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A 500 word composition on the scene of the Lantern Festival

A lively Lantern Festival

Looking forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, is finally looking forward to the Lantern Festival, looking forward to a lively Lantern Festival, a unique Lantern Festival.

After dinner, we came to the leisure square to enjoy the unique night scene of the Lantern Festival; Watch the grand spectacle; The bustling Lantern Festival performance. On the way from the pedestrian street to the square, all the lights here are bright and beautiful. In the lush pines and cypresses are covered with colorful lights, flash and flash, like stars blinking mysterious eyes. Every leaf on the tree seems to have a new life trembling under the illumination of 100000 lamps. It is a tree full of hope. At the entrance of the square are rows of red lanterns, adding color to the Lantern Festival. The colorful lights shine on the magnificent buildings of the square and the smiling faces of every people, making people feel warm, bright and warm.

Walking into the leisure square, it is a scene of bustle. This is already a sea of people, a sea of people. The crowd and the lights here are so spectacular that I don't know what words to use! There are a lot of people here, and the beautiful scene is dazzling. The program begins. First of all, the Yanggu team goes on the stage. They create a rhythmic Yanggu with their hands. Their faces are full of festival festivities. It's wonderful. Then eight teams of hand waving performers swarmed up and filled the whole scene. They move gracefully, just like a dancing butterfly. Finally, fireworks. See colorful fireworks blooming, and then to the earth, like some seeds of hope sprinkled on the earth, to meet a bright future of hope!

Ah! This bustling and unique Lantern Festival is really beautiful. It seems to repose everyone's hope and fly towards a better future!!

The lively scene of Lantern Festival

Spring of the earth, beauty of China, Lantern Festival, flowers of thousands of trees, spring of thousands of households, happiness in tonight. The sound of firecrackers, fireworks bursts, showing a scene of harmony and joy... As if to dye the whole earth with the colorful fireworks color, the whole world proud, bold and unrestrained to release the thick atmosphere of this festival! Fireworks one after another, seems to have been restrained for a long time, gathered in this festival, can't wait to show its most beautiful moments! Let people stop to wait and see, clap and praise, linger and forget to return, and enjoy themselves!

In the evening, the streets and squares have already gathered a lively crowd to buy a Kongming lamp, make a new year's dream, watch the rising of the lamp in anticipation, and release the new year's hope. In a short time, countless lights are floating in the sky, near like flying butterflies, far like stars, and jointly illuminate the night sky which is not very bright at first. The children are busy selecting all kinds of lanterns, and the music sounds everywhere, as if they are in the sea of lanterns and the palace of music.

All the lights are shining on the moon, and all the flowers are shining on the sky. In the pile of joy, the sky also expresses. Look, the moon gradually from the clouds out of her coquettish figure, will bring the moonlight selflessly pour the earth; The sky is gradually flying away, like the bright fire in yaochi, which carries endless expectations and dreams to fly away; Bright lights, efforts to illuminate this sleepless mountain city; Naughty children with beloved lanterns in the crowd shuttle, all the way chasing fun, looking for their own childlike fun, leaving a happy note all the way; When people go out to visit the night market and enjoy the flowers and lanterns, the harmonious scenery makes people feel more warm.

Lantern Festival in my hometown

The Lantern Festival is the tail of the Spring Festival. In my hometown, the Lantern Festival is very lively!

In the morning, the first ray of sunshine on my face, so that I open my eyes, my heart has uncontrollable excitement and excitement. What a coincidence! The sweet dumplings just came out, which means I have a good mouth in the early morning! Looking at the small balls in the bowl, I really want to swallow them! But I'm afraid of scalding. I have to hurt my mouth!

Time flies. In the blink of an eye, it's time to have dinner. I enjoy the delicious food and enjoy the happiness of the Lantern Festival. After dinner, my family and I came to the street, the street people, all kinds of lanterns all over the streets, really lively! I can't help being played up by this happy atmosphere. Gee! There is a riddle guessing game in front of us. Let's go and have a look! I rushed up with curiosity. There was a young man standing in the middle of the crowd. He frowned and thought hard. Suddenly, he had a flash of inspiration and thought of the answer... I watched the excitement for a while and went home. On the road, I looked up to see a "fireworks baby" in the air blooming smile, my face is also filled with laughter. When we got home, we started to make a fire. The fire gradually burned up, and intensified, orange flames rolling up and down, as if calling for something, also seems to be dancing in joy!

