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People I admire

I admire a person

There are many great people in the world. They are admired. The one I admire most is the cleaner.

In the hot summer, the cleaners are not afraid of being tired and refuse to rest. They have been cleaning the garbage on the road.

In the cold winter, the cleaners are not afraid of the cold and are sweeping the floor.

I recently saw a news: a cold winter, the cleaner grandfather in the road sweeping, he saw the roadside people in the side of heating, cleaner grandfather also want to borrow a little warm, warm body. Unfortunately, he was discovered by the administrator in the sanitation company and decided to quit his job as a cleaner. Netizens have been asking: aren't cleaners human?

Well, speaking of this, the people I admire are the cleaners, because they work hard and take pains!

A man I admire

There are many people I admire. But the person I admire most is my father. Because dad has a lot of good qualities.

be dedicated. One day, there was a light rain. My father was on duty for several days for fear that the stove would go wrong. As a result, when I got home, I caught a lot of rain, and I was on duty for several days. After my father comes home, he always calls to ask if there is any abnormal situation in the class, and he will continue to work after a night's rest at home. If you see a big problem, deal with it. It took a week to deal with it.

Dare to admit mistakes. Once, I asked my father to give me several division problems to practice. Ah! These division problems can't be solved. Dad apologized to me and then repeated the question. My father said to me, 'son, you've observed very carefully! Encourage me. I'll do it again. I said happily: 'good! 'I've finished the questions and got them all right.

My father has a lot of qualities that people admire. I admire him! A man I admire

I believe that everyone has their own people to admire, and the people I admire are ordinary cleaners, they get up earlier than roosters every day. It's more tired than beef jerky, but it's looked down upon by people. Here I'm going to look down on the cleaner!

The cleaners are not afraid of dirty, tired and smelly. They clean the garbage cans and make them clean. Without them, our world will have less fresh air and less luster! With them, the world will not see a piece of garbage, you see how great they are!

You see, these are the cleaners, aunts and uncles I admire! How great they are. And what about you?

Chapter 4: Qi Zhaowen, an athlete I admire

One of the athletes I admire most is Liu Xiang, because his hurdle is the pride of China. When he jumped the hurdle, his best place was the first. So I admire him very much. He was born in Shanghai on July 15, 1983 and entered Shanghai Institute of sports technology in 1996. Liu Xiang's height is 1.90 meters and his weight is 78 kilograms. Liu Xiang's master is coach Sun Haiping. He has good health and strong explosive power In 2002, he ranked fourth in China at the speed of 13.12 seconds. In the 28th sports meeting held in Athens on August 27, 2004, he won the men's 110m hurdles championship with 12.91 seconds. This is the first gold medal won by a Chinese male athlete in the track and field of the Olympic Games. I like Liu Xiang very much.

How about you, children?

Chapter 5: Cui Yaqing, an athlete I admire

One of the athletes I admire most is Yao Ming's big brother. He is a basketball player, known as China's little giant, he used his own efforts to win people's respect for him, Yao Ming big brother is the first NBA history international champion show. He works very hard every time he trains. Once, Yao Ming's big brother hurt his foot, but he still insisted on sitting on the chair and practicing throwing basketball. What is more moving is that Yao Ming's elder brother was deaf in his left ear at the age of eight, but he overcame the hearing barrier and faced life positively and optimistically. It can be imagined that every training, he has to pay more efforts than others. He can achieve today's achievements under such difficult conditions, let us greatly admire.

I thought of myself, rubbed a little skin and didn't want to run. I feel ashamed to see Yao Ming's big brother's strong fighting spirit. I must learn from Yao Ming's elder brother, exercise my body, and win glory for my country when I grow up.

I admire the most

Do you know who I admire most? The person I admire most is not a philosopher like Aristotle, nor a scientist like Galileo; the person I admire most is my hardworking mother.

Every time, my mother came back very late, and every meal was at eight or nine o'clock. But every time she worked hard and tried her best, she had to pay everything to cure the patient. Before every operation, she had to soak disinfectant to make her mother's hands rough. Every time she finished eating, her mother had to work in front of the computer until 11 or 12 o'clock. She didn't leave any left over from her work. "Everyone can feel at ease only when they have finished their work." mother often used this sentence to encourage herself and us.

Whenever I take my mother's rough hand, there is a pain in my heart: why, why? That hateful disinfectant, why should mother's original delicate hands bubble into a pair of rough hands, the original seems to be God's carefully carved hands where? Why should the rough hand beat the tender one? Can't you stop soaking in that damn disinfectant? Whenever I asked these questions, my mother would kindly answer me: "for the sake of those patients, for the critically ill, for the suffering patients. '

I shed moving tears for those patients. My mother's rough hands are the result of hard work. The wounds that were cut by the knife were the traces of the patient's gratitude. The voice of praise is the miracle of mother's life! I admire my mother, hard-working mother. I will always support her and admire her!

