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Which acupoints can women massage for health care

Modern women pay more and more attention to health care. I think many women want to know what simple and effective methods can achieve the health care effect. Massage acupoints is one of them. Which acupoints can be massaged for health care? Let's learn with Xiaobian.

Which acupoints can women massage for health care

Zhongfu cave

Location: Zhongfu point is located at the lateral part of the chest, parallel to the first costal space, 6 inches from the anterior midline.

Action tips: press with middle finger and ring finger, with a little force, to be able to bear it, press and rub for 3-5 minutes each time, 1-5 times a day.

Medical theory: middle Qi refers to the Qi of spleen and lung. The Qi of spleen and lung is called middle Qi. If you often feel that your breath is not enough, you can't breathe, or you can't use your stool, or you will have abdominal distension if you eat something, you will be short of breath. Zhongfu point is not only a raised point of lung meridian, but also a point where the two meridians of spleen and lung intersect.

Efficacy: regular massage of Zhongfu acupoint can smooth the meridians of the lung, have the effect of breast augmentation, strengthen the lymph circulation, reduce chest tightness, shoulder and back pain and other symptoms. Mingmen acupoint

Location: located at the waist, on the posterior median line, in the depression of the spinous process of the second lumbar spine, about the same level with the navel.

Action Essentials: before going to bed every day, press and hold the Mingmen point with your thumb to feel the acid swelling, and rub it for dozens of times. Once a day.

Medical theory: Mingmen point is located in the middle of the back of the waist and connected with the spine. It is a low position in the gravity field of the human body. The high temperature and high pressure negative water in the spine is transmitted to the governor vessels on the surface of the body. The negative water exported from this point has the function of keeping the governor vessels and blood popular. It is the root of human life, so it is named Mingmen.

Efficacy: massage Mingmen acupoint has the function of promoting love, improving sexual cold, balancing and restoring sexual function, and effectively delaying aging and menopause. Shangyang acupoint

Location: located on the thumb side of the index finger, 2 mm behind the nail angle, this acupoint is located on the large intestine meridians.

Action tips: hold the index finger, press with the thumb, use a little force to bear it, press and knead for 3-5 minutes each time

Medical theory: Shang Yang is the outlet of the large intestine from the internal meridians to the external meridians. Massaging Shangyang point can vaporize the water in the large intestine and transport high temperature water and humidity gas to the large intestine through the body surface meridians.

Efficacy: massage Shangyang point has the effect of promoting metabolism, invigorating the Qi and blood of large intestine, regulating the function of digestive tract, accelerating the metabolism of human body, relieving constipation, and having the effect of strengthening and benefiting the body.