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I learned fishing composition

Composition 1: I learned how to fish. Today, my mother said she would take me out to play. I am so happy! We turned around at random, and unconsciously came to the lotus pond. When we appreciate the beautiful lotus, we can't help but think of the saying: "the lotus leaves are boundless and the lotus flowers are so red in the sunshine.". There is an artificial hill in the middle of the lotus pond. Mother said: 'let's go up there and play. "Yes," I promised, and ran to the hill. Someone was fishing on the hill. My mother asked me, 'do you want to fish? 'I said:' yes. 'so my mother took the fishing rod and some bait. Starting to fish, my mother first put the bait on the hook, threw the hook as far as possible into the pool, and then quietly waited for the fish to hook. After a while, I saw the float move, so I quickly asked my mother to lift the hook, but my mother didn't listen. She said that she would wait for the fish to eat the hook and then lift the hook. As a result, the fish ran away. The second time, we threw the hook into the water, as if we saw the float moving. When we lifted the hook, the bait was gone. It's been like this several times in a row. My mother said, "maybe the bait is too wet and it will fall into the water. Go and ask for some noodles. 'I asked for some noodles to mix with the bait, thinking, this is the end of the line. Sure enough, after a while, my mother caught a big fish, I was surprised to shout, let my mother do not panic to put the water surface, first drag the fish in the water for a while, wait until the fish's physical strength is almost exhausted, then put the water surface, but mother still did not listen, and let the fish run. But later my mother listened to my words, still can't catch fish, we had to ask the grandfather next to us. The grandfather looked at our hook and said, "it's too big. I'll change it for you. 'we changed the hook, and sure enough, mom caught a fish soon. It's getting late. I want to fish myself, but I also catch one! Two in all! 'I can fish! 'I cheered and went home with my mother. I want to tell Dad the good news and let him share our happiness. I learned to fish. This summer, my father-in-law and I went fishing in the middle of the river. We should all know that Jiangxinzhou is where my second aunt lives. I played there for a while, picked a few mature oranges, ate a few purple grapes, was a little impatient, so I wanted to go fishing with my father-in-law, and my father-in-law agreed. In the second aunt's backyard, there is a relatively large pond. On the edge of the pond, there are many tadpoles, at least hundreds of them. I was overjoyed to find six or seven with my hands. Then I take the bowl to fish, until a bucket of tadpoles are full. My father-in-law brought the fishing rod and bait. I look at my father-in-law. My father-in-law threw the pole one meter away and the buoy moved. I hastily asked my father-in-law to pull up the fishing rod, but he ignored me. After a while, the buoy sank a little, and my father-in-law pulled up the fishing rod. A crucian carp is leisurely eating the bait. I was stunned and blushed. I didn't expect such a big skill in fishing. I also want to try fishing. I just picked up the heavy fishing rod and dropped a large bowl of rice. I saw that there were some small fish eating happily one meter away from me. I picked up the fishing rod and threw it there. Because I was so anxious, I scared the fish away when I was carrying the fishing rod. I was angry and yelled at the little fish. The fish were scared away. My father-in-law sprinkled another handful of rice, and said to me in earnest: "you should be careful when fishing. You'd better not talk. Fish are very sensitive to sound. If you hear something, you will run away. 'I did it again according to my father-in-law's method. After a while, the fish came. I threw the rod into the river again and caught a crucian in a few minutes. I was so happy that I put the fish into the net. This is my first achievement so far. I will never forget that day, sixth grade, I learned to fish! I learned to fish. I learned to fish. As the saying goes, "it's never too old to learn.". 'in one's life, there will be a lot to learn. What impresses me most is that I learned to fish. One morning, my father called me up early and said, 'let's go fishing today. 'I was so happy that my mind was clear. I quickly took dad's hand to go fishing rod, float and earthworm, and fishing line. We got on the car with our tools. When I came to the fish pond, my father took out the fishing rod and installed it. Then he said to me, "how about I teach you how to fish today? 