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Housewives are all wrong! Six nutrition misunderstandings of rice flour oil

In our life, we basically revolve around firewood, oil and salt, and strive to make our life better. However, in the process of living consumption, many of the daily necessities purchased will have defective products, even the most basic rice flour oil will have errors. What's the mistake?

Misunderstanding: good quality and nutrition of white rice

I can often hear people say that these rice are really white and of good quality. Food security experts say this is a typical assumption and a very popular misunderstanding.

Rice consists of husk, pericarp, testa, endosperm, aleurone layer, endosperm and embryo. Brown rice refers to the products that take off the husk and keep other parts; refined rice, commonly known as milled rice, refers to the products that only keep the endosperm and take off all the rest parts. The nutritional value of brown rice is obviously better than that of refined rice because most of the nutritional components (such as protein, fat, cellulose, minerals and vitamins) except carbohydrate are concentrated in the peel, seed coat, endosperm, aleurone layer and embryo (commonly known as bran layer). Generally speaking, in the process of processing brown rice into rice, the higher the processing accuracy, the whiter the rice, and the worse the nutrition.

White faces are the same. The natural color of flour is milky white, or slightly yellow. If the color is pure white or gray, it may be excessive use of whitening agent.

Misunderstanding 2: local rice is better than non local rice

People generally have a "local complex", rice also likes to eat local rice, and many people think that the quality of local rice is better than that of foreign rice.

Rice is good or bad, but it is very unscientific to divide it into local rice and non local rice. There are many factors that determine the quality of rice, including rice varieties, planting environment, planting methods, processing methods, storage and transportation in the later stage, etc. Local farmers may choose the soft glutinous variety that Suzhou people prefer, but this does not prove that local rice is better than foreign rice. In addition, the concept of non local rice covers a wide range of regions, such as northeast rice, Subei rice and Anhui rice. In addition, due to the different small environment and high planting technology, it is difficult to divide the region where the rice is better. However, it is generally believed that the quality of northeast rice is generally high.

Misunderstandings three rice a mold can not eat

A lot of people think that if rice is moldy, it will be broken. They have to throw it away. In fact, this is also a wrong understanding.

In general families, they need to wash rice and cook every day, so even if the rice is mildewed, it will be found in the early stage. The early stage of rice mildewing is mainly reflected in color and smell. First of all, you can smell a peculiar smell, rather than rice fragrance, which is the precursor of fever and mildew; second, the hardness of rice will decrease, because of the strong breath of rice and microorganisms, local moisture condensation, rice grain moisture, called "sweating", its hardness will decrease, called "body and bone soft" with low scattering, and it can be clumped by hand; third, due to the condensation of moisture on the surface of rice grain, so The color of rice grains will be bright. In addition, due to the moisture of rice grain, the rice bran adhered to the rice bran powder or the rice bran not milled up floats up, which is rough and not smooth. At the same time, due to the loose tissue of rice embryo, which contains more protein and fat, the mould first erodes from here, which makes the embryo discolor, commonly known as "eye rising"; the grooves on the side and back of rice grain are white, and then gray white, which is called "tendon rising". Generally speaking, the "eye" or "tendon" of rice has turned into the second stage of fever and mildew. At this time, it must be spread cool and ventilated, and treated in time to prevent further deterioration. The best way to eat olive oil

Olive oil has always been on the high-end line among many vegetable oils. On supermarket shelves, olive oil is usually bottled in small bottles, and the price is not low. "Olive oil is the most expensive, so it has the best nutritional value. You can eat it often if you have the conditions." Now many people think so. In fact, this is a wrong idea.

Olive oil does have many advantages, such as it can soften blood vessels, play a certain role in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, can also reduce the blood sugar content of diabetic patients, prevent and senile amnesia. However, you can't just eat olive oil, because each kind of vegetable oil has its own unique features, so the best choice is to eat all kinds of oil in exchange. Other vegetable oils, such as sunflower oil, soybean oil and corn oil, have their own advantages. They are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can enhance the body's immunity, improve the skin condition, accelerate the healing of gastric ulcer, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. They are necessary raw materials for the normal operation of the brain.

Mistake 5: animal oil is not as good as vegetable oil

Fatty liver is a common worry of many people nowadays, and it is generally believed that it is caused by eating too well, too greasy and exercising too little. And the cholesterol content of animal oil is high, which is more likely to cause fatty liver, obesity, etc., so it is not as good as vegetable oil.

"Animal oil is easy to cause coronary heart disease and obesity" is indeed a very popular view, but it is also unscientific and one-sided. Animal oil (except fish oil) contains saturated fatty acids, which are easy to cause arteriosclerosis, but it also contains polyenoic acids and lipoproteins which are beneficial to cardiovascular system, which can improve the nutrition and structure of intracranial arteries, fight hypertension and prevent stroke.

The right way to eat is to mix or alternate vegetable oil and animal oil. In general, the best ratio is 10:7. Animal and vegetable oils are also good for preventing cardiovascular disease. Vegetable oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, which is beneficial to prevent arteriosclerosis. So we can use animal oil 1, vegetable oil 2 to make mixed oil for food.

Mistake six: oil is frozen and flocculent

In cold weather, white floccules or opaque paste can be seen in edible oil. Some housewives are not sure whether the oil has gone bad or not. They throw it away for the sake of safety.

Fat is triglyceride. Due to the different length and length of the fatty acid carbon chain that makes up triglycerides, the temperature at which they form crystals is different, and the crystals need to be formed gradually, which will show several different forms, all of which are normal physical phenomena. The crystalline state is related to the transportation, storage and other conditions of edible oil (for example, the temperature in the north is cold, the edible oil installed on the periphery of the truck is easy to freeze, and the edible oil placed in the North kitchen is easy to freeze), which is also related to the type of oil. Frozen edible oil will not affect its taste and quality.

However, it is also pointed out that the edible vegetable oil is prone to acidification in the storage process. The longer the storage time is, the more serious the acidification will be. In addition, the edible oil may also produce substances harmful to human body when it is stored, and gradually lose its unique flavor and become sour and astringent. If people eat cooking oil stored for a long time, they often have stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms. Therefore, edible oil should not be stored for too long, generally not more than one year, and the production date should be as close as possible when purchasing.

When you buy things in life, you must pay attention to the shelf life, especially for those foods. These foods are very basic in life, but they are also easy to have a safety situation, so you must polish your eyes in life to avoid falling into mistakes.