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Love grows with me

Dear mother:

How do you do! Your daughter in this warm afternoon with my smart pen, I use pure filial piety to write you a letter. Dear mother, I want to say to you: motherly love is like a mountain. From the moment I was born, the sunshine of your love moistens my heart all the time. I swayed to learn to walk, your figure always reflected in my side. In the rain rang the bell for school. You sent me the umbrella in the rain. The rain didn't wet my clothes. You are as tough as a mountain. I am the spring that flies on the hillside forever.

Mother's love is like heaven. You are as broad as the sky. I am the swallow that flies in the sky forever. The moment I was born, the sunshine of your love filled the cradle of fragrance. I go to school and read wonderful knowledge every day. You push the dishes and bowls in front of me like a child. Here I would like to sincerely thank you for all you have done for me.

In order to repay you, I will study hard and make progress day by day to make you live a good life.

Your children send sincere wishes on this beautiful afternoon: May you be healthy and safe, may the wine cup of the day always be fragrant, and may the day dream always have colorful petals. Day by day happy, smiling, day by day better than day.

Best regards


Your daughter Wu Wenhui

On March 30, 2013, when I grew up with love, people often said: "people living in the world will have three kinds of love, family, friendship and love." It is these three kinds of love that make our life more wonderful. I am no exception. These three kinds of love let me learn how to live and how to feel the power of love.

Father's love is like a mountain, tall and warm; mother's love is like the sea, broad and warm. Their love is my strong backing, has been supporting me forward.

In my eyes, my mother is a conscientious housewife. Whenever my body is not in time, she will be busy around me to take care of me, always a warm flow in my heart. If I feel unhappy, it will buy something fun to make me happy. But every day she seems to have endless words, always garrulous. Every day, she always said: don't leave class, don't divide spirit in class, don't read while walking, don't not write homework This makes me tired of her nagging from the heart.

I always think that my father is my good teacher. He let me learn the philosophy of life and the truth of life. Whenever I have difficulties, I ask him for advice. He always patiently tells me to distinguish right from wrong on the road of life. However, as long as I do something wrong, he will criticize me. His voice is not heavy and the weight is not clear. Every time I criticize, my tears will be conscious Flow, the heart will be aggrieved think: a little wrong is inevitable, why to me so severe?

Once, when mom and dad wanted to go back to their hometown to visit their relatives, I was the only one left at home. After they left, my heart seemed to be missing. My heart was empty. Suddenly I missed mom's nagging and dad's harsh words. I found that when happiness was nearby, we didn't master it. When it was gone, I knew that nagging and harsh words had become Part of happiness.

The love of a friend is like milk tea, sweet and aftertaste; the love of a classmate is like a glass of milk, often offering help. Their love is like my arrow, which gives me infinite strength.

I remember one time, I fell down accidentally, the flesh on my leg was all blood, and my tears came out because of the pain. When I was about to die sad, a group of Party members took care of me: Ying helped me to find a teacher, Ping helped me to disinfect the wound, Ling comforted me all the time, Xia he helped me find some medicine to smear If I didn't have them then, I might die of pain soon.

Love is so precious. I hope I can have it all my life. It's love that makes me learn to grow.

Love grows with me! It's the treasure of my life! Love grows with me what is love? Love is a teacher's earnest instruction; love is a friend's sincere blessing; love is a kind person's selfless help... But in my eyes, love is everything my mother gave me!

When I was a child, I also suffered a lot from my ignorance. At that time, my mother took me to grandma's home with her four-year-old. Although it was only a few steps away, it was as far away as the road of learning from the West in my eyes. I stood there and didn't leave, and my mother couldn't hold me with a big bag of things. Mom said to me: "baby, how about our game? See who comes to grandma's first, and there's sugar to eat! " Sugar? I was in a good mood at the word. Along the way, I ran in front of my mother and said to her vaguely, "hurry up!" At this time, my mother, regardless of the things she was carrying and the high heels she was wearing, ran with me crazily.

Along the way, the mother in high-heeled shoes twisted her feet many times. Every time I turn around and call her "hurry up", I don't find the painful expression on my mother's face. Later, I heard that my mother's feet were red and swollen. Until now, I am very ashamed of this matter. My mother encouraged me with her gentle love, grew up with me on the road of life, and let me slowly understand that I need to learn to do my own things!

Gradually, I grew up from an ignorant little boy to a young pioneer with a red scarf on his chest. Everything around me is changing, but my mother's love for me is still unchanged. Once, my mother took me to play in Changchun. I want to play a game called "ghost house" in Shengli park. But my mother was afraid that I didn't dare, so she wanted to go with me. When I came out, I felt very exciting, but I didn't find her face was white and her legs were shaking. I took her cold hands and went to play the next thrilling game.

