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Nine kinds of constitution of traditional Chinese medicine: health preserving, warming yang and Invi

Each of us has different physique. Generally speaking, TCM divides people's physique into nine kinds. In fact, there is no good or bad physique. The most important thing is how to keep healthy. There are different ways to keep healthy for different physique. Let's have a look!

Nine kinds of physical health preservation of traditional Chinese Medicine

Yang deficiency constitution

Physical characteristics: the whole body is afraid of cold, hands and feet are afraid of cold, do not like cold food.

Regimen: Warm Yang and replenish qi.

1. Don't stay up late.

2. Do not abuse antibiotics.

3. You can often knock your governor vessel with a mahogany stick, which helps to generate hair and replenish Yang Qi.

4. Dietotherapy: suitable to eat more ginger and leek (such as fried walnut with leek). It can warm yang and replenish qi.

5. Pharmacotherapy: Jinkui Shenqi Pill. (supplement the classic formula of Yang Qi). People with Yang deficiency constitution should stretch their mind and stimulate their vitality; they should bask in the sun and soak hot feet more.

Yin deficiency constitution

Physical characteristics: the body is afraid of heat, lack of Yin fluid, lack of water, and likes cold food.

Regimen: Nourishing Yin and reducing fire.

1. Don't stay up late, it hurts Yin. 2. Eat less spicy food.

3. Dietotherapy: suitable to eat more Lily and Tremella. It can nourish yin and reduce fire.

4. Practice liquid swallowing Tianjin: red dragon around the Sea ---- practice Tianjin, swallow slowly.

5. Medication: Liuwei Dihuang pill.

People who are overcast should keep calm.

Qi deficiency constitution

Physical characteristics: the body is prone to fatigue, shortness of breath and weakness.

Health regimen: Invigorating the middle and replenishing qi

1. Avoid overwork and tiredness.

2. Dietotherapy: suitable to eat more jujube and yam. It can strengthen the spleen and replenish qi.

3. Acupoint treatment: massage, moxibustion Zusanli.

4. Medication: Buzhong Yiqi pill.

People with Qi deficiency constitution should establish self-confidence, be full of faith and have a good mental state.

Phlegm dampness constitution

Physical characteristics: fat body, big belly, round waist, fat secretion of forehead, snoring like thunder.

There are three types of obesity: flesh man: muscle type; fat man: fat is full but even; cream man: fat, big belly, round waist, fat on forehead, snoring like thunder. The phlegm dampness constitution person is refers to this kind of person ------ the cream person. Health regimen: Resolving Phlegm and promoting dampness.

1. Dietotherapy: suitable to eat more white radish and lotus leaf.

2. Rubbing abdomen: after two palms are heated by friction, massage the abdomen clockwise and then anticlockwise with the labor point in the palm center and the back palm.

3. Pharmacotherapy: Huatan Lishi prescription (Professor Wang Qi's own prescription)

Prescription composition: raw Astragalus, Atractylodes, Poria cocos, orange, lotus leaf, wax gourd skin

Damp heat constitution

Physical characteristics: acne on the face, pruritus on the skin, sore on the mouth and tongue, and sticky stool

1. Eat less spicy, barbecue food.

2. The living environment should be dry.

3. Don't adjust the air conditioning temperature too low in summer.

4. Drink as little as possible, not too much at a time.

5. Dietotherapy: it is suitable to eat more job's tears and drink more Kuding tea (bitter food to clear away heat and fire). If you have a bad smell, you can chew the leaves of Peilan and Huoxiang (don't swallow them); if you have itchy skin, you can scrub your skin with purslane boiling water.