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Composition on the topic of calm mind like water

Calm as water

People often say that plain is true, tranquility is blessing. But what is real peace? It's calm as water.

When night falls, we immerse ourselves in the silent midnight dream and listen to the whispers of our hearts. You can feel the calm and water like mood, which is so comfortable. Through the dim moonlight, you can find that the calm night is so beautiful.

When you no longer care about success and failure, and start to use a peaceful attitude to examine the life course you have gone through, the warm sunshine will enter your heart, and the warm spring breeze will dry your bitter tears.

When you no longer care about form and appearance, and begin to touch desire with your soul, your mind will be peaceful, and your love, hate and sorrow will be resolved one by one.

When you no longer care about fame and wealth and money, you will begin to cherish your life, you can enjoy life and experience the pure beauty of human nature.

When you no longer care about having and taking, learn to give up, you will lose as a kind of gain, you can make happiness forever.

In fact, as long as people are satisfied, they will be calm as water.

We can only live in the secular, although the complex, flashy secular rare peace, but calm can return us a blue sky, a relaxed soul pure land.

I, sitting alone here, listening to the sound slowly flowing out of such as water music, with sincerity, using the mouse to describe the appearance of calm, feel the call of peace. Life is like a trickling River, I am more like a Wang Qingquan, quietly flowing, let the fish swim, still calm.

Life is not to get, but to learn!

Learn to be sincere, flow sincere tears, show sincere smile, let the mind clear, make words and deeds aboveboard. In this way, there will be no guilt, no heartache, no regret.

Learn to be strong, not afraid of suffering, not afraid of deformity and ugliness, not afraid of bad words and cold eyes. In this way, we can live in peace and let life be full of sunshine.

Learn to give up, learn to let go, learn to retreat in the face of difficulties, learn to turn around at the right time. In this way, it is wise to deal with things, so that we can reduce a lot of burden and more natural and unrestrained.

Learn to observe the society with pure eyes, be calm and deal with things calmly. In this way, you can be calm as water, mood as water.

The mind is still like water

The calm lake, a pool of clear water; the lotus leaves in the field, showing a trace of cool and peaceful; the gentle wind blows, ripples, lotus leaves dance with the wind. I like to watch the soft waves in the pond like this: quiet and peaceful; the waves are quiet; the dancing is gentle; the joy is not exultant. The water in this pond is the same: quiet and peaceful; the wave is quiet; the dance is gentle; the joy is not jubilant.

I like green. Green gives people a fresh feeling, she is gorgeous but not dazzling, monotonous but not rigid. One by one, green spirits are like life with breath. Fish play among the lotus leaves. Free, not lively, but also add a trace of life's fun and vitality. How lively! The blooming season of lotus is pink. Monotonous but not boring, red is very elegant. It's not crowded. It's fresh but natural. If there are lotus pods, there will always be three or two children picking the lotus plants and immersing themselves in the joy of playing. If everyone is intoxicated with the beautiful scenery of "the lotus leaves are boundless and the lotus flowers are different red in the sun", then the joy of harvest is even more fascinating: a person holding a leaf boat gently paddles back to the water. To leave a fresh footprint, enjoy the joy of harvest, enjoy the pure lotus root out of the mud, or else, and the quiet feeling of a person with no other generation is also unique and interesting. The rain scenery is unique! The lotus leaves washed by the rain, just like the lotus fresh out of the water, are fresh. With the wind dance together, dancing with the skirt, full of fresh water on the body. Even frogs also took part in the dance, dancing on the lotus leaves, and accidentally scattered pearls. At this time, if you see this scene, there is really a feeling of "scenery is not intoxicating, people are drunk". This beautiful scenery, this harmonious atmosphere, this peaceful life, who will break that? I like watching the water quietly by myself. In this scene, I feel my new dancing with them and happy. At the same time, it is very quiet, because I can feel the quiet freedom. Here, I can do fantasy, I can society do not want to do anything, just quietly watch, quiet taste, quietly melt into it, that's all. Or make a cup of tea, sing a simple and elegant poem, get temporary super vulgarity and self liberation. Away from the noise and complexity of the city; away from the sophistication of the world; away from all right and wrong trivia. Or in helpless time, facing the smooth spring breeze, smile, may feel a trace of comfort and quiet, let you feel that there is no big deal in the world, smile also passed!

