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I am a mortal star

In the class, I sit on the blackboard newspaper; in the corridor, I am smart and can walk freely in the crowd with thick workbooks; in the playground, I am serious and shout the command clearly; in the class, I and my friends with smiles are playing games happily; in the Chinese class, I am eager to stand on tiptoe and reach out, just want the teacher to ask me to answer questions Living in a violent family, I am like a bird in a cage yearning for freedom. I don't like playing the piano, but red Taro's right hand is holding a pan - ruler and left hand is holding chocolate. I hate math by nature, but my dear mother forces me to learn math thinking training. I like watching Zhu Deyong's absolute child. Jane can't help it. My mother always puts several readers in my hand, so I have to There was a casual look, but I could see the tears.

On weekends, I am more 'busy' -- learning Chinese thinking training on Saturday morning and star English training in the afternoon; learning small host class on Sunday morning and doing homework in the afternoon. Everyone wants to have an eight, but I don't want to. Because if I had it, my mother would report a name in the East and a name in the west, so that I could attend.

When my father and my mother were arguing at the dinner table, my father always carried forward the glorious tradition of Chinese men's football, which is "defeat after defeat, defeat after defeat". I watched on the sidelines and recalled the classic picture of "pleasant goat and grey taro" by the way. In the end, I still remember to add a 'curtain call' with singing and dancing: 'grey taro, grey taro, can't fight pleasant goat forever, and serve red taro! Thank you for watching this film. "Then he went into the study to do his homework, and his mother's hearty laughter and father's bitter sigh rang in his ears.

In summer vacation, I was barefoot and facing the wind on the seaside, chasing the spray from front to back; I was pale and panting, climbing to the top of the mountain step by step. Mom said: 'stick to it, it's victory. 'in fact, I think my mother would like to give up.

This is me, a colorful me, a smart and lively third grade girl.

Part 2: invisible wings Liu yaoci

I'm a small girl. I'm not as good at singing and dancing as others, and I can't play the piano gracefully. In that vast stage of life, I always feel like a minor supporting role. I can only watch the beautiful white swan show the beautiful posture, but I, the ugly duckling, is blowing the northwest wind behind the scenes. I often fantasize that I have invisible wings, fly with me, give me hope, I will see that the sunset will change every day. In other people's eyes, I am so cowardly. However, that one thing really changed me, let me understand that I can also become the protagonist of life & hellip; & hellip;

Last semester, our class held a debate contest. The debaters of the positive side and the negative side have been seated, but the host has not been determined yet. 'who would like to be the host? 'the teacher asked loudly. I looked around and there was no one standing up. I thought for a moment and stood up. I know that there must be a lot of people laughing stealthily. I blushed and tried to restrain my confidence. 'OK, the debate begins! As I became more and more proficient, my heart gradually calmed down, my words became more and more fluent, more and more wonderful, and my voice began to ring. After the debate, the students surrounded me and clapped like thunder. At that moment, I really want to cry for myself, I finally learn to show myself, realize myself, and finally have the courage to be the leading role in life. Originally I always have two invisible wings, take me fly, give me hope, I see all the dreams have blossomed, chasing young, singing loud and clear.

'I know, I always have invisible wings, take me fly, give me hope. I finally saw all my dreams blossom. Chasing young, singing loud and clear

I finally soared, looking at the heart not afraid. Where there is wind, fly as far as you can. Do not think, they have a beautiful sun, I see, every day the sunset will change. Where there is wind, fly as far as you can. The invisible wings make the dream longer than the sky. I have a wish to imagine … … 'I believe that on the stage of life, the role can be changed. As long as you dare to open the colorful wings, then you can wear the feather coat and jump the dancing posture of the White Swan … … the third part: how I want to grow Zhao Jingxian, class 13, grade 1, junior high school

Changgao is my most wanted wish in the new year.

I'm not tall, really, only 1.52m. I became the shortest girl in my class. At that time, I was very depressed. Why am I the shortest in my class? Can I move four or five seats back in other classes?

I thought this semester would be like this at most, but the school has been censored by the superior leaders, and the teachers of the teaching department have spent a lot of time in the queue and in and out of the field. Then & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; is what it is now: gather from square a to square B, enter for running, do exercises on the lawn after three laps, and then return to square a.

I'm the shortest. Of course, I'm the leader.

God knows that at that time I felt the invisible pressure coming behind me - I was a road fool with slow response!

The day when leaders come to school, they are worried that they will make mistakes.

As usual, I clenched my fist and made a small step forward. Others are tall and have longer legs than me. They walk with great strides. Only me and Mo Jianping trot together.

