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I learned to play the piano and write composition

Chapter 1: I learned to play the piano. It was very hot that day, which made people feel irritable, but I was in a good mood. When I arrived at Xiaohe Qin shop, he teacher, who taught piano, said hello to my mother and I with a smile. Because my mother had something to do, she left first.

After a while, teacher he said, "to play the piano well, you must first know it." I feel funny: "piano this thing who doesn't know, still need the teacher to say ah." So I listened to it absentmindedly. He said, "now I'll teach you fingering." I still didn't study hard, because I often watch others play the piano. I knew fingering for a long time.

After a while, Mr. He finally taught me to play the piano. "I came to learn to play the piano, not to know the piano and learn fingering," I thought Mr. He played it first, and soon it was time for me to play it. I didn't learn the fingering carefully just now. I didn't know which key to press with which finger. So I played like a drum and a gong.

He saw the teacher very angry and said: "what's the matter, fingering all wrong!" Suddenly, I blushed like a ripe apple. He said: "although fingering seems very simple, in different tunes, fingering is not the same."

After listening to teacher he's words, I regret that I didn't study hard just now. I'm also ashamed and regretful. I wish I could dig a hole to get into it. When the teacher saw the sad look, his attitude became soft: "if you want to learn the same skill, you must be serious. As long as you make up your mind to learn, you will learn it well."

So I asked the teacher to teach me again, this time I can be serious, soon I learned to play the piano. Back home, I was very excited to say to my mother: "Mom, I learned to play the piano." Chapter 2: I learned to play and listen to the piano. A melodious sound came from the distance. That's my music, hee hee!

In the past, I always had an electronic organ in my home. Although I couldn't play it, I saw the teacher playing the piano when I went to the function room to have music lessons. It's just that it's not an electronic organ, it's a piano. But every time I play whatever song the teacher teaches, I always sing and watch the keys. Back home, I always take my music books home. First of all, I began to learn from the most basic part, and then I slowly recalled the steps of the teacher playing the piano, and then I followed. I played better and better. In school, I continued to watch my teacher play the piano carefully. When I got home, I immediately took out my music book from my schoolbag and played it immediately. I live like this every day. Before long, I feel that playing the piano has become an indispensable part of my daily life.

During this period of time, I felt that I couldn't live without playing the piano. Even if I was thinking about playing piano everywhere, whenever I listened to music, I would want to go home and play piano immediately. I love playing the piano, from a beautiful music, I feel a lot of good life, I will always practice, let the music accompany me to fly higher! Chapter 3: I learned to play the piano, its beautiful melody makes me intoxicated.

I remember that year when I was four years old, my parents took me to the piano classroom, I pressed the key curiously, "Dong" sound, scared me to hide in my father's side, the teacher said with a smile: "children, do you like playing the piano?" I said innocently, "like it!

”"Then you can learn from me." I am very excited to nod, think: the teacher so quickly accepted me this "little bit"!

The next day, my parents took me to the piano classroom. Mr. Jiang said to me kindly, "children, come on the piano bench." But I climbed up and could not sit on the piano bench. Everyone laughed. Finally, the teacher carried me up. The teacher first taught me to play the three tones of "Duo Lei Mi". My clumsy thumb knocked on the keys again and again. The teacher shook his head and taught me patiently Time flies, unconsciously to the end of class time. When I was four and a half years old, my father bought me a black and shiny Bobo piano. I was so happy that I felt around the piano and looked at it right and left. I couldn't put it down. Since then, it has become my best friend.

Whenever I hear the children outside the window cheering playing sound, how I want to join their ranks!

However, I have to practice the music before I can go out to play; every holiday, when children's parents take them out to play, I sit on the piano bench and play boring etudes over and over. During the "May 1st" holiday, my parents took me to visit my grandparents in my hometown. After only one day, I came back in a hurry because I wanted to practice piano, so I couldn't delay a day.

Mother often said: "master leads the door, practice in the individual." The teacher only talks for a few minutes, so he has to practice hard. Sometimes, when I was practicing music, my mother stood beside me, bluffing her face, like a strict prosecutor, staring at my hand shape and music score, and from time to time nagging: "pay attention to the hand shape, slow down!

”Although I am very upset, but the hand is still playing, I think, persistence is victory!

Let the ten fingers jump on the keyboard quickly, repeatedly, and finally I can play down smoothly. At this time, my mother just smiles and I am ecstatic.

Through playing the piano, I learned that no matter what you do, you can't give up halfway. You must persevere in order to succeed. On Sunday, after lunch, my mother took me to my aunt's house to play.

My aunt's family has two daughters, both older than me. One is a college student and the other is a junior high school student. They are both excellent. I envy them. The elder sister didn't come back in Guangzhou, only the younger sister was at home. She took me by the hand and showed me around. Everything was very meticulous, and the room was more beautiful. In front of me there is a utility room, the door opened, I am very curious, quietly walked over, a look, wow, a beautiful piano. I can't help but want to play. My sister saw me interested and said to me with a smile, "do you want to learn?" I nodded. "I'll teach you. I'm so happy."

My sister did a hand pose to show me where to put the left hand and the right hand. I put my hands on the keys like this. Now I have to learn to play the whole part with one hand slowly. In the middle of it, I became impatient. My sister said to me, "it seems to be a very simple thing. Now you know that learning something is not easy. But as long as you persist, you will succeed. If you succeed, there will be failures. Don't give up. Let's continue !” After listening to it, I first took a breath and then went on practicing My sister can play a few chords, and then I can learn to play a chord more quickly than my sister. I tried to play a song, the first time is not very fluent, play more than a few times to be fluent. That's all I've learned today, and I'm almost done. I'm happy in my heart.

Today, I have learned to play the piano. It seems that it is very simple, but it is not. It takes patience to achieve good results. Chapter 5: I learned that playing the piano is fun everywhere, and everyone's point of view is different. Some people say: reading comics can bring you fun, others say that learning to ride a bike can bring you fun. I think playing the piano can bring me fun.

I like playing the piano very much, because I love listening to music. I have experienced another thing that makes me gradually like playing the piano. I always think that music can develop people's intelligence and eliminate all worries. I remember when I was a kid, I didn't love playing the piano. On one birthday, my sister found her family had erhu. It's very nice to hear her playing erhu. When she finished her performance and her friends clapped her hands, she laughed with pride. From then on, I began to like playing the piano.

On my 10th birthday, I asked my father for an electronic organ. When dad bought it, I was excited to touch the black and white keys, I pressed one of the keys, it made a crisp sound. I didn't know how to play a song at that time. I only played the first bass and talked about the last high note.

Once I saw a music book by accident. I opened it and thought to myself: do I want to talk about it? I plucked up the courage to play according to the notes of each word. At that time, I played the song very slowly. I played this song again and again. Finally, I learned it. When I played "twinkling twinkling crystal" to my mother, my mother praised me, and I was very happy.

From then on, I began to keep learning and constantly looking for music scores. Gradually, I became more and more fond of music. Whenever my classmates came to my home, I would show them my talents and let them try to play the piano. When they cast envious eyes or praise me, my heart was sweeter than honey.

I like playing the piano, because it brings me endless fun.