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Heavy schoolbag writing fairy tale

Heavy schoolbag composition fairy tale 1: heavy schoolbag a few days ago, the math teacher suddenly announced: after noon, you are not allowed to put your schoolbag in the school.

On this issue, I am very upset, I was the leader of the class did not take the bag home at noon, because the bag is very heavy, back and forth carrying very hard. At noon is basically the math homework, just need to take the math book and pencil bag, so I seldom carry my schoolbag home. In addition, the teacher said that if someone didn't carry a schoolbag, he would put it in the headmaster's office. After listening to this sentence, many students expressed dissatisfaction, because everyone felt that it was too troublesome to come back in the afternoon. The teacher should think: if we are too lazy to take the schoolbag, we will be very anxious to finish the homework assigned at noon in the school, and then we will answer with other students in school. Some people dare not answer the answer, so the error rate will increase. So let's take the schoolbag and let us write the homework at home at noon. I think this is the purpose of the teacher.

The teacher is good for us, but we should also listen to our opinions, we say is not it? Heavy schoolbag composition Fairy Tale 2: heavy schoolbag in the morning, my mother helped me carry the schoolbag on my shoulder.

"Oh, my schoolbag is so heavy! "My mother said in surprise.

"Oh, I can't help it. There are too many subjects. I can't recite any one of them! '

Don't forget to carry your schoolbag back at noon and simplify it. 'My mother's advice echoed behind me, and I ran away.

After school at noon, I rushed home with my schoolbag on my back.

After lunch, my mother turned her schoolbag upside down and let me read it for a long time. Chinese, mathematics and foreign languages are three books that must be taken every day. There are also two sets of exercises in the classroom and at home in these three courses, plus oral arithmetic. In addition, the class and homework books of these three subjects are divided into 12 and 3 books, which are also required to be carried every day.

In addition to the three major subjects, there are science, art, computer, music, comprehensive practice, etc. for example, teachers of ancient poetry and CI books do not dare to take & hellip; & hellip; if they do not regularly check;

I picked it up and looked like this, shook my head, picked up that look, and then shook my head & hellip; & hellip; for a long time, my biggest gain was to change the iron pencil case into a pencil case, and the schoolbag still went its own way, without much reduction.

Mother shook her head in disappointment.

It's a long way to go to school. I have a big schoolbag on my shoulder, a watercolor pen in my left hand and a water bottle in my right hand;

My mother always thinks that I don't stand up when I walk. She doesn't know that the bag will be heavier.

How I wish the schoolbag on my shoulder can be lighter and lighter, so that we can have a happy and relaxed childhood. Heavy schoolbag today, is a sunny day, but for Wang Xiaoming, today is not brilliant. Because there will be a Chinese test today. The bell rang. The teacher walked into the classroom and gave out the test papers to remind everyone: "please complete the test papers independently and seriously. I hope you can test your real level. "Wang Xiaoming took the test paper and found that he couldn't do a problem. Then, Wang Xiaoming remembered what his father had said to him. His father had said before that as long as Wang Xiaoming got full marks in the exam, he would buy him a new schoolbag. Wang Xiaoming thought to himself, "but I can't do one problem. '

Just when Wang Xiaoming was nervous, Chen Xiaobin, who was sitting beside him, handed the answer to him. Wang Xiaoming looked at the answer in front of him and had not made the decision whether to copy it. At this time, Wang Xiaoming saw the teacher walk past him, and thought of what his father said to him, so he decided to copy it. He quickly copied the answer in the note and returned it to Chen Xiaobin, who was sitting next to him. In the second class in the afternoon, the teacher said that Wang Xiaoming got the first place in the exam. In the evening, Wang Xiaoming showed his father the test paper. His father was very happy and said to Wang Xiaoming, "Xiao Wang, you did well in the exam this time. Look! Your new bag, dad has prepared for you! '

The next day, Wang Xiaoming carried the new bag that his father gave him, and felt very heavy. Heavy schoolbag composition fairy tale four: heavy schoolbag schoolbag is each of our friends, closely following us.

Every day, I open my mouth to hold the "food" which is very heavy for the schoolbag, but this is also its natural destiny.

From grade one to grade five, I don't know how many books and classes have been added. Every time we add a course, the burden of schoolbags will increase, and we will have to carry heavier schoolbags. Who makes us students? Is the student, the endorsement package is the responsibility which the student must do.

Don't be tired, because there are still long years waiting for you to walk step by step. If it is too much, you should study hard and learn every course well. Naturally, you will feel relaxed in this course. Although we still recite these books every day, we feel very relaxed in our mind. If you don't believe it, you can try it.

If you are tired, you should try every means to lighten the burden. Only by lightening the burden can we relax and get ahead of others. So, only by completing these burdens can we relax.

