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The composition of the fourth grade of playing basketball is 400 words

1. Play basketball

"Didi, Didi..." as soon as the alarm clock rings, a new day begins. I ran to school with basketball in my arms, because the school formed a football elite team, and I was one of them. Every day, we keep running, practice grabbing and dribbling

The day of the game has finally come, our team PK world Wuji team.

"Come on, wolves! The wolves will win Cheerleading on the field of a wave of shouting higher than a wave. With the support of these cheerleaders and our training for a month, we are sure to win.

As soon as the referee served, I was the main forward. I was quick to grab the ball. Heaven and earth Wuji team's main forward and I strong ball, at this time on the field already lively boiling. I'm going to score soon. I'm dodging and dodging. I've been procrastinating. Suddenly while the other side did not pay attention, "pa" goal, the audience cheered, now the score is 1-0. Then the basketball fell into the hands of the small forward of Tiandi Wuji team, and the small forward threw the ball out. I made a very difficult jump and covered his ball. Then, I used another "slam dunk" to score, cheering again.

It's time for half-time. The score is now 23-15 and we are far ahead.

Five minutes before the end of the game, the referee served and the ball was snatched by the power forward of Tiandi Wuji team. The game entered an extraordinary stage

The game is finally over and our team has won the championship.

2. Playing basketball

Last night, I went to Shuangliu middle school as usual to play basketball.

Coming to the familiar basketball court, I started shooting. I raised the ball, aimed at the basketball box, a force, the ball up a throw, release the hand, the ball immediately like lightning "run" to the ball box. Ha! No deviation, no inclination, come in!

At first, there were very few people, so it was very easy to cast, but later, there were more people, so I was miserable! Due to the large number of people, there are four or five basketballs in one frame, which makes me change the frame twice in a row. I shoot under a frame with four basketballs, but I have to be careful. Especially when picking up the ball, I have to hide the ball and look for my own ball. Otherwise, the naughty basketball will take advantage of my inattention and mercilessly bump into me. It's like walking through a forest of bullets. I dodged, looked at the right time to throw, and finally got two.

Playing, I feel what hit my stomach, eh, it turned out to be naughty basketball. Fortunately, the ball was sent from a distance. It was the end of the strong bow when it hit me. It didn't hurt much. It's really lucky. Just after a small disaster, another small disaster came to me. I feel that the ball is going to hit my head. Please protect it with your hand. At this time, a basketball hit me on the head. Fortunately, I was protected by my hand. Otherwise, I would be hit by a big green bag!

When I finished playing, I sighed and said, "today's goal of playing basketball has changed from 'pitching' to 'dodging.'"

3. Play basketball

One day in the summer vacation, my brother and I went to the middle school playground to play basketball with his classmates. My brother and I, plus one of his classmates, are in a group of three. Because my brother is not tall, so let him be a striker.

When the game started, we were behind. Because we always can't get the basketball and make mistakes. Later, we tried our best to catch up, but we still couldn't match them.

They took another rebound. They wanted to play fast break. We ran after them as hard as we could, and finally caught up with them. We stopped. We didn't stop. They want to shoot. It happened that my brother ran up and covered his ball. We got the ball and I ran fast forward, ran to the backboard and waited. My brother passed the ball to me with a long pass. I jump up and throw the ball up. I put the ball in the basket. After a while, we became more and more brave, but people also felt that it was getting hotter and hotter. We have to play slower and adjust our strength. At this time, I saw my brother's friend get a good shot. He immediately raised his hand to shoot. Good, good ball! When I saw the score, we were tied.

Later, I was so hot that I didn't have any strength. But I think we have to win. I'll fight as hard as I can.

At the end of the game, our side finally won. Ah, I'm very happy. I jump, jump, shout

4. Play basketball

I am very short, in my class, I am the shortest one, even younger than me is also higher than me. So from today, I will start to play basketball with the basketball experts in my class. I will play basketball every day and train continuously.

We played basketball on the school basketball court. Today, I went to the basketball court as before. But when I got to the basketball court, the basketball master of our class was not there. I waited for a long time, but he didn't come. So I went to his home to find him. It turned out that he went to his relatives' home far away.

Although he went to a distant relative's home, today someone came to play basketball. They all love short and want to play basketball, and they can't play basketball. They are called Xiaoming, Xiaolin and Xiaojun respectively.

We will play basketball together. Although we can't play basketball, we still know the rules of basketball. We play team, two teams to PK, to see which team is more powerful.

The game started, I and Xiaoming first team, Xiaolin and Xiaojun first team.

