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My bad dad

My father is very fierce. When the children in the yard meet him, they will hide from him. Once, my good friend mamini came to my house for a visit. My father gave mamini the only drink I like best. I was very angry at that time. After mamini left, my father said to me, "there are good things that should be shared with others to make sense.". I don't get angry after hearing what my father said. It's time to go to bed at night. Dad pulled my hand and said, "it's so cold!" Then, I put my hand on his stomach, and the ice father grinned, which was very interesting.

I remember one morning, after half a mouthful of breakfast, I didn't want to eat any more. I quickly put my bag on my back and prepared to go to school. "Stop" suddenly made a loud voice, which scared me. I looked up and saw that one face was so strange and terrible. I said, "I'm too late to go to school." that face was even more terrible. I had to go to the kitchen and clean up the food Net. He went to school muttering. At noon, my father smiled when I came home, as if nothing had happened. My father was so "fierce" and amused me.

Is that the same with your dad?