The people I admire

I admire her, her smile is always so sweet, more than beautiful flowers; her hair is so beautiful, like a black waterfall, so beautiful! She is my mother.

Mom always seems to be so happy, just like a child. Usually at home, whether it is mathematics, Chinese, or English, my mother always answers questions until I fully understand. At the same time, she will give me a lot of examples to explain. Mom, I admire your profound knowledge.

Once, I went downstairs to buy drinks, just arrived at the stairs, I suddenly saw my mother out of the elevator, I quickly hid in the corner, ready to frighten my mother, did not think, my mother had seen me, she pretended not to see, also hiding in the corner to scare me, neither of us could see who, when I did not pay attention, my mother suddenly appeared, which really scared me. Usually at home, my mother and I always sing a song, although my mother a mouth on the tune, but we sing very happy, sometimes, my mother will scratch me, make me cry and laugh, both sad and happy. Mom, I admire your humor.

When I was a child, it was my mother who studied hard; now, it is my mother who is dedicated to her work. My mother is meticulous and conscientious in her work. She has always worked hard, persevered and strived all the time. Her mother has been rated as one of the "ten outstanding communist party members", "March 8th red flag bearer", "civilized citizen pacesetter" and so on. Mom, I am proud and proud to have a good mother like you!

When I was discouraged, my mother always said to me like this: "persist, persist, and persist, and you will surely succeed! Mom believes you! 'after listening to my mother, I was awakened. Mom, I admire your perseverance.

Mom, I always admire you!!! The people I admire most

We all have people we admire. Some admire the police uncle who sticks to his post day and night, and some admire the angel in white who rescues patients in the hospital. But I admire the unknown street angel, the cleaner.

Every morning, when I go to school, I always see a familiar figure. It is an aunt cleaner. The aunt has a melon seed face and a pair of big eyes with water spirit under the curved eyebrows. She always bent over, with a broom in her hand, and kept sweeping in the community. Every time I saw this kind of scene, I would have a kind of respect for her. For the beauty of the community, she swept the floor from morning to night every day, but there was no complaint.

I remember once, I was about to go to school, the hot sun scorched the earth, at this time, I saw the cleaning aunt with a broom in the cleaning, dust blowing into her eyes, she rubbed her eyes, continue to sweep, drop by drop of crystal perspiration from her cheek, sweat wet her clothes, as if not dry, her face was sun I was moved by her spirit and thought: if we throw a piece of waste paper less, that aunt will not have to clean the streets. Therefore, here, I sincerely appeal to you: everyone is responsible for protecting the environment.

Another time, my mother and I finished our dinner early and went to the square downstairs to enjoy the cool. As soon as we came to the square, we saw a man and a woman knocking melon seeds. The skin of melon seeds was all over the ground. At this time, the aunt came to them and said: 'comrade, please pick up the garbage, pay attention to hygiene and protect the environment. 'the couple looked up and down their aunt and said, 'we don't throw rubbish. What do you have to do? You are doing this worthless work. Sweep your land well and mind your own business! "The aunt didn't get angry, but said calmly:" yes, I sweep the floor, but you think, if everyone like you, how dirty the city will become! 'after listening to her, the two men stood up and walked without looking back. The aunt shook her head and picked up the broom and dustpan to clean up the garbage on the ground. I was moved when I saw it.

I admire my aunt's spirit of selfless dedication and no return!

The people I admire most

There are many people I admire in my life, but the one I admire most is my little aunt.

My aunt is a small and thin person. She has done many powerful and difficult things with her small body. What I admire most is her hardworking spirit and broad love.

I don't have a fixed job, so I don't have a fixed income. Three of them rely on one uncle to earn money, and their income is very low. It's too difficult for them to live and save money to buy a house. In order to earn more money, my aunt has been working two jobs a day since last year. This summer vacation, my aunt even took a lunch break and still went out to work. Mother saw that she worked three jobs a day too hard, so she advised her to quit one, but my aunt didn't listen. She said that she could earn 15 yuan an hour at noon. In August, my aunt fell ill because of overwork. Mother again heartily advised her to quit a job. But the little aunt said with a smile, "it's OK. Just take some medicine for minor illness. After that, she was still working with the disease.

My aunt's family has poor financial resources, but she never grudges to help people who are more difficult than her. Remember 2008 Wenchuan University