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Strive to achieve dream

Strive to achieve your dream

Struggle is the momentum of the seed breaking through the soil; Struggle is the driving force of water impacting rocks; Struggle is the essence of the sun spreading the earth. Struggle is the great achievement of rocket soaring into the sky.

Living in the society, we should not be content with the status quo, be satisfied with what we have or expect now, and lose the motivation to be positive and brave. Then your life will decline from the system, and your life will become bleak. Don't give up your due fighting spirit in order to achieve a little now; Don't give up the lush forest for this tree. At any time, you should see what you want in the end, and don't be blinded by temporary fame and wealth, your persevering and courageous spirit.

On the road of life, there are a lot of such people. They pursue fashion for pleasure, indulge in the dreamlike Internet world of Taohuayuan, fall into the situation of being unable to extricate themselves like taking drugs, and make themselves negative, disappointed and pessimistic about life. This is the negative expression caused by themselves, which we should not advocate. We live in this colorful world, all kinds of things are constantly updated, and everything is close to the time. At the same time, our thoughts are also so. Only in this way can we maintain the spirit of struggle, and be full of disappointment in life. A positive and optimistic outlook on life is the basis of our struggle. As long as we strive for success, for the future, for the dream, so that our life will not pass in vain, will be satisfied. Struggle is the premise of achieving your dream. Only if you have something you want to get and a dream you want to achieve, then the spirit of struggle will be replaced by your motivation to move forward. Therefore, struggle and dream are closely linked. As long as you use the spirit of struggle, are you afraid that your dream will not come true? In today's society, there are many examples: for example, Liu Xiang won the world champion of 110 meter hurdles, which is the result of his struggle. If he doesn't stick to his faith, believe in his hard work, go all out for his dream, break through his dream and surpass himself, will he still win the championship? Can he still fight? Indeed, struggle is a person's positive performance, only you have your spirit of struggle, success and key, pay attention to the spirit of struggle! Don't neglect it because it is just a spirit, don't look down on it because it is not in your eyes. We have to struggle all the time, just like in our study, if you only rely on your own good achievements and don't strive for the most ambitious goal, and neglect your studies, you will eventually fall behind others and your achievements will plummet. Don't lose the spirit of struggle for the sake of instant glory. We should learn from Sun Yat Sen's experience and win!

Dream is the eagle flying in the sky, dream is the kite flying in the air, and struggle is the eagle's wings, kite flying rope, they intertwine with each other, indispensable!

2. Strive to achieve your dream

If there is no king Gou Jian of Yue, how can there be a myth of swallowing Wu at one stroke? If there is no Beethoven's hard work, how can there be an inspiring symphony of fate? Without the hard work of the PLA, how could there be a harmonious and stable society today? Sun Yat Sen once said, "if human beings want to survive in the competition, they have to struggle."

"Genius is the ability to work hard endlessly." Just like Madame Curie, she built a laboratory in a dilapidated morgue. In countless days and nights, she forgot to eat and sleep. Even when she found out that she had cancer, she still insisted on working. Finally, she found radium and won the Nobel Prize twice. There is also the power of candle. He looks at bamboo slips day and night and thinks about things in the world. How many times has he listened to the call for himself from the palace. Finally, in his old age, King Zheng ordered him to withdraw from the Qin master. With the result of his own efforts, he risked his death to persuade him to withdraw from the Qin master and remain immortal.

"If you want to fight, you have to make great and quick efforts."—— Rousseau

Helen. When Keller was one and a half years old, a serious illness took away her sight and hearing, and then she lost her language ability. However, in this dark and lonely world, she learned to read and speak. He graduated from a famous American school with excellent results and became a well-known writer and educator with profound knowledge and mastery of English, French, German, Latin and Greek.

However, behind this brilliance, it is all her sweat. The most important thing for a deaf and blind person to get out of the dark and go to the light is to learn to read and read. From learning to read and read, they have to pay more than ordinary people's perseverance and redouble their efforts. Helen uses her fingers to observe the teacher's lips, and uses her touch to feel the quiver of her throat and the movement of her mouth, which is often incorrect. In order to make herself able to utter a word or sentence, she had to practice repeatedly. Helen never gave in to difficulties. When she was studying in University, many teaching materials had no blind texts, so she had to rely on others to spell the contents in her hands. Therefore, she spent much more time in previewing her lessons than other students. While other students are playing and singing outside, she is spending a lot of time preparing lessons. Helen through tenacious struggle, hard struggle, overcome the mental pain caused by physical defects. At the age of 21, she published her first work, the story of my life.

Life is a battlefield. Only by working hard can we conquer the crisis, overcome the difficulties and become the master of life.

