up in the morning and leaves. At noon, my mother will either give me money, or make me a meal, and I will come back to eat. I think I should learn to cook. Let dad teach me. I will make some simple meals by myself. In the morning, my mother woke me up. After I left, I dressed, washed my face and brushed my teeth. After that, I took a cup, poured 6 teaspoons of milk powder, put two spoons of sugar, and then filled with boiling water to stir the milk. Then I took an egg and knocked it into a bowl and stirred it. Turn on the gas stove, pour some oil into the pan, and then pour the eggs. The national strength gradually takes shape. Turn it over and fry it until there is no liquid. It's just like this: a cup of milk, an fried egg, cake or dessert, and a good breakfast. Sometimes I think eating eggs is too monotonous, and let my father teach me to cook instant noodles: take an egg a bag of instant noodles, pour water into the pot, wait for the water to boil, put the instant noodles in, then beat the eggs in, and finally put the seasoning in. If you want something else, you can also add some cabbage, ham and so on. At noon, I don't want to just eat mom's food or go out and buy it. Let my mother teach me to cook dumplings: first, pour water into the pot, turn on the gas stove and wait for the water to boil, put the dumplings into the pot, take a spoon to stir it, repeat several times, and then boil it, and then add some cold water to the pot. After boiling, take out a dumpling and press it with your hands. If the noodles bounce back and don't stick to your hands, it's cooked. If the noodles bounce back but stick to your hands, it's almost cooked After a while, if the noodles do not bounce back and stick to the hands, they are not cooked. I also learned how to cook dumplings: first boil the water in the pot, and then put the dumplings in the pot to boil. Stir while boiling. Do not let the dumplings stick to the bottom of the pot. When the dumplings are floating, the dumplings will be fine. You see, when my father and mother are not at home, I can cook for myself in different ways, take care of myself, and let my parents rest assured. I also learned to help mom and dad make wonton! I think: 'one more skill, one more benefit. And I can cook more. I can cook for my father and mother. '