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A 600 word composition on struggle

1 struggle

How should people treat life and what is the value of life?

When I was a child, the teacher told us to strive and do something in the future in order to serve the country. As for me, I always think that's what I'm striving for. I don't do my job all day. I believe that I will become a hero one day.

When I was a little older, I realized that being a great hero was so far away. As a result, I learned to read books. I learned Qu Yuan, who said "the road is long, and I will go up and down to seek", Fan Zhongyan, who said "worry about the world first, and enjoy the world later", and Wen Tianxiang, who said "who has never died in life since ancient times, and who has left his heart to take care of history"... They have devoted themselves to the interests of the country, and they are the pride of the country! Dad told me, this is the hero. I am very excited and determined to study hard from now on. I will be like them in the future.

Helen Keller once said, "if your eyes are going to be blind tomorrow, what are you going to see today?" It is the so-called "an inch of time, an inch of gold can't buy an inch of time." It's not too late to fight now. Helen Keller's life is extraordinary. She gives people great encouragement and makes those who waste their time regret. Whether a person can achieve success or not depends not on the quality of the conditions, but on the lack of the spirit of struggle. At ordinary times, some people always have poor conditions and many difficulties! As a reason for not achieving. But compared with Helen, these difficulties are so insignificant, in the journey of life, who can be like Helen? Who is there? I can say boldly, "it's me." In the face of a bumpy road, I can break through; In the face of a problem, as long as I don't give up, despair will become hope, and even if I fall, I will smile bravely.

As long as a person has lofty ideals and goals, he will have endless strength, will not be bound by objective conditions, and will be able to play his subjective initiative, create conditions, and dominate his own destiny.

2 struggle

There is a great man once said: "only those who have the courage to struggle can obtain the joy of success." My experience proves that once again.

Once, my family went to Yunnan for a tour. We came to the foot of the west mountain. I looked up to the west mountain, where the trees were luxuriant and the flowers and plants were in full bloom, surrounded by a thick green. It gives people a sense of mystery. I decided to climb the west mountain alone.

I began to try my best to climb up. The road to the west mountain was very rough and steep. After climbing for a while, I was sweating. I complained in my heart, "what kind of broken mountain is this? Why is it so difficult to climb?" I continued to climb, and suddenly I tripped over a stone and fell to the ground with a loud bang. I only feel the pain of the knee, and then look at the knee was a piece of meat, DC blood. I was very angry in my heart and began to scold the mountain. I regret climbing this broken mountain. I decided to give up and not climb to the top of the mountain. First I would sit down and have a rest, then I would go back.

I sat on a stone to rest. In my spare time, when I look down, the green mountains are overlapping, like the undulating sea, magnificent and amazing. Seeing the beautiful scenery at the foot of the mountain, I hesitated a little. Suddenly, I remembered a poem that Chairman Mao said: "infinite scenery is at the dangerous peak". I changed my mind and decided to climb to the top of the mountain persistently. I will struggle unremittingly.

I began to climb the mountain again. My leg hurt faintly. The uneven stones seemed to hold my feet. The bushes stretched out branches from time to time to block my way. The cold mountain wind seemed to stop me. I am not afraid, I unremitting efforts to climb up, I firmly believe that: only the courage to struggle, can see the infinite scenery.

Finally, I got to the top of the mountain. I look down from the mountain, the west mountain is surrounded by thick fog, like a beautiful girl lying on the ground. The fierce mountain wind is beating my body like the wings of an eagle. At that moment, I was very proud and happy. Because I got the success after the struggle.

This event will always inspire me to struggle and persevere in climbing one peak after another.

3 struggle

Everyone's success comes from struggle. Without struggle, no matter how good talent, no matter how tough backstage, no matter how much money. You can't succeed without effort.

Adolf Hitler, a war madman, was just a Viennese tramp before. He once launched an uprising, but failed and was sent to prison. But he did not give up. After he was released, he began to organize people to prepare for the uprising. He led the Nazi party to rule Germany, abolished the Treaty of Versailles, and set off a terrible storm in Europe. The so-called British and French allied forces were defeated and retreated. Hitler did not rely on backstage and money to do such a big thing. He was fighting on his own.

Hawking, for example, unfortunately suffered from the muscular atrophy of lugaret's disease at the age of 21, so he was confined in a wheelchair with only three fingers to move. In 1985, due to pneumonia, he was completely deprived of the ability to speak. Speech and question answering can only be done through speech synthesizer. But Hawking didn't give up. Most of his contributions were made 20 years after he suffered from lugaret's disease. Yes, he did not give up, but worked hard to fight against the disease and made brilliant achievements.