Now, I have entered junior high school. Facing the exam and failure again and again, I thought my mother would be angry. But unexpectedly, everything is not like this. My mother still accompanies me with deep maternal love.

After the exam, I went home in tears, took out the papers, looked at my mother's serious look of anxiety, I was very upset, silently questioned myself in my heart, such a result of the teacher's trust and mother's pay? Mom spoke to me a lot, I also understood the truth, know that only pay hard sweat can be successful. This is not the mother's love in quietly pay, with my happy growth?

Mother's love, like the warm sun; mother's love for my story, like the boundless Milky way; mother's love, like the light guiding the direction of my life forward... Mother, I want to say loudly to you: "you grow with love, I love you!" Love accompanies me to grow up from ignorant childhood, innocent and lively childhood, to today's thriving youth, I, step by step, step by step, growing. What grew up with me? Oh, it's love, growing up with me.

This kind of love is the meticulous care of parents.

I remember that one cold winter, because of the cold, I suddenly started a high fever in the middle of the night, taking medicine is still useless, which can upset mom and dad. Outside the house, the cold wind roared and the rain fell in torrents. Despite the hard work of the whole day, my father packed me tightly and carried me to the nearby clinic. The rain slapped dad's broad shoulders. Mother raised the corner of her trousers, put on slippers and an umbrella, followed closely, splashed one after another under her feet, splashed the legs and clothes, but she did not care. When I arrived at the clinic, the doctor gave me an injection and prescribed several pairs of traditional Chinese medicine. Mom and dad picked me up and ran home. When I got home, my parents' clothes were all wet. That night, mom and Dad stayed at my bedside all night to take care of me. I was relieved until my condition was stable.

This kind of love is the love that teachers and students of the school care and help warmly.

Once, in a self-study class, I concentrated on my homework, and suddenly a difficult problem baffled me. I racked my brains and couldn't think of it. Just when I was frustrated and wanted to give up, the teacher seemed to see my mind and said to me: "do you know why Mencius played truant and his mother broke the loom? That's because Meng's mother wants to remind Mencius that we can't do things halfway. Failure is the mother of success! " After listening to the teacher, I lowered my head in shame. Finally, under the guidance of the teacher, I finally worked out the problem.

I remember that day in the classroom, I suddenly felt dizzy and sick. It's my classmate, who poured me hot water, sent me the essence of Feng you, and sent me the tissue A pair of concerned eyes and a warm inquiry made my eyes filled with tears. What a classmate!


Yeah! Every footprints and every step along the way of growth are accompanied by parents' care, teachers' care and classmates' friendship

Love grows with me. Love grows up with me at night, people can't live without the light of lights, flowers can't live without the bright sunshine, our lives can't live without the care and love of our parents.

A mid-term exam, the results were issued, my math scores were not ideal, I do not know how to go home to say to my mother, thinking: will my mother criticize me? Or hit me Like a rabbit in my heart, jumping straight. When I got home, my mother seemed to see through my mind. She asked me, "Huihui, what's wrong with you? Why are you not happy?" I replied nervously for fear that my mother would criticize me or hit me. However, my mother said: "it doesn't matter if I don't do well in the exam. If I try harder next time, I will be able to do well in the exam." I think: my mother's encouragement will definitely make my study more solid.

Another time, I just bought a new skate shoe. My father took me to learn skating. When I went to the park, my father helped me skate around. I asked my father to let go of me. I tried it myself. My father let go of me. Just as I was walking a step, a stone blocked my way. I fell and a dog chewed mud. I cried hard to Dad, hoping he would help me up, but dad was only busy making his phone call, and he motioned me to calm down. I really wanted to cry at the scene, but I thought: I can't let dad look down on me. So, I got up strong and began to slide. It's really Kung Fu worthy of heart. I finally can slide. Dad had to give me a thumbs up.

The love of my parents has always been with me. Love with me grow up life is like a cup of mellow wine, enjoy slowly, savor carefully, naturally can also rhyme out the taste of life.

My mother once asked me, "what kind of life do you want to have?" I answered without thinking: "I want to have a full, happy and wonderful life."

Whenever I do something wrong, or let her find out my bad behavior and habits, she will patiently say something to me: do everything with a sense of responsibility, have the courage to bear their own mistakes, and tell me not to do it next time. When I met difficulties in my study, she helped me analyze the reasons for my failure. My mother often taught me not to be discouraged in front of difficulties. My mother is always mine