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The composition of soul chicken soup

Chicken soup

It is said that every time you get a share of wisdom, you will lose a share of innocence; Every time you lose your innocence, you will get a mature one.

I like innocence, naive and lovely, and do not understand things, young heart filled with countless 100000 why, surrounded by the elders, all day long chirping asked.

I like innocence. The time of innocence is my happiest time. Those childish and ridiculous games are like beautiful colored stones, which are packed in the drifting bottle of my growth.

I like innocence, a silly look, a boring problem, a happy smile, a lovely smile, are full of infinite reverie.

... too many memories of innocence, merged into a gurgling stream, holding up the memories of my growth.

However, in the face of innocence, I smile into the door of maturity.

I love innocence, but I love maturity more. Endless knowledge is instilled into my brain. The questions that I didn't understand when I was young, like a mirror, clearly present the answers in my mind, think about them carefully, and then smile meaninglessly.

Mature I don't know when, suddenly found that sometimes accompany young children is also a kind of enjoyment, quietly sitting on the grass, listening to their Arabian Nights, feel suddenly back to childhood.

Growing up, the face is no longer freedom and laughter. As I grew up, I began to think about my future and life, and also began to learn to face the society, the world and everything. Mature I began to learn to think like an adult about many things, family, society, life

When I grow up, I find that the feeling of maturity is so beautiful. Have a beautiful youth, have a little secret, also have a girl like dream.

... too many mature shadows, integrated into the channel of life, formed a boundless river.

And the drifting bottle I grew up in is floating happily in this mature ocean.

Chicken soup

Youth is a priceless treasure. In the process of growing up, teenagers need not only material nourishment to nourish their bodies, but also good spiritual nourishment - Chicken Soup for soul to nourish their hearts. There are many spiritual nourishments in our study and life. Ideal is nourishment, encouragement is nourishment, and good criticism is nourishment

By chance, I borrowed "the mirror of life" from my teacher. It was a treasure. At night, I lie in bed, savoring. Although it's late at night, I can't put it down. I'm still immersed in many stories and can't sleep for a long time.

As I just stepped into the middle school age, my strong thirst for knowledge makes my whole blood flow. I like reading books, like reading other people's stories, because it can give me strength, urge me to forge ahead.

In the first bucket of gold in life, the poor boy from the countryside in southern Shandong, whose family was too poor to afford chemical fertilizer, had to drop out of school and look for a job everywhere in order to reduce the burden of his family. Later, he worked in a bleaching powder factory and often worked overtime. He was so tired that he vomited blood and was burned like fish scales by bleaching powder, but he had no complaints. Finally, he earned the first bucket of gold in his life: 500 yuan.

Compared with my elder brother, I feel inferior to myself as a peer: we live in the good times of reform and opening up, and our family living conditions are superior. We are always "Little Emperors" when we are young. We eat our food and wear our clothes. Especially like me, I often play in front of my parents, refuse to eat, make mood. As a minor child like him, he doesn't blame his family for dropping out of school. He can also think for his family and take the responsibility of his family. It's really commendable!

The boy in the ordinary tremor left one of his legs and his dream of youth in Chengshi, which did not belong to him. He was once a migrant worker despised and neglected by Jiajia's parents. It was he who saved Jiajia's life.

Chicken soup

Love is sunshine, which warms people's hearts; Love is honey, which makes people sweet; Love is magic, makes people happy

In my growth path, love is essential for me. In fact, there is a lot of love hidden around me, but I have to experience it with my heart.

Parents want us to be healthy, they give us a lot of care, to taste the details slowly.

On a cold, windy and rainy night, I sat on the aisle of the school, watching the flow of parents; The children are chatting with their parents... They all show the smiling faces in the windows. And I, listening to mom and dad's coming in advance, found a seat early in the morning and waited for them.

My eyes always guard the school gate, looking for the shadow of mom and Dad, in the dim light, I can't seem to see their shadow, the day is getting dark, I almost cry out in my heart, but also complain: "said 6:15, now it's less than 6:40."

Whistling cold wind kept coming at me, I rolled into a ball and said: "look at your daughter east city." Over time, the crowd gradually dispersed, as if I was the only one around. I was even more afraid.

Soon I saw two black shadows approaching me in the distance. I yelled, "Mom." But not them. I cried, only heard my cry in the quiet night, intermittent.

"Mom, there's something to do today, so I'm late." Mother gasped. I think my mother is out of breath, and her pants are wet, so forget it.

