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Fairy tale composition about love

Chapter 1: fairy tale cup of love: "I am lonely, I need some water, give me some water."

Master: "well, with the water you want, you will not be lonely?"

Cup: "maybe it is." The host put the boiling water into the cup. The water is very hot. The cup felt like it was melting. The cup thought, this is the power of love. The water temperature changes, the cup feels very comfortable, the cup thinks, this is the feeling of life. The water became cold, and the cup was afraid. He didn't know what he was afraid of. The cup thought, this is the taste of losing. The water is cold, the cup is desperate, maybe this is the fate of helpless.

Cup: "master, get the water out quickly. I don't need it." The master is not in. The cup feels oppressed to death, the water is cold, put in the heart, feel very uncomfortable. The cup shook hard, and the water finally came out of the cup's heart. The cup was so happy that suddenly, the cup fell to the ground. The cup is broken. Before he died, he saw it. Every place in his heart has traces of water, and he only knows that he loves water, but he can no longer put water completely in his heart. The cup cried. His tears and water melt together, hoping to use the last strength to love water again.

The master picked up the pieces of the cup, a cut, he is a finger, fingertips have blood. The cup laughed. What is love? Do you know how to cherish only after suffering?

Water soft voice said: I thought the end of the earth is to slowly adapt, but I began to find you tired of me, I understand that since you love you must leave you, even if there are too many willing to do, even if you understand that the road of death is in front of you, you have to step on it. This is the love I keep for you The cup shed the last tear, the tears fused with the water, only then understood own stupidity Chapter 2: fairy tale of love white rabbit grew up, began not only hope to have carrots, began to look forward to love

Grey rabbit is very good, always give me carrots to eat, but grey rabbit is really my love?

The little white rabbit carried a lot of carrots for her, said goodbye to the grey rabbit and walked into the forest.

The little white rabbit first met the wild goose. The little white rabbit thought that they were in love, but slowly, the little white rabbit found that she could never catch up with the goose's steps. When the wild goose flew up, she could only keep running with her head up. Her neck is very sour, also ran very tired, the rabbit secretly thought to give up, but did not say.

One day, the wild goose told the little white rabbit - I want to leave you, because you can't fly with me. This is the little white rabbit's first love, she cried red eyes, with the remaining carrots continue to move forward. Geese are not my love. I can't walk with him.

Little white rabbit met a big bear, she felt that she did not even like the bear, let alone love. But the big bear said that the forest was very dangerous. He had to go with her until the little white rabbit met her lover. The big bear is very good to the little white rabbit. He will put the little white rabbit into the tree hole on a cold night and block himself in the hole. When there is little food, he will save his dinner for the little white rabbit to make breakfast for the next day. Big bear is good too, but how can I tell him that I need to cuddle up to keep warm when it's cold, and I don't like to eat the same thing with him? At this time, the bear met the fox. The fox was very beautiful. She said that she liked the bear and wanted to be with the bear. Big bear told little white rabbit - I just want to be with you, I don't love Fox. But finally, one morning when the little white rabbit woke up, he found that there was no big bear at the entrance of the tree. He left without saying goodbye.

The little white rabbit knew that the bear left with the fox. Little white rabbit tidied up her backpack and wanted to move on. She suddenly found that there were many carrots in the backpack. The bear finally figured out what I wanted, but he left. He's not coming back, is he? Maybe it's good for us all.

In a rainy day, the little white rabbit met the wolf, although she was very clear with the wolf, the last hurt will only be himself. However, the little white rabbit or hopelessly fell in love with the wolf, every day with him in fear. Finally, the wolf or in a rainy day, waved away the bruised rabbit - I'm tired of you, you leave quickly.

Little white rabbit Pack Backpack, inside the carrot is not much, should not continue to move forward, will really get love? She put her backpack under the tree and watched the wind and rain outside. Should I not fall in love with wolves, or should I not go into this forest to find love I am not sure of? Little white rabbit began to miss the life with gray rabbit before, but after such a long journey, could she still walk back?

All of a sudden, the little white rabbit heard the sound of hearing the sound. When she looked back, a gray figure was putting carrots in her small backpack - I have been following you secretly, but I'm afraid you will not be able to eat carrots

Little white rabbit finally understand what love is, love, maybe two people can share carrots together. Grey rabbit, can you take me home? Chapter 3: the fairy tale of love: the little rabbit is going to bed. It holds tightly the little rabbit to go to bed. The big rabbit's long ears, the big rabbit's long ears, listen to it. Listen to it. "Guess how much I love you?" Asked the little rabbit. Guess how much I love you? Asked the little rabbit. "Oh ~! I can't guess." Big rabbit, I can't guess. Son said with a smile. Son said with a smile. "I love you so much." Little rabbit put the arm, I love you so much. Open, open can't open again. Open, open can't open again.