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Boast about my good teacher

Part one: praise my good teacher Zhang Ruiqin

In my mind, a good teacher is Mr. Jin. She is a Chinese teacher. He has black hair and neat sea reservation. Mr. Jin's biggest characteristic is that he is very strict in class and very gentle after class. Because we study in this environment, our study will be greatly improved.

I think Mr. Jin is a caring teacher. Once I fell down, Mr. Jin hurriedly helped me up and asked me if it hurt. I said it hurt a little, so Mr. Jin quickly put some potions on my legs. After putting some potions on my legs, Mr. Jin put a band aid on my legs. At the same time, I felt very warm. Because of this, I gradually fell in love with it Mr. Jin.

Part two: boasting about my good teacher Wang radishu

Talking about the head teacher of our class, that's a comedian. If you stay with her for a few minutes, you will be able to laugh. If you don't believe me, listen to me!

After that day's PE class, we were tired like a mess of mud, lying on the table, we were not in the mood for Chinese class. 'Ding zero', the class bell rang, our smiling star grand appearance, she looked at us this listless appearance, in the heart understood half, she made a joke: 'yo! Just came back from the Anti Japanese war? No one's squeaking? Is it all glorious sacrifice? Good good! Guard in! Take these people out and bury them! 'she said and waved to the door, as if she really called for a group of people. We were frightened and sat up straight with a' whoosh '. Everyone look at me and I look at you, and I can't help laughing.

Xiaoxing -- Miss Lu, she added vivid methods in the course of class. She is humorous and talented. I like her class. Part three: praise my good teacher Guo Dingping

Our English teacher's surname is Hu, but we all call her 'Miss Hu'.

Mr. Hu is tall and thin, with long brown hair. He also wears a pair of glasses, which makes him look gentle and quiet.

These days, Miss Hu is still coming to our class with her baby. She has a slightly bulging stomach. She walks in all classes. In addition, our class 401 and the next class 402 are far away from Miss Hu's office, and we have to go up and down stairs, which adds to the burden of Miss Hu. Once, it was very hot outside, and Mr. Hu came to the classroom after class, because it was near the end of the term, she always had to take oral English tests for five or six students before and after class, and she also had to make her own pen and paper, so that students could read one of the six lists. When it was my turn, I calmly took a piece of paper and unfolded it. It was unit 3. I turned to unit 3 and read it fluently. Mr. Hu's smile gave me more confidence. At last, I saw Mr. Hu wrote a "excellent" on the paper.

Both Mr. Hu and Miss Hu are our most beloved teachers.

Part four: praise my good teacher Yu Xingge

This year, I transferred from high tech international school to high tech No. 1 primary school. I think that when I come to a new environment, I should have a new beginning.

The first day, I saw teacher Jin, her dark hair, a pair of big and bright eyes send out gentle eyes, I feel that she is a kind teacher. Once, I forgot to write in my math practice. Mr. Jin said to me severely, "don't come to this school next time you don't do your homework". I think Mr. Jin is very strict. At noon in the office to make up homework, Mr. Jin said to me gently: 'do your homework quickly and go to bed after finishing it. I feel that Mr. Jin is a gentle teacher'.

I think this is a very good school, because there is my beloved teacher, Mr. Jin.

Praise my good teacher, Tang Chenxi

My head teacher is Miss Liu Dong. He is tall, thin, white, with glasses. He is a teacher at a glance. I think Miss Liu knows everything and can do everything. He is like a superman. Ha ha!

Mr. Liu is usually very kind like a big brother. He cares about us very much. Sometimes he tells jokes and plays with us! Mr. Liu's lecture is lively and interesting. All the students like to listen to his class. He is meticulous about our study. When we have something we don't understand, he always tells us patiently. But sometimes when we don't perform well, we are afraid to speak out when he gets angry. Miss Liu, we all like you very much. We should try our best to behave better, make you less angry and make you happy every day.

Miss Liu, you are very kind to me. You never scolded me. You always encouraged me and made me feel warm. You often call me Chenxi, which makes me feel very kind, because my parents also call me that. When I grow up and earn money, I must buy the best gift to see you. Will you remember me then? ha-ha!

Part one: Liu Yizhe in the absence of the teacher

In the self-study class, the teacher told us to do our homework in the classroom. She was going to a meeting, so the whole class said "OK!"! 'that's a promise. But as soon as the teacher went out for a while, we were silent just now, but now we are like birds, chirping and making a lot of noise. The class was like a frying pan, and the atmosphere was suddenly alive.