Lantern Festival in people's laughter in the past, in this lantern festival, I harvest full of joy, I love my hometown! I love the Lantern Festival in my hometown more!

Fireworks on Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival is a traditional festival in China. As soon as the Lantern Festival is over, the Spring Festival is almost over. So it was a very busy day. People's main activities on this day are watching lanterns, dragon dance and, more importantly, fireworks.

On January 15, my mother and I went back to our hometown Dianjiang. To Dianjiang. My cousin and I went everywhere to see what fireworks my grandfather had prepared. There are so many fireworks in the warehouse! There are "skygun", "peacock screen", "color fountain", "color ice cream", "double happiness gun", "colorful pearl", and so on. However, from the name point of view, I am still more interested in "double happiness gun".

After dinner, just after the day, I yelled to my mother to take me to Bazi to set off fireworks. My mother said she couldn't help me, so she went with me immediately. We started to set off fireworks. First of all, we set off "color changing ice cream". See, a bunch of sparks straight up into the sky, from red to green, green to yellow, yellow to blue, blue to white, the shape is really like "ice cream". Then I only heard "bang bang" two rings, and my favorite "double happiness gun" also went to heaven. It's like two bullets shooting out with a "whoosh" sound. It's wonderful. And then "peacock screen", "colorful fountain", "colorful pearl", it's really dazzling. In particular, which "skygun" flies out as fast as a rocket, straight into the night sky. All of a sudden, there were some fireworks flying around like airplanes. Some of my friends and I were so scared that we scurried around and dodged, for fear that we might bump into ourselves and ignite ourselves. The scene was very lively.

After eight o'clock, everyone's fireworks were finished, the crowd gradually dispersed, and I was still immersed in the happy scene

Happy Lantern Festival

The lively Spring Festival has passed. When people are still immersed in the lively atmosphere of the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival has come quietly.

Why did the ancients celebrate the Lantern Festival? The ancients called the night "Xiao". The 15th day of the first month is the first full moon night of the year. It is also the night when the first lunar new year begins again and the earth returns to spring. People celebrate it. The Lantern Festival is also called "Shangyuan Festival".

"Oh, it's Lantern Festival. I can set off fireworks to my heart's content. " The children yelled merrily, and the family became busy. Some were lighting fireworks with lighters, some were hanging firecrackers on poles, and some were watching with their ears covered

It's six in the afternoon. My family and I went to the street to watch the lantern show and fireworks. After about five or six minutes' walk, we arrived at the lantern show area. The neon lights in the exhibition area are dazzling, and the lights are twinkling mischievously, just like the twinkling of small stars in the sky. Unknowingly came to the fireworks area.

I saw the sky like tiannu scattered flowers, blooming beautiful flowers, quickly fell down. The sky is like a big chessboard, and fireworks are pieces, unpredictable. Fireworks in a row, competing for splendor. Red here, green there, yellow in front of me

On the night of the Lantern Festival, fireworks red the smiling faces of the onlookers. It came to us with happiness. I prayed to myself that my studies would soar to the sky like fireworks.

Celebrate the Lantern Festival in June

The day before yesterday was the Lantern Festival. We had a very happy time. Now, listen to me.

On the day of the Lantern Festival, I did my homework as soon as I got home, and soon it was finished. We ate the Lantern Festival, took the gun, and went downstairs to shoot the gun happily.

As soon as we got down, we heard the sound of "Chi Liu" in the air, as if a hundred birds were singing a song of praise for the Lantern Festival“ Bang A, we are scared a big jump, looked up, it was a "colorful" flowers in the air open! "It's beautiful!" we all exclaimed

We trotted all the way to the square, first lit the firecrackers, "crackle crackle" firecrackers sounded, we all covered our ears with our hands. I can't help crying out "shoot! Fire We first put a spray, spray first began to spray, and then issued a "crackle" sound, spray higher and higher, and then, slowly, spray smaller and smaller, until No. Next, we put fireworks, I took the lighter, a point, immediately ran away, and habitually covered his ears with his hands“ Chi ~ ~ pa "fireworks fly to the sky once a second and then explode. It's very beautiful.

As if responding to us, fireworks in other parts of the garden are also competing to open: "red peony" is full of flowers, "golden chrysanthemum" is brilliant, "spring breeze and willow" are green leaves... The night sky of the festival is just like a big garden, which is very beautiful.

Unfortunately, we soon finished firing the guns, so we had to reluctantly go home.

I hope that in the new year, everyone's study and life will be as open as fireworks