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Narcissus observation diary

Today, the autumn is clear and the sky is clear. I came to school early in the morning to see what had happened to Narcissus. When I came to the classroom, I found that Narcissus was like a different person, standing upright to the south. I quickly take a measurement, wow, today's sprouts are 5 mm longer than yesterday. I was overjoyed and even had lunch twice as much as before!

It's fine on Saturday, November 27

Today is a weekend. I got up and finished in the morning, but I saw Narcissus waking up and basking in the sun. I lazily went to the balcony, turned over the buds of Narcissus, but there was no change. Suddenly, I found that the biggest Narcissus had a bud about half a centimeter on the branch near the root. Because I was so happy, I heard a squeak, I took a look, patted my chest and said, "it's OK that it hasn't broken.".

Sunday, November 28, sunny

I got up at 6 this morning because I was going to climb the mountain with my father. Of course, I can't forget the first thing in the morning. I picked up a ruler and ran to Narcissus when I got up. Unfortunately, how can I exchange narcissus for laziness today? No spirit at all. When I looked at the bottom of the altar, oh, it turns out that the sun came out to hang out these days and stole all the nourishment of Narcissus. No wonder he was listless. I helplessly filled the jar with water and looked at him, thinking: I hope he can straighten up his chest again!

It's fine on Tuesday, November 30

Today's music class is really happy, I hum a tune home to see Narcissus. My God? How did he fall to the ground on all fours? It turned out that when my mother was drying clothes, I picked him up and complained about my mother. I put the root of Narcissus in a small jar. I looked at him and thought: the teacher said it was right. It's better to raise flowers than to raise animals.

It's sunny on Wednesday, December 1

Tomorrow, there will be a comprehensive practice class, I adjusted the Narcissus, and in the process of adjustment, I found that many buds are still covered with small buds. I wiped the thin ash on the narcissus. It looked very energetic, clean and attractive. I think my Narcissus will be the best in class tomorrow. Maybe no one will call him "onion". The 300 word Narcissus is known as "Lingbo Fairy". Most of the Narcissus described in the book are like a girl engaged to engage Tingting to stand in the water, very beautiful.

Last Friday, my aunt bought a narcissus seed. When I saw it, I couldn't help but exclaim, "my God! How could this & lsquo; ugly & quot; be & lsquo; Lingbo Fairy & quot; - Narcissus? It's black all over, just like three baked potatoes.

At this time, my grandmother came to me mysteriously and said, "I have a way to make it beautiful! 'I ran over and asked,' what do you have to do? Tell me! Come on! 'grandma deliberately sold the key and said to me:' look at me, you will understand then! 'I saw my grandmother take out a water basin, fill it with water, and put the black Narcissus seeds into it. Ten minutes passed, a quarter of an hour passed, and half an hour passed, and finally, the soil on the Narcissus seed fell off. Grandma peeled the layer off the Narcissus seed. When grandma took off his coat completely, the ugly man showed his milky white body, just like three white radishes. We plant the washed daffodils into a basin full of water. I hope the daffodils will bloom soon and become the Lingbo fairy. Thirty two days have passed since 100 words. The little princess and the soldiers have grown into buds. The buds are emerald green. A flower bud is composed of six or seven small flower buds. It is wrapped with a thin layer of flower membrane, which looks like pods. Some flower buds seem to want to see the outside world as soon as possible. They keep growing up and break the 'pod'. Some buds, like a shy girl, have been hiding in the leaves. All the girls stood on the castle like Fairies in green dresses. "Lingbo Fairy" seems to have come to me. Six days have passed. The original Narcissus, like three white radishes, have sprouted. I counted about a dozen. Now, the old turnip has become a castle. In the middle, there are two "little princesses"; the sprouts around protect them like soldiers; and at the end are the "little guards" guarding the city gate.

The clear water surrounds the castle, like a magic moat, which keeps the castle alive all the time. Grandma's stained glass under the basin makes the castle more charming.

I gently put the castle on the balcony with the best lighting in my home. I hope the sun can give it more care and make it become the "Lingbo Fairy" in my heart as soon as possible. Narcissus observation diary 800 words day, my mother and I went to the hero mountain cultural market to play, bought back a narcissus.

It's like a garlic. My mother says it's a bulb. It has three bulbs, the middle is a large, round, and two small, flat on both sides. On the top of the big bulb, there are six flat, tender yellow buds, with 0. It is 1 mm thick, and two or three small buds are also protruding from the small bulbs on both sides.

Just bought back, it has mud outside, and a layer of black dry skin, like a very ugly mud doll, my mother let me pick off the mud and dry skin outside, it will become a clean, lovely white doll, put it in the porcelain plate containing water, it also grinned at me!

