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500 words of childhood composition

In an instant, four years later, I have grown up unconsciously, but I will never forget the good times and happy memories of my childhood.

My friends, where is your first day of class? I guess it must be kindergarten. So what was your first day there? Let me tell you|

That's when I was five. In fact, at that time, I wanted to be like other children. At home, I am the apple of my parents' eyes. I only eat, drink, play and sleep every day. I do nothing else. At that time I was happy like a little penguin.

But terrible things will happen after all. One day, my mother saw that other children had gone to school, so she came back and found a kindergarten for me immediately, and sent me away the next day. Since I was young, didn't understand anything, and didn't stay alone, I cried when I saw a stranger.

I heard from my mother that I cried when I arrived at primary school. I heard that there were many people around me. Mom sent me there to leave, but I just held her hand, but she finally took the opportunity to escape. I cried for a long time, some children saw me crying, they also cried, the teachers were busy, finally had to make a phone call for my mother to pick me up. But the next day, my mother still sent me. I had no choice but to let her do it. For a long time, I won't cry, because those are always so powerful that I can admire them. Up to now, I still remember their 'cruel means'.

How about my childhood? How about yours? It must be fun, too. So what do you think of childhood? Let me talk about it.

I think childhood is like a seven color flower. In his body, it is full of all kinds of colors, making life more colorful: childhood is like a paper plane, which flows through the good times of childhood.

Ah, I love my childhood.

A composition of childhood anecdotes: 500 words of childhood memory composition

Childhood is a colorful River, childhood is a colorful road, childhood is a kind bridge, childhood is a wonderful book. When I think back to my childhood, I feel very happy, because there are many memories worth remembering.

I had a very happy childhood. The story of that time is still fresh in my memory. One of them is always very happy when I think of it, because it brings me infinite joy.

I remember that day, in the clear sky, my friends and I went to the back mountain of Zhongshan Park to play happily. We walked and played until we came to a vegetable field. Only the vegetables there are red, green and green, which we can't afford. All of a sudden, we heard a few deep shouts. We hesitated and turned our heads. A fierce hound was bared its teeth and looked at us fiercely. Instead, it became a series of barks, which made our legs soft. Our mouth became an "O" shaped ear. We only heard the sound of heart pounding. I don't know who stepped first. When we realized it, we were already running like death. And as soon as the dog saw us running, it ran like an arrow away from the string to the place where we ran. We look back and see that it's catching up, like a group of leopards fleeing the human hunt. Suddenly there was a cry of children beside me. I looked aside and found that my cousin was scared to cry with her red nose. She was crying and running. She couldn't run for a while. A little friend took her back and ran in the other direction. Only at the foot of the mountain did the dog stop, and his tail flicked, as if he had lost interest in us. He turned his head and walked away, and we were relieved. Everyone was so tired that he fell down to the ground to breathe, and finally escaped the disaster.

Time has come, the old man took away his childhood in a hurry, and I will not haggle over a grain of sugar as before, let alone cry a lot. Thanks to the time old man, because he has compiled the most real and beautiful book of childhood in our hearts. Let us recollect more and more happiness.

Composition about childhood anecdotes: 500 words of childhood anecdotes composition

Childhood is the best time of life. It is like a star river. Every star represents a thing. It is also like a vast beach. Every colorful stone is an interesting thing. Childhood is the most carefree period in my life. There are too many funny stories in my childhood. In retrospect, I still have endless memories. There are too many interesting stories in my childhood, but only that one can make my memory fresh.

It was a weekend, I was sick at home alone, my mother told me before work, at noon must take the medicine, the medicine is in the blue bottle, do not eat wrong. As soon as my mother left, I threw my mother's words out of the sky. At noon, I was still enjoying all kinds of TV dramas. Suddenly I felt dizzy. I poured out a glass of water, picked up a pill and put it in my mouth. After finishing the medicine in a hurry, I continued to enjoy the TV dramas with great interest. Looking at it, I felt more and more uncomfortable. I called my mother to let me know She came back. After a while, her mother came home. She asked me urgently what was wrong with me. I said I wanted to sleep. My mother asked me if you took the medicine in the blue bottle. I said it seemed that it wasn't. did you take the wrong medicine? She pointed to the medicine in the bottle in the distance. I nodded. You took several pills. I said one. Did I take the wrong one? Silly child, it's sleeping pills. Why are you so careless? There's not much to eat. You can have a good sleep. Ah, I've opened my eyes wide, and I'll never be careless again, I said to my mother.

After this, I completely got rid of my careless habit. No matter how I study or how I do things, no matter where I go, it's a voice of praise.

