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What is the effect of Yuanqi Sangju tea

In life, many people have certain requirements for the choice of tea, and the tea that can play the role is the focus of people's choice. Among the types of tea with refreshing and refreshing effect, Yuanqi Sangju tea is a kind of tea with good effect and is liked by everyone.

Sangju tea

Moisten the lung to stop coughing, refresh the mind, cure the dizziness of eyes and eyes, fight against the cold at the beginning, but people with deficiency cold drink less

Materials: Chrysanthemum 4, mulberry 4, green tea 3, Water 500ml.

Method: Boil chrysanthemum, mulberry leaf and green tea in clear water, and drink them after removing the residue.

Chrysanthemum: slightly pungent, sweet, bitter, slightly cold. It can disperse wind heat, clear liver and eyes, calm liver Yang and detoxify. It is used for cold, wind heat, fever, dizziness, heat in liver channel, redness of eyes and tears, deficiency of liver and kidney yin, dizziness and dizziness, hyperactivity of liver Yang, dizziness and headache, swelling and pain of sores and sores. Modern and used for coronary heart disease, hypertension.

Mulberry leaf: it is good at dispersing wind heat and relieving it. For external wind heat, headache, etc., it is often used in combination with chrysanthemum, silver flower, mint, Qianhu, Platycodon, etc. Mulberry leaf can not only be used for red eyes caused by wind heat, but also for clearing liver fire. It can be used in combination with chrysanthemum, plantain, etc. As for deficiency of liver yin and dizziness of eyes, mulberry leaves can also be used together with Ligustrum lucidum, black sesame seeds which nourish liver and kidney.

Green tea: it is helpful to inhibit and resist the virus bacteria. Tea polyphenol has strong astringent effect, obvious inhibition and killing effect on pathogenic bacteria and virus, and obvious effect on anti-inflammatory and anti diarrhea. Many medical units in China have used tea preparation to treat acute and chronic dysentery, amoebic dysentery and influenza, with a cure rate of about 90%.

It can be seen from the above that Yuanqi Sangju tea is made of chrysanthemum, mulberry leaf and green tea in a certain proportion. Because these three materials have different functions, Yuanqi Sangju tea has the functions of moistening the lung, relieving cough, clearing the liver, brightening the eyes and refreshing the brain in clinic.