'I quickly said:' great, I'm going to learn now. 'My father first taught me how to put earthworms on fish hooks. Dad said: 'put one end of the earthworm on the hook, and then slowly string the earthworm completely onto the hook. 'I did as my father told me. Dad looked at it and said, "yes, now you can throw the hook into the water. 'I threw the rod into the water, and my father reminded me,' hold on to the rod and don't shake. Lift the rod when the float goes down and comes up again. 'I watched the float and listened to my father. All of a sudden, the float sank and floated up again. I suddenly lifted the fishing rod. WOW! A big fish, Dad's method is really smart, I am very happy. In this way, I caught several fish in a row, and a few crabs. That time, I went fishing, not only let me learn fishing, but also a lot of harvest! After I went home, I ate the fish I fished by myself, and I felt that it was delicious! Composition 4: I learned to fish, time flies, past events like smoke. A lot of things fade away in my mind. But this thing is still fresh in my memory, that is fishing. One day, I was so bored that I exchanged TV programs at home. There was not a satisfactory TV program. All of a sudden, my sister and uncle asked me to go fishing. This time, my coke broke and I finally had to play. But things are not as simple as I thought. As soon as we got to the river, my sister and I threw the fishing line out, but my uncle said, "I don't have any bait. I'll see how you two sisters fish! 'My sister and I responded: 'yes! My sister and I took the line back, used earthworms as bait, threw it out, and sat on a stone and waited. I sing freely while waiting, while my sister is silent. What a bore! But I have been waiting for a long time, and I have sung nearly 15 songs. If I wait like this, it will be dark. I'm almost impatient to wait. Eh! Sister on the surface of the float moved a few times, sister calmly grabbed a fishing rod, pulled up. It turned out to be a lively, small fish, really cool! I watched eagerly as my sister's fish went into the cage. I was staring at my float, hoping to see a fish 10 times bigger than my sister. But I'm impatient, and I'd like to drop my fishing rod on the ground. But my uncle said, "everything needs process and patience. 'I remember my uncle's words. After waiting for a long time, the fish finally took the bait. Although not as big as my sister, this success was hard won. This incident made me deeply feel: learning ability needs process, failure is the mother of success, there is no success without failure, success is from failure to sum up experience. So we must persevere, so we can succeed! Composition 5: I learned to fish. On Sunday morning, my parents and my father's colleagues went fishing in yangjiaqiao. When we went there, we sat at the fish pond owner's house for a while, and then went fishing. My father first taught me how to hang fish food and how to carry a rod. After I learned it, my father gave me a fishing rod and asked me to hang food and throw it out where there were bubbles. After a while, the buoy suddenly sank. 'got it! Got it! 'I yelled, then took the rod back, took the fish off the hook and put it in the net. Because the fish was too big and heavy, it almost dragged me into the water. I threw the line back where it was. I got another one before my ass was hot. But I didn't catch the fish firmly when I took it off the hook. The big fish ran away. Despondently, I threw the line out and sat down to wait patiently. This time, I waited for a long time, and no fish caught the bait, so I lost a piece of bran cake, and all the fish came. I caught five fish in a row, and one of them was not caught firmly, and I let it go again. At noon, we came here to fish after dinner. My father told me that fish usually come out to look for food in the morning and evening, but they don't come out at noon, so I don't have much confidence in fishing at noon. I put food on the hook and threw it in the middle. After waiting for a while, the buoy suddenly moved to the left. I picked up the fishing rod and saw that it was a yellow duck barking! Surprised and pleased, I quickly took it off the hook. "Ouch! 'I seem to have been stabbed by something. It turns out that there are thorns on the yellow duck. So I wrapped it in cloth and put it in the net. In addition, my mother also fished a few, but they were all smaller than mine. Others also praised me for fishing so much at the beginning of my study. I heard it in my heart and it was sweeter than eating honey. Unconsciously, to go home, I followed everyone back. This activity is very unforgettable, because I learned to fish in this activity.