In the calm waves, I am willing to be a swimming fish and swim quietly under the water.

My mind is still like water, I am so happy!

The mind is still like water

Calm mind like water, is what kind of state, before always full of confusion about this word. People are active, heartbeat, breath, all the time in a dynamic. How calm is the water?

Confused, confused.

Finally, I saw a Taijiquan master perform boxing. The whole environment seems to be integrated with the blowing breeze and the falling leaves. In an instant, my heart was shocked.

After that, the Master explained the essentials of martial arts practice and only said four words: "mind is calm like water".

My heart was shocked again. Calm as water, so it is. What kind of external activities do not affect, as long as the mind is calm, then it will be integrated with nature. No matter what you do, even if it's the basketball court or the battlefield. As long as you keep calm, success is near.

British economist Keynes said when talking about the word success: "I saw the water boiling and cried like a child. Marshall also saw the water boiling, but he sat down and made a steam engine.".

In modern life, the rhythm is faster and faster every day, and everyone is striving for his ideal. Career, school, family, everyone is tired of running for the name, in order to succeed, people like the wind up machine dolls, constantly running. So the heart is not calm, less a careful, more a main hair rash, less patience, more a frenzy. All day long, it seems to have done a lot of things, but in fact, a good job, from the success of more and more far.

In the academic circles, many people who are regarded as "masters" and "experts" vie to attract public attention. Many authors, in order to cope with the publishing house, have written some works that are free from illness and show off their success, so their success has gone away.

Wash all lead, wipe off the dust, those real people are just like water to do research, no fame and wealth, don't be vain. Just like Qian Zhongshu, he never accepted media interviews. He was calm and indifferent to people's sight. Therefore, a total of classic works were loved by the world.

The mind is as calm as water, a height that ordinary people can't reach. Such as the blue sky, like the towering mountains, with their own sharp eyes to see everything in the world, mining ordinary beauty.

Calm as water

With the arrival of summer, my heart is like rippling water, some impatient. My mother said, my heart is as easy to be confused as water, but in the time of chaos, there is no need for excessive tension and impatience. What is needed is a peaceful life like water. When my heart is clear, the impatient sand in the water will naturally sink to the bottom of the water.

Listen to the sound of flowers

I said to myself, it's time to be quiet. So I came to the grassland alone. Lying on the ground, surrounded by green. A wild flower beside my face tickled me. I turned my head. It was a small blue flower. The steady and lovely color made my heart calm down. Forget a dazzling score, forget parents nagging, forget a pile of heavy reference books, papers. It's just peace. I just lay there quietly with my breath in my ear, as if there were other sounds. I held my breath - "Pa, PA..." Is it the sound of blooming flowers? I listen attentively, as if an ELF were saying, "it's so comfortable. Stretching will make me more beautiful." That PA, PA sound lingers in my ear. Is the voice of flowers! Yes, every day in the fight for the first, can I not be impatient? As long as you think you are the best, why bother with other things? I just like this, quietly listen to the voice of flowers

Smell the breeze

There was a light wind blowing in the face. The wind had the smell of newly turned soil, mixed with the smell of grass and the fragrance of flowers. All of them penetrated into my heart and quietly brewed. The wind has blown away the feeling of the city on me. Now I feel as if I am integrated with the wind. The sea of people and the noise of cars and horses sound strange and not worth mentioning. What's the use of money? It's not as sweet as smelling the breeze here. It's sweet, but not greasy, refreshing, but not ice Every pore on the body, all open mouth, feel this quiet, this pastoral atmosphere. I open my arms, let the wind blow my clothes drum, let the wind secretly tease my hair. That's wonderful. The wind still stops, I keep a quiet, discard the worry and impatience.

"Spiritual experience" is over, and I'm back to my normal life. There are still endless homework and contradictions among students. However, I changed my attitude and welcomed every day with confidence. This attitude is - calm as water.