Beethoven is the same, when his career reached the peak, but lost his hearing, but Beethoven he gave up!! No, he held the throat of fate! Continue to struggle and compose a great movement.

In fact, God is very fair to everyone. No one is born perfect, and no one is born with nothing to do. It all depends on whether you work hard. A person's success is not determined by money. It depends on yourself. Money helps for a while, but not for a lifetime. This is also a truth. Although money can buy false honor, when the person's money runs out and he can't earn more money. His honor will be gone.

4 struggle

Today is the 18th, I'm going to school to get my report card. I'm worried all the way, because my father said that if I don't get more than 600 points in the exam, I'm going to smear some oil on the epithelial tissue!

Come to the school, the students are nervous to write on the face, see our 707 class students is extraordinary, all relaxed, talking and laughing, like just saw a dollar. I was also played up by this kind of atmosphere, and my nervous mood was instantly thrown out of the sky. When the old class came into the classroom, the atmosphere became as quiet and serious as usual.

The old class picked up a book on the platform and said, "in this exam, there are only three students with more than 600 points in our class. The first one is Wang Sicheng with 648 points, the second one is Wang Jingxian with 602 points, the third one is Wang Yan with 600 points..." after the scores of the students were reported, the old class began to give awards to the outstanding students, and I went up to get one, However, there is no my name in the list of "three good students" awards at the back. The old class said that because of my poor math performance, I only got 76 points this time, which is too low. All three good students must be good at everything. I have nothing to say. It's all my fault that I don't work hard in mathematics.

In the classroom, some students smile, some students beat their chests and feet, regret

Back home, my mother showed me the grade sheet of class 11 in No.3 middle school. I was shocked, my God! First place Qi Quan, Chinese 112, mathematics 98, English 99, politics 97, history 99, geography 96, biology 100, total score - 701! Every day, my God! That's great! Is it a human test? Second place Qian Xuxuan, total score 692! These two masters used to be my classmates in primary school. Why are they so powerful? Well, it's not that I didn't work hard!

Looking at those scores above 650 one after another, I was a little angry that I was not neat and envied them. When a successful flower blooms, people only admire her bright reality. However, at the beginning, her bud was soaked with the tears of struggle and sprinkled with the blood of sacrifice!

You can't just say it, you have to do it!




Ah - go!

5 struggle

Struggle is a kind of fighting spirit when people are in adversity and facing tests. It is a valuable quality of people. Since ancient times, those who have achieved great success have all experienced such a process: in Madame Curie's experiment of discovering radium, the experimental conditions were very simple; The Wright brothers were ridiculed mercilessly when they made airplanes. But they didn't give up their faith, persisted in struggle, and finally achieved success. Our youth in the new era should also have such a spirit of struggle.

I remember when I was in primary school, Mr. Chen taught me to write calligraphy hand in hand, but I just couldn't write well again and again. However, Mr. Chen didn't give up teaching me how to write calligraphy. Instead, he spent more time teaching me

"This horizontal first, and then like this..." teacher Chen patiently said, "you try again, I believe you, you can do it. Come on

"Well," I said dejectedly.

"Come on, you can do it. Don't give up," the teacher encouraged.

"Well, I'll do it. I'll come on. I'll make it!" I encouraged myself.

"I made it, I made it!"

I succeeded, I wrote the first good-looking words, the results of my efforts are sweet.

Mr. Chen is also happy for me.

In the following days, I worked hard to write calligraphy, and finally participated in the competition.

At the beginning of the competition, I was very nervous at first, but thinking of teacher Chen's kind smile and words encouraging me, I was full of confidence and finished the competition conscientiously.

Finally, I won the third prize. In only two months, I became a winner from a girl who didn't know how to use a brush. I think I should thank my head teacher, Mr. Chen Shuicao, because he encouraged me and led me to the road of success.

Thank you, Mr. Chen!

6 struggle

I once asked a very naughty classmate why he didn't study hard. I was inspired by his answer. He asked, "why on earth should we struggle?" Indeed, it's a good question. Why do we fight?

I have never thought about this problem. Since I was sensible, my parents have instilled certain ideas into me. Dad, he often said: "our family is not rich, but why do I work so hard to save money, just for you to go to school, looking forward to your success!" Every time I hear this, I feel very sad, and then generate a momentum to study hard. I always think that if I don't work hard, I'm sorry for my parents' hard work.

Whenever I show my parents my high score report cards, awards and honorary certificates in red pen, they always smile happily, show their approval eyes and say to me: "great, good boy, keep working hard!"

But when my homework is in a mess, I fail in the exam, and I fail in the competition, my parents always say, "if you do this again, you will not be able to compare with others, and then you will not be able to enter the key middle school