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You must have garlic in your house

You must have garlic in your home. How about the quick anti toothache and partial prescription? Many people will have toothache in our life. When toothache happens, it will seriously affect people's life. So, do you know how to reduce the swelling and how to deal with the swelling? Let's learn about it together.

Tooth disease is the most common disease. Its performance is red, swollen gums, hot and cold conditions, irritating pain, cheek swelling and so on. If you add a swollen face, it's a disaster, it's a disaster. At the same time, some people will be accompanied by serious symptoms, on the teeth, swollen face. At this time, the treatment of toothache and swelling has become the most desired problem for patients. So, when you have toothache and no place to see a doctor (at night or when there is no hospital or clinic nearby), what should you do? Is there a good little magic method to treat toothache? This article introduces some ways to treat toothache, which can quickly reduce swelling.

A prescription for rapid detumescence

① Two or three garlic, simmer on the stove, while hot ironing pain teeth.

② Yellow wine, black appropriate amount, boiled juice gargle many times.

③ Take a cabbage root pimple, mash it, squeeze the juice with gauze, drop the left ear with toothache on the left side, and drop the right ear on the contrary.

④ Add a bowl of water in the pot, 100-150g of crystal sugar, and boil it. Wait until the water is half cooked. Drink it up once after cooling, twice a day.

⑤ Pepper 15g, white wine 50g, soak for 10-15 days, filter residue, gargle or point teeth.

⑥ Peach skin, willow skin 4G, proper amount of wine, stir fry and rinse. Spit out cold.

⑦ Peel the outer layer of watermelon and dry it in the sun (better after Frost). Seal it in a glass bottle. If there is caries, take a few teeth.

⑧ Tea 3 grams, with boiling water for 5 minutes, take tea juice add vinegar 10 grams, gargle 2-3 times a day.

The prescription of quick stopping toothache

1、 Toothache quick acting Decoction

30g of raw land, 30g of raw gypsum, 10g of Danpi, 12g of Qingpi, 9g of Jingjie and 9g of Fangfeng. First fry raw gypsum for 30 minutes, add the remaining medicine, then mix the decoction, take it twice. One dose per day, one to seven doses per day. Suitable for caries or gingivitis, toothache, gum swelling, bleeding and other diseases.

2、 Qingre Jiedu recipe

3 G Coptis, 9 g Scutellaria, 9 g phellodendron, 15 g Viola, 15 g dandelion, 15 g indigo naturalis. Fry twice in water and take it twice. One dose per day, three to seven doses. It is suitable for gum swelling and pain, bleeding, knowing red and greasy fur, thirsty, halitosis and other diseases.

3、 Tongluo Zhitong recipe

Ligusticum chuanxiong 15g, angelica 10g, paeony 15g, Fangfeng 10g, asarum 9g, Dali 10g. Fry twice in water and take it twice. One dose per day, three to seven doses. It is suitable for patients with dentin hypersensitivity, enamel damage and toothache.

How to deal with toothache and swollen face

Garlic: when we have toothache, when we can't see a doctor or when we don't have time to see a doctor, we should make use of the great and profound Chinese people's excellent prescription. Yes, that's right. If you're at home, or there's a vegetable market near you, then go and buy some garlic.

Remember, buy garlic with a big seed and a thick one. Then peel off the skin, clean it up, mash up a certain amount of garlic, warm it with a hot towel, and apply it to the place causing the pain and swelling, so as to relieve the pain. This can relieve the toothache caused by the upper inflammation, for example.

Ginger: the same thing. If you have a vegetable market or supermarket nearby, go to buy some fresh and clean ginger when you have toothache. Remember, after the purchase, after cleaning up, cut a small piece of ginger to bite in your toothache place, which can not only relieve the toothache, but also make your face swelling slowly disappear. Of course, if the effect of one piece disappears, you can cut it repeatedly and put it again.

Monosodium glutamate: however, if you don't want to go out because of the pain, you need to see if you have monosodium glutamate at home. If you have monosodium glutamate at home, take a few drops of monosodium glutamate, put them into a large bowl of water, cool them, put them in your mouth, and spit them out later. After doing this several times in a row, the symptoms of toothache will slow down and the degree of swelling will also decrease.

Baijiu: if you still don't want to walk around, there must be a white bar in your bedroom. If there is Baijiu around, it's best. At this time, you will use white wine. At this time, pour a bowl of white wine into the bowl, then add salt to the wine, stir it, wait until the salt is completely melted, then heat it and boil it, hold it in the mouth, let it naturally flow through the painful place, don't swallow it down, in this way, toothache will be immediately effective, and swollen face will be immediately effective.

Honey: if you are at home and know how to enjoy life, I think you must have honey at home. OK, if you have, start to use honey to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Put honey in the pot, then don't heat it up with water, then burn it on the fire, it will turn into ash. At this time, dip some ash on your toothache place, it will have the effect of relieving pain and swelling.

For toothache, because it's a small prescription, it's also a small prescription. Therefore, people have different physique, so they will have different effects. If you can't achieve the effect, you can try the next method. If you can't do it, you'd better go to the hospital to have a look. It's the biggest reason to take medicine with injection under the advice of the doctor. I wish you good health.