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Summer is a hot season. In the morning, the sun flowers are blooming very brightly, but at noon, they hang their heads weakly. The dog put out its long tongue and sighed. Cicada cried desperately at the throat: "cicada, the heat is dead, the heat is dead." The leaves of Wutong tree fall quietly, so that the mother of big trees can live a little moist.

Summer is a changeable season. The weather in summer is as capricious as a child's face. It changes when you say so. Just now, the sun was shining brightly. In a twinkling of an eye, there were dark clouds. The heavy rain fell down. Soon, there was water on the ground. There was a pit on the left and a pit on the right. The light rain was dancing happily in the pit. Mingming just now was still windy and rainy. In a flash, mother-in-law Feng used her boundless power to blow sister Yun aside, and father-in-law sun showed his mischievous smile again.

Summer is a happy season. Tie a beautiful red scarf, peach sister excitedly grinned. The grape sister danced in a colorful purple dress. Brother watermelon also wants to learn from sister grape. He dances awkwardly in a green straw skirt, which makes brother corn laugh and hurt his stomach. He rolls on the ground Early summer like a strong man, is wearing a long shirt out, vigorous and powerful, to show people its reliable good side, lovely and moving. Midsummer, like an untamed bull, is a man of nature, free and unfettered, and reveals to men the wild side of his nature. Summer is not as handsome and peaceful as spring, nor as cool and pleasant as autumn, with many fruits. Therefore, in this season can only follow the feeling.

Summer is the most vigorous season. In summer, all the plants take advantage of this season to grow like crazy. The trunk is thick, the leaves are long and dense, and the grass grows higher and higher. Only in summer can you see that there are trees and grass. Summer plants not only have green color, colorful and rich varieties of fruits and vegetables will also go into the housewife's basket, which will also make our dining table colorful and naturally replenish the vitality of life.

Summer is the first harvest of the four seasons. In summer, hardworking farmers will forget the heat, hard work and injustice in the first harvest season. Standing in the endless waves of wheat, drying water, drying clothes and enjoying the harvest. As long as there is harvest, farmers will walk on the ridge of the field wet with sweat; as long as there is rice fragrance, people will see the lofty significance of labor. Silver sickle harvest joy, sweat rolling sun, plowshare turning soil, labor for harvest, this is the most concise way for farmers to solve the inequality of life; this is the son of the earth with the harvest posture, interpretation of the meaning of life.

Summer is the most heroic chapter in life. In this chapter, there are heart beating parts. Sometimes they are thrilling, sometimes they are not. Summer is the rock music of life. Sometimes it's bitterness and euphemism, sometimes it's impassioned, sometimes it's back and forth, sometimes it's ups and downs. It is not very delicate but rough, its fire and passion is enough to wash away all cowardice and cowardice!

Summer is the season, also is the post station, is the most heroic station in life. Summer is the season, is also the mood, is the hottest time of life. Life will be dull and tasteless without the summer season; life will not be able to stand the wind and rain without the summer season; the scorching sun is the essence of summer, and the violent storm is the character of summer. When we go through summer, we are not afraid of summer; when we are damaged by summer, we do not hate summer. Let's march forward with cicadas, dance to the beat, and summer to the season of harvest We go through summer, we feel the taste of summer. How does summer come? The hot sun came out, and the summer came out.

How does summer come? The chirping cicada came out, and the summer came out from the cicada's mouth.

How does summer come? The lovely tadpole came out and swam out of the pond in summer.

How does summer come? Tempting cold drinks come out, and in summer they are eaten out. Summer wind, is so warm and harmonious, like a mother gently stroking people's cheeks, people like a child, nestled in the mother's arms, gently enjoying the mother's love.

Color, is so green, after the corrosion of autumn, the weathering of winter, the breeding of spring, become so delicate, so publicity, it seems that no one can prevent it from becoming more prosperous.

God, it's so changeable. The day is full of vitality. The sun is so domineering, it releases all the heat, emits dazzling sunlight, monopolizes the whole sky. The night sky is peaceful and harmonious. The moon mother-in-law's mouth is smiling quietly, and she sprinkles all her brilliance on the world. She is a symbol of peace, much gentler than the insolent sun. Stars around the moon mother-in-law, listen to her colorful story, they hear so happy, sometimes blink. People also like to fall asleep at this time, because this is a peaceful world.

The rain is so fierce. Thunder roared wildly, lightning slashed the curtain of the night with his sword, and heavy rain followed. The big bean rain hit on his face, which was burning and painful. Splashed on the ground, the ground was drenched "howl" straight, poured in the desert, plants greedily suck the moisture of the rain. But the time was short, and in a short time, the former calm was restored.

Sound, it's so complicated. As long as there is a pond, there will be frogs howling; as long as there are trees, there will be cicadas chirping; as long as it is the grass at night, there will be fireflies flashing.

Ah, colorful summer, I love you! The clear sky in summer is brilliant, the sky is so blue, the sun is so strong, the sky and the earth are in a dazzling light. In a year, the sun is the most hardworking in summer. It gets up early in the morning. It's light at five or six o'clock in the morning. At six or seven o'clock in the evening, the moon will crowd it out. But the hardworking sun still lingers, and it will not "get off work" sooner or later.

Summer night, always hanging charming color, a little deep but romantic. Under the reflection of sunset, the clouds in the sky are colorful and beautiful. The full moon, like a silver mirror, pours out the clear light like water. In the chirping of frogs, stars blink mischievously, enjoying the whirling shadows of trees happily. At this time, the cool wind will gently disperse the worries and worries in the daytime.

In summer, the dancing insects are a beautiful scenery. Beautiful butterflies flutter around with beautiful wings; dragonflies are also many: those with red tails, flower wings and big heads To my surprise, there are two connected. Maybe they are twin brothers and sisters. Otherwise, how can they be so close!

Summer mountains, mountains, rolling, very spectacular, really beautiful! In summer, the trees are very lush and luxuriant, which is also a good place to enjoy the cool. The grass grows very high in summer. It's not over our children's head. It's amazing that the grass grows a little bit and becomes more and more prosperous.

In summer, I also like hibiscus and Begonia. Every flower they open is like a little red in the green. Hibiscus is pink and umbrella shaped. The couple's Begonia is orange, wing shaped, like an angel growing up in the pistil.

I love summer because I can play by the beach in summer vacation. I went to the seaside to pick up shells. The colorful shells became colorful under the sunshine, which made me overwhelmed. I play with sand on the beach, and pile it into hills and castles. I also plant a small five-star red flag on the castle! I can stand by the sea to listen to the sound of the waves, and the waves of the sea breeze make me feel relaxed and happy. Summer is coming, and the weather is getting hotter.

It seems that there is no wind in summer. The leaves and trees are drying up a bit. There are several cicadas on the trees who keep calling "cicadas, cicadas." It seems to tell us how hot summer is! I remember once when I went to play with my classmates, the sun was like a big fireball embedded in the sky that day, the sun was burning on the ground, and the birds were too fast to fly. The weather was really hot. We had to hide under the tree to play. Willows by the river drooped listlessly as if they were ill. The water in the river is steaming. Isn't it all boiling? Every day when people come back home, they are always sweating. They would like to jump into the water to cool down. In summer, many people go swimming every day, basking like black people. It's easy to rain. It's thundering. It's raining. It's raining for a while, and then it stops. In the evening, people come out to enjoy the cool! The stars in the sky are all bright. There is a big and round moon in the middle of the stars, like a big jade plate hanging high in the sky. What a beautiful summer night!

Summer is really a hot season. I love summer.