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I learned to ride a bicycle

Chapter 1: I learned how to ride a bicycle. I remember what happened in grade two. My friends came to see me by bike every day. I envied them very much. I begged my father to buy me one. My father nodded. The next day, my father bought me a bike. The whole body is blue, with three big characters of 'athlete' written in red font. The handlebar is black. It's so beautiful! I can't wait to step on the bike, did not expect the body suddenly lost balance, fell to the ground, good pain! I complained to my father: 'this thing only has two wheels. It hurts when it falls. I don't want to ride it. "My father laughed and said," how can you look like a girl and flinch when you are in trouble? My face turned red and thought: I must learn to ride a bicycle. My father demonstrated it to me again, and said, "if you want to ride, you have to learn how to slide. 'after that, he taught me how to slide. I practiced this method all morning, and my mouth was dry, my hands were sore and my legs were numb. Dad, let me practice this afternoon. In the afternoon, I stepped into the car and the car tilted again. I immediately supported it with my feet to avoid falling. My father told me: 'I have to use my hands to ride well. I tried this method and I didn't fall. I explored slowly and finally learned to ride a bicycle. It seems that it's not easy to learn cycling! As the saying goes: how can you see a rainbow without experiencing wind and rain? How can you meet success without overcoming difficulties? Chapter 2: I learned how to ride a bicycle. When I was 7 years old, my mother bought me a bicycle. One sunny morning, my mother said to me: 'it's a nice day today. Let's go to the courtyard and learn how to ride a bicycle. 'I readily agreed. So, my mother carried the bicycle downstairs. When I got to the courtyard, my mother said, "I'll show you how to ride first, and I'll teach you if I can't. 'all right. 'when I saw my mother riding so easily, I called out,' Mom, I want to ride, too. 'My mother pulled the car over, and I couldn't wait to get on the car. Before I rode a few steps away, the car was shaking and felt like I was going to fall. I think: never give up, must learn to ride today. I summoned up the courage to pedal, although I was so careful, but still fell down. I said to my mother angrily: 'I don't want to learn. Cycling is not fun at all. 'My mother said to me with great heart: 'don't you want to learn how to ride a bike? Learning to ride requires patience. If you give up halfway, you will achieve nothing. After listening to my mother's words, I continued to ride again & hellip; & hellip; although I fell down many times, I felt a bit more brave and confident when I thought of my mother's saying 'if you leave half way, you will get nothing'. My mother gave me a thumbs up when I passed by my mother skillfully on my bicycle. On that day, I not only learned how to ride a bicycle, but also understood a truth: as long as I write the failure on the back, I believe that I can succeed. Part 3: I learned to ride a bicycle. My parents gave me a bike that I dreamed of. I was very happy, immediately asked my parents to help me carry the car to the yard to learn to ride a bicycle. I got in the car, and my mother held on to the back seat of the car. At first, I successfully rode three times with my mother's help, but on the fourth lap, my mother suddenly let go of her hand. I was nervous, and the front of the car swayed around. I was in a hurry. The car fell to one side, and my mother helped me to help me avoid falling. I got on the car for the second time and got up again with the help of my mother. My mother secretly released her hand, and I continued to ride on the car. Suddenly, I found that there was no mother behind me. As soon as I was nervous, the car fell down. My foot hit the car, and I scratched my skin. The pain almost made me cry. My mother came up to me, helped me to lift the car and said: 'did it hurt? It doesn't matter. Didn't you ride well just now? Come on, let's keep riding. "My mother still holds the back seat of the car for me." pay attention to balance. Don't look at your feet or other places. Look forward. Don't stop. 'My mother said to me as she helped the car. I rode a few more times. When my mother let go of her hand, I could ride by myself, but I didn't dare to be careless. I held the front of the car tightly with both hands and looked forward with wide eyes. In the evening, I told my parents that I would try my best to learn how to ride a bike and race in the Olympic Games when I grew up. I believe there will be one day. Chapter 4: I learned how to ride a bicycle. That was when I was in kindergarten. One day it was my birthday. My mother bought me a bike. I was so excited when I saw it! I was so happy that I kept saying: 'I must learn it quickly! It's still easy for me to say what I've learned in a few days. Later, the mother said, "since my brother has learned it, let him teach you! 'the day of training is coming. My brother teaches me how to learn a car every day, but I just can't. Once, when my brother was helping me ride a bike, he suddenly let go of his hand. As soon as I knew it, I fell down in fear and broke my foot a little bit. At that time, I was a little frustrated, but at that time, my brother gave me a word of encouragement, which made me feel refreshed: "ting Zhao, you are so brave! If you don't cry, you will learn it! 'then I started learning again. Another time, when my brother helped me to learn a car, he secretly let it go when I didn't pay attention. After riding for a short time, I asked, "brother, are you tired? '& hellip; & hellip? Why didn't you make a sound! I looked back inexplicably, ah! I was so surprised that my brother waved to me all the way. At this time, I was so happy that I didn't know how to describe it. I couldn't help crying out: "I've learned how to ride a bicycle! I learned how to ride a bike. Last summer vacation, my grandfather bought me a mountain bike. I was so happy. In the evening of that day, I pestered my grandfather to take me to the hillside of Beishan Mountain to learn a car. I put my bike at the foot of the mountain and listened to my grandfather teach me the essentials of riding: "be bold, be upright, look ahead, and hold the handlebar firmly. Before my grandfather finished, I said, "yes, I know & hellip; & hellip. My grandfather had no choice but to hold the back frame for me. I got on the bike and stepped on the pedal with both feet. Holding the handlebar in both hands, I looked straight in front of me. I felt like an old cyclist. I stepped down with my right foot and thought that the car would fly forward quickly. However, the car did not move, as if it had a root. I stepped on it again or did not move. 'what's going on? "I asked my grandfather, and he said," step on it again. "The car still doesn't move. My grandfather looked at it carefully and laughed. Tears came out. He wiped it with his hands. When he let go, I fell on the ground with my bicycle. My grandfather helped me up and said, "silly boy, how can you push the brake so tightly with your hands? 'when I slapped my forehead, I was so careless that I couldn't help laughing. Later, after hard work, I finally learned to ride a bicycle. But I couldn't help laughing at the thought of learning to drive.