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Bitter composition 200 words

I want to suffer

On December 4, 1999, a small life was born in an ordinary family of teachers. She is me.

At home, I was regarded as "the apple of my eye" by my parents; at school, I was regarded as a "learning seedling" by teachers. It can be said that I had never experienced setbacks and grew up in a honeypot. Awards, praise, has become something I despise, because, I think, awards, like close to hand, easy to get.

By chance, I got to know the word "bear hardships". At that time, I was a sophomore. Suffering? What is suffering? Later, when I was in the fourth grade, I also knew the meaning of "bear hardships", but I was still plain sailing without any setbacks. Now I'm in sixth grade, still.

I'm confused. Why am I the only one who hasn't suffered? Why can't I taste the joy of success? Suffering, where are you?

Success comes from hard work

Last night, when I went to practice Taekwondo class. When we kick before practice, the coach saw that we didn't play well, so the coach helped us to practice leg lifting, wow! We all feel so painful. After the leg lifting exercise, we played much better.

Through this matter, I think it is not easy to do a good job, so we all have to bear some hardships. Don't give up when we see a little difficulty. We should stick to it, and finally you will get good results.


On Sunday, my father and I went to the soil to collect corn.

We carried the bucket to the field, standing in front of a corn field, I immediately felt the joy of harvest. I can't wait to find a big corn to break off and peel the corn hard. At that time, it was noon, the sun was burning on the ground, and the sweat was flowing out of my body. The upper body was covered with sweat. The sweat on my face kept flowing like rain. It was so hot! But I was still struggling to harvest corn. The leaves of corn touched my arm. The arm immediately got red scars, like the pain of knife cutting. I felt tired immediately It's hard to move! But when I see a bucket of corn, I feel a burst of joy!

As the saying goes: a hard work, a harvest, if so, labor, although hard, but the harvest is more sweet, which makes me think of learning. I think: if we want to be a promising person, we must learn to bear hardships!!