In the long course of history, countless of us have achieved our dreams through hard work. In ancient times, there were Jingwei reclamation, Xingtian dance, Kuafu chasing the sun, Yugong moving mountains. Today, Wang Jinxi uses his body to stir mud to offer oil for the country; Liu Xiang won the world championship with the courage of "how many times can we fight in life"; Wang Yongzhi has worked hard for 40 years to release "Shenzhou V" and realize China's flying dream. It is not difficult to see that unyielding is human nature, and hard work is the ladder to success.

Yun Daiying said, "the most important spirit of youth is to struggle with fate and solve their own and even China's problems in any environment." Although the road of struggle is hard and bumpy. However, in any case, it is a beautiful road. On this road, even one blood mark at a time is worth it. From now on, struggle with the sky, struggle with difficulties, for our goals and dreams, for us to be able to make our life like those successful people, so let's work hard together!

3. Strive to achieve your dream

Everyone has ideals and pursuits. If life is like a boat, then dreams are sails. Dream is people's vision and desire for good things, it ignites the hope and enthusiasm of life, stimulates infinite wisdom, and encourages people's courage and determination to struggle.

Youth is not only a dreamy age, but also an age that dares to pursue dreams. If you want to fly with the wind, you need to have dream wings, dare to think, dare to do, dare to break through, even if you meet no matter how big the wind is, no matter how big the waves are, you will have tacit understanding eyes. In this dream of youth, there is vision, passion, struggle and struggle, as well as unlimited hope to move forward together with the motherland and the times.

I also have a dream, I have a colorful dream, it is young and beautiful vision; It's like a rainbow in the sky; It's like a twinkling star in the night sky. I want to fly, riding the clouds to see the beauty of the rainbow; I want to fly, with the stars to drink the water in the Milky way; I want to fly, fly to the rainbow with my dream.

Looking back on the eventful years, how many brilliant achievements have been made through hard work; How many heroic leaps are realized in sweating like rain; How many great dreams have been turned into reality.

It is labor that makes today full of vitality and charm; It is labor that brings us very close to the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Labor is the source of all power, all morality and all happiness. Hold up one's own dream with labor and creation, hold up China's dream, and turn the goal of realizing the dream into real action, into the work of every laborer and the construction of every brick and tile. For tomorrow and for our dream, we must gather the positive energy of rejuvenating the country through hard work to win us a more promising future.

Comrades stressed that "labor is the fundamental force to promote the progress of human society. Happiness will not come from the sky, dreams will not come true automatically If you don't love labor, any blueprint is just a piece of paper; If you don't work hard, all your dreams will be a piece of cake. We need to be masters and seize the day to join the cause of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Only in this way can we reach a new level of development and a new height of dream. After all the splendor of heaven, everything in the world is hard. Our dream can't come true overnight. The beautiful dream of the world can only be realized through honest labor; All kinds of problems in development can be solved only through honest labor; All the brilliance in life can only be achieved through honest labor. Labor is the fundamental force to promote the progress of human society and the fundamental way to realize the dream. The people create history and labor creates the future. Diligence and wisdom have created a glorious history of the Chinese nation, and love of labor has become a fine tradition of the Chinese nation.

The more beautiful the future, the more we need to work hard. In the final analysis, the Chinese dream is the dream of the people and the individual. Each of us is a participant and writer of the Chinese dream. The Chinese dream carries and reposes the watchfulness of workers, realizes the Chinese dream, and makes more workers' life brilliant and dreams come true.

The dream is ahead, the road is at your feet. For youth, we are not afraid of failure, and strive to fly forward. For dreams, we have endless energy and energy to meet the peak of life. Let's set up the sail of youth and forge ahead towards the realization of the Chinese dream!

Struggle, dream

In everyone's life, there will be some opportunities to obstruct. I believe most people choose success and brilliance. But I would rather choose a dream and a struggle.

I have seen such a story. On a cold winter morning, in a warm room, a little girl sat at her desk, looking at the snowflakes flying outside the window, lost in thought. She said to herself, "how nice! I really hope that one day I can go to the South Pole just like my uncles and aunts! Yes, it's a dream of mine. " So, with such a dream, the little girl also made a dream list for herself, with a total of 108 items. Since then, the little girl has been making extraordinary efforts for this dream list. Carrying a heavy stone to climb the mountain, munching ice cream in the cold winter, let their stomach adapt to the cold.

Gradually, in the imperceptible passage of time, the little girl grew up. At this time, as she predicted when she was 12 years old, she really went to the South Pole. She really became an Antarctic explorer. She really saw the snow in the south pole, the lovely little penguin, and the South Pole changed