The game was very fierce. Xiao Ming dribbled the ball straight under the backboard. When he was about to shoot, he was robbed by Xiao Lin, but Xiao Lin was robbed by me again carelessly, so I grabbed the ball and didn't score a goal. I finally got the ball. Xiaojun was intercepting me. Suddenly, Xiaojun accidentally passed the ball to Xiaoming. Xiaoming shot and scored. We scored first. We continued to play, and in the end our team beat Kobayashi 54-48.

Then it was dark, and we went home separately“ I really enjoyed playing basketball today When I got home, I sighed.

5 play basketball

On Monday, April 13, it was sunny. One of the most interesting things about this day is in the morning when we play basketball in PE class. That's a thrilling fight!

"Lingling" is finally coming to P.E. class. After we go down to gather, the teacher will give us free activities. I played a basketball game. Later, two people came one after another, Xiaowen and Xiaowan. Later, the three of us started the game. The rule was: see who gets the most shots in ten minutes first, then who is the winner.

A fierce war officially began. At first, it was Wen's first shot. He looked nervous. After a while, he finally started to pitch, two minutes later, he scored one, but he slowly found the skill. Then one, two, three; Ten minutes later, he threw seven balls!

Xiaowan was the second one. He looked nervous and had no confidence, but he started to pitch. The result was not ideal. Four minutes had passed, and he didn't pitch any of them. Ten minutes later, he just scored three goals.

Finally, it's me. I'm even more nervous. I slowly pick up the ball in my hand and start to throw the first ball. The beginning is very good. Now that I've scored one; The second one also scored. Ten minutes later, I made six pitches, one short, and I could win. Although Xiaowen won, we are still good friends because friendship comes first and competition comes second.

I love playing basketball

I like playing basketball very much. Every day I make an appointment with some good friends to play basketball in school.

After school on Tuesday this week, I made an appointment with long guanbai, Guo Guijiang and Gan Yucheng to play basketball together.

We came to the basketball court with great interest and started a fierce basketball match. We are divided into groups: long guanbai and I are in the same group, Guo Guijiang and Gan Yucheng are in the same group. First of all, I served. Longguanbai caught the ball at once. Then there was a three-step layup and a shot“ The ball is in I cheered happily. Then, I serve again. I passed the ball to long guanbai, she smoothly put in a one-point ball in place, I cheered: "it's amazing, two consecutive shots." This time, I serve again. But Gan Yucheng leaped and grabbed the ball. He quickly passed the ball to Guo Guijiang, who quickly made a three-point throw. The ball was too accurate. We were stunned. It was Gan Yu's turn to serve. He gave it to Guo Guijiang. He saw Guo Guijiang throw a three-point ball with a clear eye. After a long turn at the rim, he fell from the rim“ Ah! What a pity Gan Yucheng and Guo Guijiang said with regret.

Before we knew it, it was late and we had to go home. It's fun to play basketball. We're looking forward to it tomorrow.

Learn to play basketball

It was a Sunday. Brother Xiaobao and I went to a basketball court near my home to play basketball. There are a lot of people there, some people practice shooting skills there, some people are sitting in the open space hungry to add physical strength. My brother and I played basketball in a place with less people. At first, I couldn't even carry the basket under the hip, so it was very delicious. He asked me to practice dribbling first, and said that I would practice basic skills. I couldn't help beating the bouncing basketball, but my heart didn't focus on dribbling. I just watched the big brothers dribbling and shooting. Basketball seems to have life in their hands, they play basketball vividly. And their shooting skills, "whoosh" only see basketball like a "flying arrow" accurately into the basket. Take another look at this big brother. The basketball used to jump in his right hand. As soon as the other player came, the ball was carried from the back of his waist to his left hand, and then it was a sprint layup.

Brother Xiaobao seemed to find me, "why, I envy them very much. As long as you practice your skills seriously, you can also reach that level“ Well, I'll practice hard! " I said excitedly.

Under the blue sky, there are countless leaps of passion on the pitch. I believe that one day I can play the ball so well! come on.

I love playing basketball

Playing basketball is my favorite sport. As long as I don't fight one day, I always feel uncomfortable and insecure.

I watch basketball park on TV every Monday. My favorite is the basketball game of NBA. In the basketball game of NBA, there are many superstars. Every game is very exciting and fascinating. I adore a lot of basketball stars, such as Michael Jordan, rebounder Dennis Rodman and so on.

I started playing basketball in grade one. At that time, my shooting percentage was very low, let alone the ball control technique. Because of my unremitting efforts in the past two years, my basketball skills have improved a lot. I often play basketball with some junior high school students.

I think playing basketball is a very meaningful activity. First of all, playing basketball is a kind of collective sport, which consists of several players in a group and another group, so the basketball game can show a spirit of collectivism.

Basketball is also good for your health. Since I played basketball, my body has been strong day by day. I can't stand the wind and rain as before. I often catch a cold. At home, I often