Let's go beyond the burden of this heavy schoolbag together! Heavy schoolbag composition fairy tale 5: heavy schoolbag today, Xiaohong's schoolbag launched a fierce debate. Party A is composed of pencil, ruler and Chinese books. They think that the schoolbag is heavy for a time. The so-called hour bag is not heavy, but the big one is heavier! Party B is composed of rubber, pen and ideological books. Their point of view is that the schoolbag is too heavy, which seriously damages the physical and mental health of primary school students, so the schoolbag should not be too heavy.

The debate began, with the first team from the square to make a speech.

Ruler: 'we think that if you don't work hard when you are young, you will feel sad when you are old. If you don't work hard when you are young, you will become an adult, but you will not be educated when you are old. It will be of no use to our talented country, let alone a pillar. '

Eraser: "that's not necessarily. To be successful, it's not determined by the weight of the schoolbag, but by the learning efficiency. A student's schoolbag is full of books, and his schoolbag is very heavy, but his learning efficiency is very low. What's the use of heavy schoolbag? '

Chinese Book: 'I don't agree with you. Learning efficiency is important, but how to improve it? In addition to mastering the correct learning methods, we should learn more new knowledge and constantly supplement & lsquo; energy & quot;. isn't it? '

Pen:'No, I think study depends on diligence. It's very important to constantly supplement knowledge, but learning depends on one word & lsquo; diligence & quot; ah! For example, some scholars in ancient times had poor families and could not afford to buy books, so they tried their best to study and read books. Did not they become famous scholars? Thanks to the word & lsquo; diligence & quot! '

Pencil: 'yes, learning depends on diligence, but if you don't have some learning tools, you can't be diligent if you want to. Now, with the development of society, the country's requirements for talents are greatly different. Therefore, the curriculum has increased a lot, which has increased the burden on students. But only by working hard now and growing up can we serve our country and live a good life! Therefore, our debating friends insist that there is no fault with heavy schoolbags! '

Thinking book: "however, we can't damage our physical and mental health for the sake of study! Therefore, our debating friends insist that the weight of schoolbags is harmful but not profitable! '

The two sides argue endlessly, but it seems that each side sounds reasonable. At this time, the oldest father-in-law of the dictionary said: "children, don't make any noise. You are all right, but only by combining work and rest can we get the best learning effect! "Heavy schoolbag composition fairy tale 6: heavy schoolbag late at night, I looked at the fat schoolbag on the sofa, and sighed deeply, I was tired, I gradually fell asleep.....

I dream that I carry a heavy schoolbag back and forth between school and home every day. Every day I get up early and recite English words, sentence patterns, mathematical formulas and texts. These three kinds of nutriments always force me to eat. Then after breakfast, he came to school in a hurry and wanted to have a rest. However, the boring homework came, not writing Chinese, mathematics or English. After a while, class began. The teacher left and the teacher came again. There was no chance of breathing.

When I got home, I had to swim from one side of the Pacific Ocean to another in the sea. On the way, I encountered 'big reef' and 'big wave', but I didn't meet 'great white shark'.

Finally, one day, what I wish for finally came: the school adopted the teaching method of "teaching students according to their aptitude", which made us much easier. We no longer had to be tortured by the heavy schoolbag, and no longer had to struggle in the boundless sea of questions. The good news made me wake up from my dream. But the heavy schoolbag was still lying quietly on the sofa. "Revolution" has to continue to struggle.

Facing the heavy schoolbag, I really want to say: 'I am very tired, losing' oxygen '(joy) life is really hard. "Heavy schoolbag composition fairy tale 7: heavy schoolbag 'let's go, goodbye! 'she told me. 'ah? Well, goodbye. It's strange to talk to the most annoying of her. But fortunately, she left.

I look around, look around, there's no one. Be careful, be careful, be more careful, go to her place. Perhaps it is a guilty conscience, although there is no one around, but still very afraid. Whatever she is, take out a book at random. It's not mine. Now you see: I'm stealing books!

Rushed out of the classroom, shouting all the way: "no blame me, no blame me, it's her, she forced me! 'it's like crazy. The bag was too heavy to carry for the first time - it was just a stolen book. Usually there are a lot of garbage cans nearby, but at this moment, I can't find one, which seems to imply something to me & hellip; & hellip; see, see, I finally see a garbage can, I run fast, ignoring the vehicles. Ten meters Road, I seem to run for a long time. When I took out the book to throw it away, an aunt came to me. She was smiling at me, but I was scared to death, so I ran crazy again.

Almost home, but I was wandering, hesitating. Because her book is still in her schoolbag. Finally, deep in the garden, I found a trash can, and this time nobody - I'm sure! I took out the book, ruthlessly tore, all the resentment, scattered on the book. I lit a fire and burned all her books. Then I left.

The next day, when she was looking for the book, I didn't feel happy. On the contrary, the book seemed to be alive. In the next few days, my schoolbag was extremely heavy. Heart, is more painful.

Who did that book hurt?