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What are the methods of lacing? What are the regular lacing methods

The phenomenon of tendon contraction is very common in our life. In order to avoid the frequent occurrence of tendon contraction, people will also take the method of stretching tendon to carry out effective treatment. Therefore, the method of stretching tendon that can be used by everyone and the benefits of stretching tendon will naturally become the focus of people's attention.

1. Hamstring pulling: hamstring pulling is also called "split leg", which is one of the more difficult actions of hamstring pulling. Not many people practice it successfully. Once practiced, it can also be regarded as a great achievement in life. Its action is to split the legs to the left and right. At the beginning, the hip is very high from the bed surface or cushion surface, but as long as you don't lose heart and persevere, one day, the hip can be close to the bed surface or cushion surface, so that the legs become a straight line. If you want to succeed in this movement, you must have extraordinary confidence, perseverance and perseverance.

2. Pull the abdominal tendon: kneel on the bed or cushion, let the instep stick on the bed or cushion, then pull the heels of both feet to the left and right sides, then let the hips fall, sit on the bed or cushion, and then let the body slowly lean back. First make the head touch the bed or pad, then slowly lie down on the back, face up, back close to the bed or pad, keep for 60 seconds and then get up. This movement often causes pain in the tendons of the feet. It's better to be patient. If you do it for a long time, the pain will be relieved, so that you can't stand it.

3. Back tie: it can be divided into two methods. The first is to straighten your legs on the bed or pad, then touch your knees with your forehead, at least 10 times. When practicing, keep your legs as straight as possible, and try not to bend your knees up. The second is to sit on the bed or pad, make the feet close to the palms, face the palms up, put the little toes together, and then touch the big toe with the forehead, at least 30 times. It's hard to meet at the beginning, but it will be met after a long practice.

4. Stretch: stretch is also a tough job for older people, but it's much easier than splitting. The way to pull the tendon is to first stick the back of the palm of the right hand against the back, with the palm outward and the fingers upward. Then extend the left hand finger downward from the left shoulder, and hook with the right hand finger. At least use the index finger, middle finger and ring finger of both hands to hook each other.

5. Pulling neck tendon: many people feel that the neck is stiff and uncomfortable, which is caused by the old age and poor circulation of Qi and blood in the neck. The cure lies in doing daily neck stretching exercises. The method is: stand, both feet are the same width as the shoulder, and then make the body slowly turn to the right side. You must bend to the right ear hole towards the ground, then make the body slowly turn to the left side, and also bend to the left ear hole towards the ground. Do it continuously for at least 3 minutes, about 120 times.

"Stretching" can not only promote, but also prevent cancer, fight cancer, promote blood circulation, rejuvenate and prolong life. It can generally improve the symptoms of various chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, kidney disease, liver disease, scapulohumeral periarthritis, stubborn personality, irritable mood, poor blood circulation and slow metabolism. The older people practice stretching, the harder it will be to practice, and it is hard to bear. The success rate is low, and they often give up halfway. Therefore, stretching should be done sooner rather than later.

It can be seen from the above that when people adopt the method of lacing, there are five methods of lacing: neck tendon, hand tendon, back tendon, hamstring tendon and abdominal tendon. According to different parts of the human body, people should also pay attention to the choice of methods when using lacing. It can be affirmed that regular lacing can prolong life.