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Five misunderstandings in women's health care

We will find in our daily life that many people have some bad problems. Many women always eat some sugar when they are free. It's not good to eat too much sugar. We should get rid of this problem. Let's have a look at the misunderstanding of women's sugar consumption.

1. Eat a lot of sugar on an empty stomach to stop hunger

British scientists have found that eating a large amount of sugar on an empty stomach will suddenly increase blood sugar, destroy the balance of acid and alkali in the body and the balance of various beneficial microorganisms in the body, which is not conducive to human health.

2. Ripe fruit

The fruit with higher maturity contains more sugar, while the fruit with lower maturity not only contains less sugar, but also has more nutrition with health value.

3. Drink with milk and sugar

Women who love sweetness will feel insipid when drinking milk, so they add some sugar. However, an experiment in Taiwan showed that a cup of 500ml milk tea contains 50g sugar. Wang Xufeng, deputy secretary-general of China Nutrition Alliance, pointed out that sugar in 100ml sweet drinks generally contains 12-13g. General sweet drinks contain enough sugar. If you really want to drink them, you can add some fresh milk to them.

4. I like to eat sweet food everyday

Excessive consumption is prone to related diseases. Some experts believe that sugar is more harmful to people than cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. After investigating the causes of death in 23 countries, the World Health Organization concluded that sugar addiction is more harmful than smoking, and long-term consumption of foods with high sugar content will shorten people's life span by 20 years. Therefore, the World Health Organization put forward a new slogan of "global sugar cessation" in 1995. According to the World Health Organization, too much sugar can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, vascular sclerosis, cerebral hemorrhage and diabetes.

People who are fond of sweets for a long time are prone to a variety of eye diseases. Related experts also pointed out that senile cataract is also related to too much sweets. They surveyed 50 cataract patients and found that 34% of them had a sweet tooth habit, which they believed was related to the disorder of glucose metabolism.

5. Eat porridge and rice directly

White porridge, white rice and other foods are all fast blood sugar rising foods. When eating, you must match some small dishes with more dietary fiber and rich protein, such as celery mixed with dried parsley.

Potatoes or taro and other vegetables with high starch content should not be steamed as much as possible. They should be sliced and fried to prevent the rise of blood sugar.