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Goal grade three composition

The third day of struggle

The stars are changing, the years are fleeting, the flowers are falling and blooming 16 times, and the growth process of 16 years is like a flash of film lens.

On the beach of life, my progress is fairly stable. At present, when the flowers are exuberant, the petals bloom faintly, revealing the pale yellow and shy stamens. In the blooming sound, there is a perfect life. Therefore, I often fantasize about flowers from reality and imagine that I will pass the test and be invincible in the next exam; Imagine yourself getting full marks easily in the physical examination; Imagine that you will strive to make progress and excel in your future work... Of course, I also know that this is just a fantasy and a beautiful dream. Just think, how can you make your dream come true without fighting for it? Suddenly, I suddenly understand the reason why the flower withers, because it is waiting for the second spring, which is a kind of persistent and persistent waiting.

The upcoming third day of junior high school is highly competitive. If you don't pay attention, you may taste the taste of failure in frequent exams. The tension of study and the pressure of entering a higher school will make us immerse ourselves in the sea of books all day. Busy will also become the main melody of life. I understand that you can't expect others to fall behind you. You have to work hard on your own. Further, the sea and the sky, climb to the top of the pagoda to innovate and cultivate. How can you see a rainbow without going through wind and rain? Hard work is not allowed to stop, and success does not favor laziness.

Therefore, there will be unrestrained optimism of "thousands of grinding and thousands of blows will be strong, and you will be allowed to wind east, West, North and South". Study hard, do not complain, do problems tired, do not say lack; Adjust your attitude and welcome success with a smile; Failed, wipe your sweat and move forward! The third day of junior high school is not so much a dream season. If you dream of being favored by success, you must accept the baptism of bitterness. It is better to say that the third day of junior high school is a struggle season. No pain, no gain, the flowers of life will bloom colorful. The third day of junior high school is really a struggling season!

On the third day of junior high school, I will spend it like this

Before the third day of junior high school, I felt the tension of the third day of junior high school. After listening to the reminiscences of my predecessors, the feeling of the third day of junior high school was purgatory.

On the first day of school, I suddenly felt strange to the campus where I had lived for two years. On the morning of the first day, after the school opening ceremony, we had class soon. In the past, we had to have class in the afternoon. The tense air suddenly solidified our nerves. On the first day, I felt that life seemed to have no fun. I couldn't help talking to the air: This is just the beginning.

The third day teacher's class speed is much faster, and the daily work and rest time is also different. Even the original naughty students sit down and study quietly. It seems that the third day can really change everything. And I can't just suffer from "grade three phobia".

What should come, will come sooner or later, depends on what mentality we use. If it comes, it will be safe. No matter what it comes, I will face it with an optimistic attitude.

Because of this attitude, I no longer complain to the air, I began my third day life.

On the third day of junior high school, there are more homework. It seems that more time is never enough. Because I am optimistic, I have a plan, and my homework time is naturally no problem. Every day I always use the corner time to finish some homework first, such as after school in the morning, before the evening class and between classes. When it comes to evening repair, I first copy my homework on a small note and calculate the cost first. I'll finish what's urgent first. I also set a time limit for everything I do and stipulated that I must complete it within this time without delay. Although my little plan is not particularly effective, it saves me a lot of time and gives me more time to start my review or preview. Others have good time allocation methods, and I will take them in time. As long as I can do things orderly and save time, I think it is good.

After starting such an organized study, like many students, I thought about my goal of the high school entrance examination. To tell the truth, I also want to be admitted to the District high school, but considering my own reality, I set myself such a goal: I want to leave with a successful smile. I don't expect to be admitted to the District high school, but I will use my own efforts to prove that in the third year of junior high school, my efforts will give me the best return. That return is not the admission notice, but the friendship, strength, self-confidence and persistence gained in this year's study and struggle. At that time, I will look at my high school entrance examination report card and review my efforts in this year. I will smile confidently and happily, laughing that I can harvest success.

On the third day of junior high school, I will spend it like this.

3. Strive towards the goal

Each of us has his own life goal, or become an astronaut, or become a star, or... But how many people have realized their ideal and realized their life goal? Only a few people. Most people start to be full of blood and drive towards their predetermined destination. In the end, they are washed away from their predetermined route by the real sea, while only a few people still sail along their own route and finally reach the other side of success.

Establish goals

To achieve a goal, you must first have a correct goal. Obama wanted to be president since he was a child, and now he has achieved his wish. I don't advocate making up one's mind from an early age, because when we were young, we didn't know enough about this society, and we were easily affected by other factors and changed our goals at any time. I think the middle school period we are going through, especially junior high school, is a good time to establish our ideals, and the establishment of goals needs to start from reality. For example, if your life ideal is to fly out of the solar system in your lifetime, some do not fit in with reality!

Setting the right goal is the first step to success.


Some people will say; I dream of becoming a millionaire. Why am I still poor now? Let me ask; Have you worked tirelessly for your goal in life? Most people have their own life goals and have worked hard, but they often shrink back because of difficulties and setbacks, so as to change the direction of their life. Each of us will encounter various difficulties on the way to realize our dreams. The important thing is to adhere to our ideals. When encountering difficulties, you should think of Shelley's words: "if we come together, can spring befarbehind( If winter comes, can spring be far behind? "

Sticking to your life goal is half of your success.

Pay attention to methods

To achieve the goal of life, we not only need to adhere to it, but also pay attention to methods. Life goal is a major direction of our life. I think we can divide this big goal into several small goals and achieve them one by one. If you compare life to a long-distance race, and your goal in life is the end of your long-distance race, you can locate a big tree in front of you as a goal, and then set a further building as the next goal. In this way, the long-distance race will be much easier and it will be much easier to achieve your life goal.

The right method is a shortcut to your goal.

As contemporary middle school students, we shoulder the responsibility of developing our motherland. We need to strive towards our goals and become the pillars of the motherland in the future!

4. The goal of the third year of junior high school entrance examination

Some people say that the third day of junior high school is the most difficult journey for wanderers. Finally, the heartbroken man comes home with a thin fish belly and dense stars, but——

On the third day of junior high school, I don't want to be a kite in my parents' hands. I want to fly higher and farther, but I'm afraid to break free from the shackles of the rope and can't stand the wind and rain.

On the third day of junior high school, I hope youth is as brilliant as gold, but youth is a treasure that needs to be excavated; Youth is gold, and gold needs to be melted.

Third day, cherish your friends. I often have his figure in my dream. I believe I also broke into his dream.

Third day, seek your own perfection. Although no one is perfect, everyone should pursue their own perfection.

The students of grade three are eager to be lively and disciplined, naive but not naive, brave but not reckless, stubborn and principled, enthusiastic but not impulsive, optimistic but not blind.

The students of grade three are eager for mediocrity, bold but not careless, dare to say but not empty, think more but not disorderly, be modest but not accommodating, and be modest but not vain.

Third day, strive for your own destiny! Because whoever wants to play life will accomplish nothing. Whoever can't control his own destiny will always be a slave.

On the third day of junior high school, we should undergo the training of failure and frustration. Because although bad luck is a fatal blow to those who are not firm in faith, it is the best exercise for those who are firm.

Life on the third day of junior high school is always bitter and sweet, but it is by no means tasteless. On the third day of junior high school, we do not believe in failure and will never be discouraged.

A successful life always belongs to those strong people who dare to persevere in adversity.

In the third day of junior high school, I will recognize my goal: no matter how rough the road is, I won't look back; For the glory at the end of the road, we should grasp the present, grasp the time of the third day of junior high school, and grasp our own life.