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Grab rubber

In Chinese class, the teacher announced to hold a rubber competition. As soon as the students listened, they were eager to try, and I was even more eager to try.

After the teacher announced the rules of the game, he stood on both sides of the table with his hands on his chest. He took out a piece of rubber and put it on the table. He saw that the rubber was wearing a blue "coat" and his face was covered with many ugly "freckles", because his classmates had "disfigurement surgery" on it.

The game begins. My deskmate's eyes were wide open and his sharp eyes were pressing me. I clenched my teeth tightly and gave her a straight look. As soon as the teacher gave an order, I grabbed the rubber in a flash.

The second set started. I was a little overwhelmed by the victory of the first set, so I was a little bit slow. Ah, what a pity!

It's going to be a very important game, because it's going to be a very important game. I learned from the experience and lessons of the previous two games and focused on the eraser. Looking at the table mate that proud look, I think, table mate, waiting for me, I will not lose to you! Only listen to the teacher's order, only listen to the "pa" sound, my hand fell on the rubber, although the hand on the table a little pain and a little numb, but I am still very happy, because I won.

Then cheers were heard throughout the classroom. The table mate was very unconvinced and said: "the achievements now belong to the past. You wait for" gentleman revenge, ten years is not too late. " I said with a smile, "I'm waiting for you!" Grab rubber on Tuesday afternoon, the teacher laughed and walked into the classroom, the teacher said: "today and students to play a game - grab rubber. Whoever grabs the rubber belongs to him. " I thought: this game is too simple, I will win.

The rules of the game are: two people face to face, hands holding the head, rubber in the middle of the two, listen to the teacher's command to grasp the rubber with which hand, which hand to grasp the rubber. The first to seize the students to win, not to seize the failure, the wrong hand is also a failure.

"I'm ready," I said confidently, as soon as the game began I looked into the eyes of my opponent, and her eyes were fixed on the rubber, as if it were the prey she was chasing. "The first competition started", the teacher stopped for a moment, I have been controlling my left and right hands, do not make mistakes. "Left hand" teacher's voice just disappeared, only listen to the "pa" sound, my right hand clapped on the table, the opponent has not responded, she thought she lost, but she was wrong. I see she did not respond, left hand quickly covered the rubber, and then take up. When my left hand is patted on the table, it is very sour and numb. When I look at it again, it is swollen, like a sweet potato. The second game is about to start, and my heart is about to explode. And there are some expressions of regret from the opponent. I think: the teacher must say left hand this time. Sure enough, the teacher also asked us a sentence before saying the left and right hands: "guess, this time is the left hand or the right hand, we all say in one voice: the right hand!" Now I have a good chance to win, because we all told the teacher what we thought. "Left hand" only "slap" one, my left hand like an arrow to take up the rubber. The third game is about to start again, and I'm in a good mood, because even if I don't win this game, I win it according to the rules of the overall situation. Now the game has not started, the classroom is so quiet that you can hear a pin drop on the ground. "Right hand," said the teacher.

"I won!" The result of the game came out, and the classroom was boiling like a pot of porridge. "The competition has been three times. What's the experience of the students?" The teacher asked, "be quick with your eyes!" "Attention must not be distracted!" Students, you, I said a sentence, such a unique class in the end of the cheers of the students. On Monday, the teacher said, "today we play the game of" grabbing rubber. "

First of all, the teacher told us the rules of the game, and then asked Xu Jiaze and I to participate in the competition. I was very nervous. I was very nervous. I was very nervous. But the other side is smiling, relaxed and confident. I thought to myself: the enemy is sure this time. I'm going to refuel. When the competition officially started, I only heard the teacher's order, "rubber war, one, two, two, left hand." before I had time to respond, Xu Jiaze held out his left hand and rushed to the rubber with the speed of lightning. When I reflected, the rubber had already fallen into his "magic claw". Well, I didn't expect to lose in the end. Looking at Xu Jiaze's face excited, I feel really aggrieved.

Next is the PK of Shen Jiadong and Yu Sentao. I see that Yu Sentao is strong and sharp eyed. There is no doubt that he won this game. But to my surprise, Shen Jiadong won the championship and won two games in a row. You can't judge a person by his appearance!

Jingling A crisp bell rings, class is over, time flies, I really want to play again. In the composition class on Monday, the teacher held a game with us. The game is called "grabbing rubber.".

The teacher first announced the rules of the game: ask both hands to hold the chest, and then the teacher said "left hand" or "right hand" to start robbing, but you must listen to the teacher's command and use your left or right hand to grab the rubber, otherwise it will be illegal, even if you grab the rubber, you will lose.

After announcing the rules, we were given a slim carrot shaped rubber for the game.

The first game is about to start, my heart with a small rabbit, jumping, legs as soft as cotton, still shaking. Before the teacher called out the command, we were all focused on the rubber for fear of making a mistake. The teacher began to shout: "ready, one, two, three, right hand!" I stretched out my right hand in a hurry. When I was ready to rob, the rubber had been snatched away. The students who snatched the rubber were bouncing around and smiling. I immediately looked like a frustrated ball, sad, but although this game lost, but failure is the mother of success, I have learned a lesson, the next game I must quickly grab the rubber. Thinking of this, I can't help but have confidence.

The second game began, and I was no longer nervous. I cocked up my ears and waited for the command. When the teacher called out: "ready, one, two, three, left hand!" I quickly reached out my right hand to grab the eraser! The eraser slipped out of my hand. "Ran" into the palm of another classmate. In this round of competition, some students began to be unconvinced, saying that they had snatched the rubber first, while others said that they had snatched the rubber first. The classroom is a mess. It was not until the teacher told them not to make any noise that they stopped the "war of words", but their mouths were still murmuring. The teacher said, "friendship first, competition second. Students should unite and love each other, and don't get upset about little things. " It was only when everyone's contradiction was resolved.

The third inning was our most intense one, and I was put into the second place team. The game started, and I was nervous again, because this game is going to be divided into champion, runner up and second runner up. The teacher yelled "ready, one, two, three, right hand!" I reached out my right hand at lightning speed. What a pity! Lost again. I'm not happy.

After the game, the teacher gave us prizes. The champion won the "carrot" rubber, the second runner up won the "corn" rubber, and the second runner up won the "cake" rubber. And I also had an encouragement award and got a beautiful "Butterfly" eraser. I'm also very happy.

Although this game is about competition and snatch, it is actually to train my reaction ability. It seems that I will take part in more training in this aspect in the future. This game is really meaningful.