Narcissus has been in my house for a week. It has changed. The yellow buds on the top of the big bulb have turned green, and they have grown more than one centimeter high; the small buds on the left and right sides have also turned green, growing 4-5 mm high respectively. Under it grew some short white roots, like a beard.

Now Narcissus whole like a head, the top just grow a few decent hair, but the bottom has begun to grow a beard, lovely!

My daffodils are growing high again! The biggest bud in the middle of the biggest bulb has grown six long leaves, and from the middle of the leaves has grown a 'lentil' -- it is green, covered with a thin film, it seems that there are some lentil seeds hidden in it, mother said, it is the flower bone flower of Narcissus! There are 16 leaves on this bud. Four centimeters tall, two. Two centimeters wide, almost a millimeter thick. Its leaves are long, flat, the more up the color is lighter, is light green, the lower the color is darker, is green.

This Narcissus has 11 buds, each of which has 5-8 long leaves. Huaguduo'er is not only on this bud, but also on eleven buds there are six huaguduo, and they are flat, like a lentil. Soon, the daffodils will bloom!

The root of Narcissus is also my most concerned about. It is long and white, much like the root of mung bean sprout or soybean sprout, and more like the beard of banyan granddad. However, it is brittle and can be broken accidentally.

My Narcissus are blooming!

The film of its flower bone flower splits, and there are four or five thin flower stems, and a small white flower bud on the head. The buds open and the Narcissus finally bloom! Narcissus flower is white, composed of six white petals, there is a circle of golden yellow flower heart, the innermost is a cluster of small yellow stamens, each head is pointed, above 'inserted' a red 'dot', can be beautiful! Narcissus still send out the fragrance!

From a distance, daffodils are like Fairies in green clothes and cloaks with white faces. They are also tied with several yellow bows on their hair, dancing on the rippling lake. No wonder they are called "Lingbo Fairy"!

Daffodils open more, also more beautiful, a door, there is a faint fragrance!

Today, I was watering daffodils when I noticed that one of the stems was bent in the middle of several flowers. To my surprise, although the lower part of the flower stem has been broken, the upper part of it has turned a corner to stand up, and it has also blossomed!

Ah! The vitality of Narcissus is so tenacious! Daffodils 600 words after the failure of the exam, I am very depressed, this day did not speak to anyone, even did not eat. And it -- a pot of Narcissus completely changed my mood, let me regain confidence.

In October last year, the teacher asked us to carve daffodils. I still remember at that time, I used a knife to peel off the brown skin on the outside, revealing white and delicate phosphorous flakes. The bottom of Narcissus was a little larger than my fist, and there were a lot of nutrients stored in it. When I came back that day, I began to cultivate Narcissus carefully. I put it in a basin and changed the water every day. I just need to soak it. I don't have to worry about it or trim it. That's the advantage of cultivating Narcissus.

And recently, my daffodils are in bloom. Daffodils are like graceful fairies, beautiful and noble. Under its head grow dense white roots, like grandfather's beard, snow-white, used to absorb water and nutrition.

Then we can see the pure green, which is like emerald and glossy. Seeing it, it is like being in the arms of nature green. Its leaves are all from the root, long leaves grow evenly, straight upward extension, let people feel the idea of striving upward. The bottom of the leaf is bluish white, and the top is green. It feels good.

Stems grow in the middle of the branches, with three or four flowers per stem. At first glance, the petals are snow-white, and the stamens are lemon yellow, like a fluffy ball; if you look closely, each flower is divided into three layers, the outer layer is six white petals, the middle layer is like a golden wine cup, surrounding the flower core, the innermost layer is three hairy yellow flower cores, and a white flower core grows in the middle; from a distance, the white flowers and the tender yellow pistils are so noble elegant and quiet. The whole flower is small and exquisite.

Head down, nose close to the flower smell, there is a fragrance floating into the heart, let people intoxicated among them, make people relaxed and happy. I think that's what it feels like to be 'refreshing'.

A gust of wind, daffodils shake her head, shake her beautiful and petite body, dancing in the wind, is really pleasing to the eyes. No wonder Narcissus has the reputation of 'Lingbo fairy'.

Narcissus are not like roses to show off their beauty, not to play with their own graceful lotus, not like osmanthus to send out their own fragrance, but Narcissus is fresh and refined, with their own real face to face the world, beautify the world. Narcissus did not ask for anything, but offered silently. Her spirit of striving upward inspired me and made me come out of the shadow of my failure in the examination. She made me understand the spirit of not bowing to difficulties and indomitable.

Narcissus, Narcissus, thank you for your beauty and encouragement. I praise you!

Six daffodils 800 words look forward to the stars, look forward to the moon, I finally hope that my home Narcissus bloom.

Before the Spring Festival, my mother bought me a pot of daffodils. The white trumpet shaped basin set off the daffodils. The leaves of Narcissus are green and short. After a few days, the leaves grew