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How to whiten and watch out for seven ways to make you darker and darker

Fair and bright skin is a symbol of good skin. However, in life, not everyone can have fair skin. However, there are many ways to make the skin white. In order to make the skin white, we should pay attention to the following matters.

1. Bad cleaning habits: many products in our life will hurt our skin, such as washing powder, detergent, toilet cleaner and bleach, which contain alkali and fatty acid.

2. Preference for heavy make-up: make-up products contain many metal components, and chemical components have the function of absorbing light. Some people use cosmetics containing lead, mercury and other chemical metal components or adding spices for a long time, which is easy to cause skin black. The skin is covered by thick cosmetics for a long time, can't get a good breath, can't remove makeup cleanly, the pigment and harmful substances in the cosmetics remain on the skin surface or even penetrate into the skin, will cause the accumulation of pigment, which is just the evil star of the skin.

3. Excessive whitening: it's a matter of course that MM people love whitening. But too much whitening will hurt our skin and increase the chance of long spots. Frequent sanding or chemical peeling will make the cuticle of the skin separate, which will make the skin more and more sensitive to light and become dry. When the sun is exposed to the sun, the skin will get red rash, and the pigmentation will be more serious than before. Therefore, whitening is very important, but also to have a degree!

4. Rub and stimulate skin: people who are used to scratching and tickling a fixed part of the skin should pay attention to it. Often to grasp the skin, is to stimulate the skin, and then accelerate the generation of melanin, causing pigment precipitation. Some people will even try to pick the spots off with force, being careful will cause adverse effects.

5. Love to eat pigment food: foods that are very harmful to us include: carbonated drinks, biscuits and chips, fried food, string, hot pot, Dianxiang, many of which will deposit a lot of toxins in the body and stimulate the growth of cells.

6. Hormonal maladjustment: liver spot is located in the cheek, nose, brown like smoke spots. Most of the patients were 30-50 years old women. The spots of light brown to dark brown were often on the cheek, under the nose, forehead, around the eyes, and the left and right faces were often symmetrical. Poor ovarian function is one of the reasons for the formation of liver spots, which is also easy to form when hormonal disorders occur. In addition, there are also cases of liver spots appearing or more obvious before pregnancy, physiological period and physiological period. Basically, although the liver spots caused by pregnancy will disappear naturally, there are still some people who do not disappear after childbirth. People who are weak and easily tired are also prone to liver spots, and the skin near the left and right faces will also have anti black conditions.

In fact, it's not difficult to have fair skin. However, if people have the above bad habits at ordinary times, it may lead to the failure of skin whitening methods they adopt. Not only that, but also the skin will become darker and darker.