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Buying clothes in summer vacation

Because my beautiful clothes are few, my parents decided to go to Wuguang in Hankou to have a look at them.

Dad said: 'let's take 505 first, then take the light rail back, OK? 'I don't agree:' the light rail will be closed at 10 o'clock. It's more than 11 o'clock after we buy clothes. 'my mother agreed with me, but my father said:' Oh! Never mind! 'my mother and I can't help but he has to do it.

When we got to Wuguang in 505, we went through clothing stores one by one, but I was not satisfied. Passing by a Disney, I saw a white dress at a glance. I asked my mother: 'can I buy it? 'mother smiled and said:' you are a customer, why not? 'I know what my mother means. I'll run and try. I put on my skirt and ran to the mirror to have a look. Wow, it's a pretty girl! My mother found a white Minnie's short sleeve and said to me: 'I think this short sleeve will be better with this skirt. 'but my eyes have already turned to another dress & hellip; & hellip;

'Hey, it's all adults' clothes. Let's go to Emma children's city! 'dad suggested.

'good! '

When I entered Emma children's city, my mother didn't buy a few small things first, and said that girls look good in this way & hellip; & hellip; finally, my father and mother talked with the boss in the "xiaoxianggu" clothing store for 20 minutes before buying a pair of jeans.

At this time, the guard told the customers: 'customers, Emma children's city will close soon, please come next time. 'we have no choice but to leave.

But the mom with experience in shopping said: 'well, the night market is coming out & hellip; & hellip;'

We ran to the night market again. It was very busy there. There were many people at 9 o'clock. As soon as I saw it, I understood why it was so busy: there were lots of good products, such as cuddling bear, baby grass, exquisite leather bag, colorful wind chime & hellip; & hellip; it was so beautiful.

Three of our family's coke broke, you go to buy bags, I go to see baby grass, he also went to join the fun. We have a lot of 'Booties': leather slippers, jeans, Yierkang shoes, Sanfu stickers, fat bread, chocolate milk tea & hellip; & hellip;

However, a new trouble is coming: how to go home? The light rail is closed, the bus doesn't pick up, and the car is robbed.

We walked and stopped all the way, but we were running out of cars. At this time, a car came, Dad hurried to block the car, and talked for a long time, the driver finally agreed. I had a good sleep in the car, which didn't come easily & hellip; & hellip;