Sure enough, short people are vulnerable to running. I can't help but blame my parents' genes in silence, so I have to hide and draw a circle.

I try to keep up with the public as much as I can - although they should have looked at me in the right way, we are going to lose a few blocks by class 12.

Soon, in my time of walking or running, everyone began to change their formation and prepare for exercise.

I've been in the front row before. What if I do something wrong? 'I've been nervous for a long time - sometimes I'm left and right. After that, the leader said that he wanted to have a leader. He wanted to be relieved, but he didn't want me to be the leader.

Ho, I'm still the first!

I greet the teacher and God in my heart many times.

Now standing at the front, I have no way back. Because of my short stature, I am quite eye-catching when the leading operators on both sides are tall.

I can be sure that my face is red and blush. As soon as you look up, you will have countless eyes staring at yourself.

Who can tell me where there is a hole!

I almost escaped back when I left.

After this, my sensitivity to the words "height" and "height" increased at the speed of light. At the time of saying goodbye to the old and ushering in the new, I swear with my own reputation and character: I want to grow tall!

You know, how I wish I could grow tall, really.

Part four: my ideal Lou sunmata

Everyone has their own ideals, such as being a doctor, a nurse, a businessman, a soldier, etc., while I want to be a scientist. Some people just want to earn both fame and fortune, but I have to keep making achievements.

The first reason is that many old viruses are still spreading and endangering people's safety. I want to invent this medicine to make them harmless.

The second reason is that with the continuous development of science and technology, people are helpless with cancer. People who get cancer have only one death, but can't change their fate. I want to study this medicine and make them, so that people's life expectancy can be greatly improved.

In this way, people's life expectancy will increase to more than 180 years. However, it must be very hard, but I'm not afraid of it. Since I was a child, I have to study hard, lay a good foundation, and set up several regulations to restrain myself:

1. We should strive to do well in all disciplines, lay a solid foundation, and gradually improve the knowledge we have mastered (only with comprehensive development can we achieve good results).

2. Keep exercising every day. You need to have a good body to be a scientist. You need to eat more nutritious food because you can make up your body when you are tired.

When I grow up, I must study hard and make contributions to mankind.

Dream is not far away from us

China is a kingdom without dreams. In ancient times, people wanted to fly to the sky, so they had airplanes; in ancient times, people wanted to dive into the sea, so they had submarines; in ancient times, people wanted others to do some work for themselves, so they had robots & hellip; & hellip; These are their dreams, and these are also the crystallization of their dreams. Then, do we have our own dreams, and are we using practical actions to accomplish them. Has it been realized?

For example, a man in Hunan, you manqin. He is a junk king, but his dream is to be a lawyer. In the hot summer, he worked while reading. He was sweating in the sun, and he was reluctant to rest. He still held the book to read. With the wind and snow, he would rather wear a thin coat, but also save money to buy books to read & hellip; & hellip; in December 2013, he finally realized his dream and became a lawyer.

Of course, I also have my own dream. My dream is to become a writer, write many beautiful articles, and write the stories of the great good, famous people and the development of science and technology. Even though I am only a fifth grade writer now, I will make up for it with some good words and sentences. I hope that my works can bring happiness and joy to people like the magic pen of Ma Liang. Every day I look forward to the future: children will find my works interesting when they read them; adults will find my works fascinating when they read them; and the old people will find my works exciting when they read them & hellip; & hellip; when I think of this place, I will be surrounded by a kind of unknown pride and joy. Of course, daydreaming is not enough. I have to keep pursuing it. In the process of realizing my dream, I may encounter other people's gossip, may encounter many setbacks and tribulations, but I will not lose heart, because this dream has been rooted in my heart, and this dream has occupied my brain. Now I have to work hard, struggle, study hard and lay a good foundation. Start from ourselves, from now on, from little by little, step by step to success. Over the lofty mountains, there will always be a paradise you want to reach. Let me, who have dreams, stand at the top of China!

Let's realize our dream, for our motherland, for ourselves, for a better tomorrow, bloom the most beautiful luster!

Part I: introduction to Li Jialu

My name is Li Jialu. I'm 9 years old. I'm in the third grade. I'm chubby. I always have a green clip on my head. My classmates say I'm too chubby, but I can't get rid of the meat.

I like painting and playing the piano. Let me tell you, I used to learn painting, but now I am learning the piano. My painting skills are very good, and I can learn playing the piano very fast. Once, when I had nothing to do, I used to draw with paper and pen. Originally, I just wanted to draw to relieve boredom, but unexpectedly, the harder I drew, the better it looked. No