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Bamboo's composition 800 words

I love bamboo

Bamboo is an ordinary plant. It has neither the delicate flowers of rose nor the charming fragrance of jasmine, but only the green coat and upright body. Some people say roses are the most beautiful, others say orchids are the most beautiful, but I think bamboo is the most beautiful. Although it is not gorgeous, it is very simple. It will only contribute to people in obscurity: give us our own "children" as food, our "body" as our materials, and our "hair" to knit things for us. It also sucks in carbon dioxide and exhales fresh oxygen for us. Your roots can be used to carve various crafts, your leaves can be used to wrap the delicious rice dumplings, even if your leaves and other things can also be turned into fertilizer to provide nutrition for crops

When the spring breeze has not yet melted the remaining cold of winter, new shoots sprout quietly on the ground. When spring returns to the earth and the first spring thunder rings, bamboo shoots can't wait to drill out of the land, absorbing sweet dew and pointing straight to the sky. When the spring breeze blows away layers of bamboo shoots, she looks like a lively little girl. Tingting Yu grows up in the bright spring day by day and grows into straight bamboo trees. In midsummer, she stretches her long arms, shakes up a piece of strong green yarn, and dances in the wind, with a bright spirit. In autumn, even in winter, the bamboo forest is still so green and beautiful! When the summer is cold, she is still green and green, smiling against the wind, frost and rain. Breeze blowing, bamboo leaves rustling, for the city added a beautiful landscape.

Looking up, I saw bamboo trees standing straight into the sky without bending. I couldn't help but think of the famous saying: "hold on to the green mountain, don't relax, the root is in the broken rock. After thousands of grinding and thousands of blows, the wind is still strong. It can be said that the persistent and unyielding spirit of bamboo is incisively and vividly described in this famous sentence. Isn't the indomitable spirit of bamboo just the fine character of the Chinese people?

Bamboo will not bloom in its whole life, but at the end of its life, a kind of white flower will appear at the top, and the flower will turn yellow slowly. When it is dead, the petals will flutter in the wind. This is to eliminate the old bamboo and give the new bamboo more living space. He was unknown all his life. He was brilliant at the last moment of his life, and then he left quietly. Can not help but let me bamboo is so great, but also so ordinary.

Bamboo, you selflessly offer everything for people, but you ask so little for people. A shower of rain, a ray of sunshine, you can sprout and grow. I love bamboo, appreciate it, worship it and praise it, not only because of its artistic beauty, but also because of its natural feeling and unique character!

2 bamboo

My grandfather loves bamboo in the yard. No meat makes a man thin, and no bamboo makes a man vulgar. " It is because of the master's view that he is free from vulgarity at the same time as the ancients, a few ornamental bamboos planted more than ten years ago have created a small bamboo grove that covers half of the courtyard today.

Bamboo was originally upright and upward, but Grandma's bamboo had a very special shape. When spring comes, the rain moistens, the new bamboo shoots grow tens of centimeters every day, each tree is higher than that of the competition, and the bamboo shoots will grow higher than the eaves in a few days. However, the net covering the yard of grandma's house blocked their growth path, changed their upright posture, and forced them to bend down to change their growth route and grow close to the net. With the spring rain, a day of spring bath, they stretch branches and leaves, vigorous free and easy. Each tree has grown into a squirrel tail like "big bamboo ears". Swaying in the breeze, green leaves whirling, elegant and quiet.

Our family is often visited by guests. As soon as they enter the door, their eyes are bright, followed by a praise of "good green bamboo, beautiful shape." Hearing other people's praise, the family is happy. What is more admirable is: in the cold winter, snow capped, covering the earth, bamboo is more and more lush and green. As Zheng Banqiao said, "frost and snow full of the court, sprinkle ran according to the new green."

Bamboo not only brings us the enjoyment of beauty, but also brings us many benefits.

Bamboo absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide and releases fresh air. Sitting in the shade of bamboo is like entering a natural oxygen bar. In summer, grandma and grandfather often sit in the shade of bamboo to drink tea and chat, and enjoy the cozy! It's cool and refreshing with bamboo fragrance!

Chinese bamboo culture, up and down 5000 years, clothing, food, housing and transportation, everywhere bamboo connected. Since the Tang and Song Dynasties, bamboo, plum blossom and pine have been called "three friends of the year and winter". In the Ming Dynasty, "plum, orchid, pine and bamboo" are compared to "four gentlemen". People love it that "according to the gentleman's virtue, everywhere is appropriate." If there are bamboos in the mountains, the mountains will be green; if the water is near the bamboo, the water will be beautiful. Bamboo is beautiful, where it grows, it gives it extraordinary charm; where it is born, it is endowed with refined taste. When you are in the shadow, it will make you happy.

My grandfather loves bamboo. Even in my education, I learned to learn bamboo, which is "open minded without worldly competition", and not "sharp mouth, thick skin and hollow abdomen".

I love my grandfather's bamboo grove!