The past is like smoke, like flowing years, time flies, only the color of childhood can be remembered forever, only the interesting stories of childhood can be remembered deeply, once childhood is gone, only memories can be used to remember. Childhood is innocent, and one interesting thing happens, wishing life always colorful as childhood.

500 words of interesting stories in childhood

Every time I touch my right hand, many childhood 'interesting things' appear in front of me. Unconsciously, my thoughts have drifted far away & hellip; & hellip;

When I was a kid, I was naughty and careless. I always liked to challenge and stimulate. Just eight months later, I have a tendency to climb - love climbing the top of the sofa. After a lot of hard work, I climbed the top of the sofa at a high speed. Once, when mom and dad didn't pay attention, I climbed up the top of the sofa like an arrow out of the way. Climbing to the 'peak', I was very happy. My chin was slightly raised. There were a pair of shallow dimples on both sides of yueya'er's mouth, as if they were demonstrating! Don't pay attention to foot slip, my buttock opened two beautiful little flowers & hellip; & hellip;

Gradually grew up, I was still so naughty, from time to time because of mischievous and make jokes, and always' scarred ', green one, purple one.

Instead of climbing the 'peak', I played trampoline. There is a mattress in front of the TV at home. I like to jump and jump on this mattress when I watch cartoons. My parents are always persuasive, but I always listen to them.

When I was in the kindergarten class, 'Trampoline' was more frequent. One night, my parents accompanied me to watch cartoons. I jumped on the bed again. A pair of bright eyes followed the animation closely. The facial expression also changed with the protagonist's encounter, dancing and dancing. I'm staring at the picture and jumping, and I often make some strange noises in my mouth. Suddenly, flowers grow under my feet, 'ouch! "A scream. My feet slipped and I stepped on the air. I fell heavily on the bed and couldn't move. Mom quickly picked me up and rushed to the orthopaedic hospital with dad. After examination, the ligament of the right hand was strained. Fortunately, it was not broken, but it was temporarily unable to move.

After more than 20 days of recuperation, my hand recovered completely. With this lesson, I gradually converge and watch cartoons relatively well. Everyone's childhood will have a time when they don't know the world. Sometimes naughtiness is the only way to go. Only through it can we know right and wrong. This so-called "don't listen to the old man, suffer losses in front of you".

500 words of childhood anecdotes my 450 words of childhood anecdotes

Childhood is like a palette, constantly adjusting, bringing out my colorful memory: childhood is like a magic cube, gently turning, turning out my happiness, anger and sorrow.

I still remember that year, when my father came back from a business trip, he brought me a beautiful clay doll. The little clay doll has chocolate skin. A small sky blue coat, a small pink skirt, and green shoes, don't mention how unique. The small and exquisite face is inlaid with a pair of big water smart eyes, as if there are many beautiful stories to tell you, under the little nose is a cherry like mouth. In the sunshine, mud doll's hair also flash a happy golden light.

As soon as I think of this lovely clay baby, I can't close my mouth.

Day by day, the mud doll's body is dirty. What can I do? As I was worried, I said to myself: 'you can wash your clothes and shoes if they are dirty & hellip; & hellip; Oh, it seems that I have to take a bath for mud doll today! No way, who makes me like her so much? '

Say do it, I hummed a ditty, and at the same time prepared all the tools to wash the mud doll according to my mother's method of washing clothes. I wash it carefully. Oh, my God, what's the matter? Why is it getting dirty after washing? I was puzzled. I used more energy to brush and wash.

I can imagine that after that, I will never see my inseparable good partner clay doll again. I was so sad that my eyes were swollen like walnuts. Slowly, I grew up and understood the truth.

However, up to now, I still think I'm cute. Dear friends, do you think I'm stupid?

100 words for fun in childhood: 500 words for fun in catching ducks in childhood

What is childhood? It is a piece of white paper, carefree, simple and transparent; what is childhood? It's a small, clear stream, singing all the way. What's childhood? It's a little fish, jumping from memory & hellip; hellip;

When I was at Grandma's house, I was only six years old. It's hard for Dad to go home on weekends. Grandma wants to kill a flying duck to improve the food at home. I've been salivating for a long time. I'll do it as soon as I say it. I'll see a flying duck first. Maybe it's because I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm crying. But the "Mafia duck" is far away, indifferent, like laughing at me as a fool! I was so angry that I didn't care to dry my tears. I joined my father in the duck hunt. My father helped me clean the dirt on my clothes and praised me for being a little 'PLA' who could not hurt the fire line.

The battle started again. Dad found a basket in the kitchen. I came to support him