My mother stroked my head and said to me, "it's going to be cold tomorrow. Put on more clothes." Then he gave me a bag of clothes“ Why? What kind of soup is this? "“ Chicken soup "drink it! It's a tonic.

I drink delicious chicken soup, recalled that my mother just came to deliver soup to me after work, but I never had a rest, a tired look, I should not blame my mother, should be considerate of my mother. I did not drink a mouthful will be from sweet to heart, as if the cold wind has disappeared, heart and body feel warm, holding the hot chicken soup, warm, like a ray of sunshine, give me the warmth of the whole body.

It's all because of love. If there are less dreams, there will be more care. Parents want their children to be healthy and happy. This is their dream. They have less care for us. After how many years will not erase that warmth, that love.

Light Book fragrance, my soul chicken soup

Ships can bring me the charm of the sea, but not as much as a book can bring me the boundless sky; The magic mount can take me to start the journey of life, but it is not as good as a poem to bring us the true meaning of life

Like reading, enjoy reading. Not for Yan Ruyu, not for the golden house, just for the comfort of the soul, enjoy the precipitation of the soul. Like the breeze caressing, enjoy the subtle fragrance of books.

Like reading, enjoy reading. When you are free, you can sit alone on the porch and hold the book on your lap. With the comfortable style of writing and the wisdom and philosophy of words, you can enjoy the pleasure of reading.

Like reading, enjoy reading. Some people say that reading a good book is like making friends with a great person. Every book contains the feeling of life, the spur of their own. After reading the story of the Sahara desert, I understood Sanmao's wandering journey... The true story of Ah Q, which is full of tears and laughter, I understood Lu Xun's iron bone and patriotic blood. The treacherous romance of the Three Kingdoms makes people feel the disturbance of the heroes.

Books are intoxicating and sublimating. There is always a time to wait for a flower to bloom. Listen to it carefully in waiting; There is always a gap between the cracks of a cup of tea that needs to be explored, so as to realize the true meaning of life. Flowers bloom and fall, tea sinks and tea floats, Wu Ming is moved to taste and sublimate in the fragrance of books

Like reading, enjoy reading. Fly freely in the palace of knowledge, put on the wings of imagination, feel the light sadness of Zhouzhuang water area, and look for the oasis of life in the Gobi desert.

Light scholarly, such as orchid weeping heart lung, let the heart always maintain that a quiet and peaceful, not let the dust of the world defile. Light book, let me feel the fun of reading. She wakes my heart like a breeze. Light scholarly, my soul chicken soup

The taste of chicken soup

Is it going to rain? Why hasn't my mother come yet? When I was a child, I always looked forward to it. No, I'm a middle school student. I don't need my mother's nagging language and meticulous care any more, but I always feel that the other half of my soul has been protesting loudly in my heart.

The morning sun is always so warm, shining on my sleeping face. My mother sewed for me yesterday's naughty and scratched jeans. The light rain that day wetted every corner of the earth, but my mother and I were drenched in the rain to grow vegetables in the field. My mother was so tired that sweat dripped down her cheek, as if every drop was the life water of vegetables. I was playing by the car. On the way back, my mother beat her back with her hands from time to time. When I got out of the corner, a tram came running and ran into me head-on. I was so scared that I didn't know what to do. It seemed that Yuanshen was out of his mind. At this time, my mother ran towards me as if flying. As soon as the car caught my pants, my mother threw me over. With a sound of "Zi", my pants were scratched. But, what's worse is that the car scraped her mother's ankle, and the bright red blood flowed down her feet. I stare at all this and my injured mother... My mother is hurt for me, but I don't seem to care? Did my mother really do so much for me? Didn't I find out?

There seems to be a thing in my memory; In a school, the clear sky suddenly changed color. At this time, the sky was gray, the wind was strong, and thunder roared in the sky. I was running to push my bike when the big raindrops fell on the back of my hand. I froze all over, but my heart is calling for my mother. Then the heavy rain began to fall. Mother came, she rode an electric car and called my name in a hoarse voice. I cried and ran to my mother. She touched my head and gave me her raincoat. That day, my mother had a high fever.

Ah, my mother gave me so much. This kind of love condensed into a bowl of fragrant soul chicken soup, which gave me warmth, nutrition and life

Last night, I had a dream; My mother and I are walking in the sunset. My mother and I hold hands and love each other. We have no worries and worries any more