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How to deal with static electricity in hair

Static electricity is the most common phenomenon in dry weather. Generally speaking, hair and fiber clothes are the most prone to static electricity. For long hair girls, the phenomenon of static electricity in hair often makes them feel very uncomfortable. So what should we do if there is static electricity in hair?

Tips 1

Dyeing and scalding damaged hair, no washing hair care single is the Savior

Dyeing and ironing will make hair more fragile, and it will be more rough and static in winter. At this time, conditioner is your Savior, especially hair care products that don't need to be washed. Before going out in winter, it can definitely make your hair fit in a second.

In addition, making hair mask for hair 1-2 times a week can also effectively repair damaged hair and make hair return to healthy state. Adhere to at home care hair, over time, can also achieve salon level care.

Tips 2

Normal hair quality, moisturizing is the key

Hair is prone to static electricity in winter. In fact, the air is dry. Therefore, in the process of shampoo, we should not only pay attention to cleaning, but also pay attention to the moisturizing of hair, which requires the use of conditioner. However, asian girls generally have less hair, so people are not so keen on hair care products. They always feel that after using hair care products, their hair is stuck on the scalp, which is even less hair. In fact, this is just the wrong way.

Hair conditioner is the only way to resist static electricity. It must be used in winter. After shampooing, do not use a large amount of conditioner, but take a small amount of conditioner and apply it to dry hair ends where static electricity is easy to occur. This way, the hair on the top of the head will not fall down and appear to be spiritless.

Tips 3

Pay attention to the usage of hair dryer

In winter, hair washing is inseparable from hair dryer. Many girls think that hair dryer can dry their hair, but they don't know how to use it properly.

Correct use of the blower:

1. The temperature of the hot air shall be controlled below 55 ℃ to avoid evaporation of moisture from the hair; 2. The air outlet shall be 15-20cm away from the hair to ensure that the hair will not be damaged; 3. The hair dryer shall not be fixed to an area to blow, and the position shall be changed constantly to make the hair evenly heated; 4. The hair shall not be blown completely dry, and it can only be blown 80% dry. This can guarantee the maximum moisture content of the hair.

As mentioned above, for people who often have static electricity in their hair, there are actually three magic tricks that are recommended in this paper, which are the methods that you can apply to static electricity in your hair, so you can try more.