3 bamboo memory

Outside the window, bamboo rustles. I follow the reputation, each bamboo tree is like a soldier who has been read, they sing "bamboo song" to the bamboo forest. My mind drifts back to the past with the song

At that time, my mother dug a bamboo whip from my grandfather's house and planted it in my "flower house". Every day, I would squat and watch the land of hope, waiting for the bamboo to sprout. But the bamboo could not hear my prayer, and still stayed in its warm soil to sleep.

Finally, it in the spring rain girl's call, curiously put out its tender yellow small head. I was so excited that I called my good friend Shulan not far away to share the joy with me. She seemed more excited than I was, and her eyes flashed with indescribable joy. She kept watering and fertilizing it, hoping that it would grow up quickly. After four or five days, the bamboo shoots did not grow up, but gradually withered and withered. I cried, in my eyes, it is a green Elf. Looking at it as if a weak patient, I am very angry, in the heart can not help but hate from Shu Lan: not all she made! I can see that she is also very sad, nose a puff, eye socket also some red. However, in anger, I didn't find her abnormal, instead, I scolded her. She ran away crying. I also head into the bed, crying in the dark.

So after a few days, I was playing with the "Rose", suddenly heard Shu Lan is happy to call me. I'm still angry, so I don't say a word. Mom said as I opened the door. Shulan jumped in front of me and said excitedly, "look I turned my head obstinately. "You see, you see I can't beat her, looking back, it's a bamboo bar! Its waist is so thin, green leaves flash out attractive luster! I exclaimed with great joy and planted this bamboo beside the small bamboo with her

In fact, the bamboo did not die, and more and more prosperous. The original two bamboo trees have developed into a small bamboo forest. They stand tall and strong in that side of the land, whenever the breeze blows, it will rustle.

After a few years, I came to Nantong, and Shulan gradually less contact. One day, she called: "come back and have a look at that piece of bamboo when you are free." I promised, my nose suddenly sour.

Outside the window, the bamboo is still rustling

Secrets in bamboo

One day, the teacher asked us, "who knows what is in bamboo?" This question made us speechless, even the little doctor in the class could not answer it. This question formed a big question mark in my mind, and I was determined to solve the secret.

After school, under the guidance of my father, I studied the secrets in bamboo.

I first found a basin full of water, and then immersed a section of fresh bamboo in the water, saw a section with a saw, and saw a string of bubbles. This shows that there is gas in bamboo.

To understand the composition of this gas, I collected several bottles of bamboo gas. Then I put the burning match into a bottle and it burned for a while before it went out. This shows that bamboo contains oxygen. How much does it contain? Father from the hospital for me to find white phosphorus and red phosphorus, I have carried out the experiment. Under the guidance of my father, for the first time, I took the white phosphorus out of the water, put it into the bottle, and plugged it with a bottle stopper. The mouth of the leather pipe was clamped with a clamp to make it airtight. At this time, white phosphorus is difficult to burn, so I took a convex lens, let the sun gather at a point, shine on the white phosphorus, white phosphorus will burn. After a while, it goes out, indicating that the oxygen has been exhausted. At this time, there is white smoke in the bottle. I immerse the mouth of the tube in water and release the clamp. Water flows from the tube into the bottle without shaking the bottle. When the water stops flowing, it only accounts for one tenth of the volume of the bottle.

The second time, I put the red phosphorus in the metal spoon, ignited it, put it into the bottle quickly, plug the bottle plug, and after the flame extinguished, I released the clamp at the nozzle. This time, the water flowing from the pipe orifice accounted for one ninth of the volume of the bottle.

Because oxygen accounts for about one fifth of the air, and the results of both experiments show that the oxygen content in bamboo is less than that in air.

So, besides oxygen, what kind of gas is there?

Under the guidance of my father, I put some lime into a bottle containing clear water. After mixing, the upper water became clear.

I put the same amount of lime water into the bottle with bamboo gas and the empty bottle with the stopper. After shaking, I found that the lime in the bottle with air did not change, while the lime in the bottle containing bamboo gas was turbid, indicating that bamboo contained more carbon dioxide than air.

In order to further prove the carbon dioxide content in bamboo, I collected another bottle of human exhaled waste gas. After shaking, the lime water becomes turbid. The turbidity is similar to that of the air bottle filled with bamboo, indicating that the carbon dioxide in bamboo is similar to that in the exhaust gas exhaled by human body.

In addition to oxygen and carbon dioxide, the remaining gas can neither help combustion nor change the lime water is nitrogen.

Through this research activity, I uncovered the doubts in my mind. I must study hard and keep exploring.

I love bamboo in my hometown

A nostalgic hometown, we have to think of the bamboo forest in front of the house and behind the house.

From my grandmother's generation to our generation, I don't know how many years and vicissitudes have passed. But bamboo, like a devout watcher, accompanies us through generations of life. Bamboo is "watching" me grow up, just like my grandparents see me and love me, so I often call them "family".

In the evening of childhood, my grandparents chatted with me. Every time we talk about these bamboos. Looking at these bamboos, grandma said sincerely, "Chen Chen,