After about ten minutes, a noise came out of the noisy classroom: 'Mr. Huang is here! All of a sudden, the noisy classroom suddenly quieted down. Even a pin dropped on the ground could be heard. The students who just got down came back to their seats as soon as possible. The students who read the extra-curricular books immediately put them in the drawer, and the students who ate snacks stopped chewing. The students who spoke also hurriedly picked up the Chinese books on the table and pretended to be dedicated. Some people even take it upside down, but they don't care about it. At this time, a classmate came to the door nervously and opened it. Unexpectedly, the 'teacher' outside the door is an uncle who delivers water. The class burst into laughter. The quiet classroom became noisy again. So, there was another hurricane in the classroom, as if it was not a classroom, but a free playground. At this time, the "naughty king" of our class stepped onto the platform, danced, and sang two sentences from time to time, which made us laugh. Some students were more exaggerated, laughed forward and backward, and slapped the table heavily. I was sitting in my seat talking and laughing with others. After a while, one of my classmates said: 'Mr. Huang is here. 'the students thought it was another prank, so they continued to make noise. Unexpectedly, Mr. Huang really came. We were caught alive by Mr. Huang without any reaction. Of course, there was no shortage of criticism.

Ah, when the teacher is away & middot; middot; middot; middot; middot; middot; middot;

When the teacher is away

What would you do if the teacher in charge of the class wasn't there? Let me talk about the absence of the teacher these days!

Because the teacher went to the training, many strange things happened in our class! For example, Lin Zhiqiang's "day up" somehow ran to Li Ning's desk. Many of them were torn. I have always suspected Li Ning. There is also a clever English book also ran to Li Ning's desk, I asked Li Ning, Li Ning said no.

And the health situation is not optimistic. There are obviously more paper scraps on the ground than before, and no one takes the initiative to pick them up, and the desk is askew. Especially when having lunch, Li Shuyi and Lin Jin have not finished their lunch for three days. There are also students talking at dinner, eating like a paradise for chat. Ah! They think that they don't know what they have done, so they expose their bad habits. I think: we should do everything consciously when the teacher is away. The teacher has been very hard at ordinary times, so don't let the teacher worry and worry.

Above is the situation that the teacher is not in these days. We have grown up, do you think it's right to do so? When the teacher is away

In the first class this afternoon, the bell rings. The students all sat in their seats and waited quietly for the teacher,. The monitor saw that the teacher had not come. She picked up the book and asked everyone to read it first. After five minutes, the teacher hasn't come yet. We think that the teacher may hide in a place, secretly look at our performance?

However, after another ten minutes, the teacher still didn't come. The students can't help it. A naughty student ran outside the classroom to see if the teacher had come. After a while, he ran back to the classroom and shouted, 'the teacher hasn't come yet. "When he said the second time, the monitor hurriedly pulled him back to the stool and pushed him to the seat. There are also some students who are playing. Some clever students have been reading carefully. At last, the sound of reading and noise mixed together, and the classroom was in a mess. Sometimes it's like the noise in front of the city gate, sometimes it's like the shouting of a stall Vendor & hellip; & hellip; some people just leave their seats.

Suddenly a serious classmate called out 'the teacher is coming. 'there was no sound in the classroom. But the teacher didn't come. The voice in the classroom was high again. No matter what the monitor said, we still didn't listen. At last, the monitor's throat was hoarse.

Alas! This is when our teacher is away.

Part 4: Yao Yiming in the absence of the teacher

When is the funniest time in school? It's in the absence of the teacher.

Once, our 'dear' Teacher Zhang found out that he forgot to take the math homework in class, and said to the students: 'students. I'm going to the office to pick up my exercise book. It's only five minutes. Can you stop messing with me? 'the students said in unison:' yes! After the teacher went out, he sat in front of the window and observed for a while, making a 'OK' gesture to everyone. So the boy in the front row began to make a strange expression, which made the students in the back have a strong 'cackle' smile. It's really an old hen laying eggs. Then, two of our class's "song" Gambia gorillas showed their voices on the stage. Don't say, they sang really well! The 'musical instrument master' behind me beat the desk with a water bottle to play a drum. My deskmate stood up and jumped into a health song. He also cried with milk: "three circles on the left, three circles on the right, a twist on the neck, a twist on the buttocks & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; 'another troublemaker came to the stage and cleared his voice and said:' students! Let's learn & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; 'he made everyone laugh before he finished. An old-fashioned student imitated the teacher and walked up to the platform with a book in his hand. All of a sudden, the students calmed down. He shouted: "look, look! What did you do when I was away? It's not too little for each of you to write 10000 words for inspection? "We immediately kicked him off the platform, and the students continued to fight, and the classroom was made a mess.

All of a sudden, the gorilla brothers in Columbia became 'mute', and the drumming brothers stopped. My deskmate's neck stopped on the left & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & everyone became a statue. Here comes the teacher!

When the teacher is away

What is the nature of students? That's play. Play may be the happiest time of our childhood, so, you