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How to treat anaphylactoid purpura

Nowadays, many people will actively seek solutions once they find abnormal performance on their skin. As a common disease, Henoch Schonlein purpura has become the most concerned in people's life. So, what should we do if we have Henoch Schonlein purpura?

(1) Blood deficiency syndrome:

Syndrome: repeated purpura, delay does not heal. Purpura is indistinctly scattered, with light color, aggravation after tiredness, tiredness, palpitation, shortness of breath, albuminuria, light red tongue, thin white moss or little moss, and thin pulse.

Treatment: Invigorating Qi, nourishing blood and cooling blood to detoxify.

Prescription: add flavor to Bazhen soup. In the formula, dangshen, Baizhu, Poria, invigorating qi and spleen, chuanxiong, Shengdi, and Chishao can activate blood and cool blood, and the whole formula has the function of supplementing both qi and blood. It can be properly added with Lithospermum, citronella root, Rubia, etc. to enhance the effect of cooling blood and detoxification. Astragalus membranaceus and Leonurus were added in case of obvious albuminuria; virginity and Eclipta were added in case of heavy blood micturition.

(2) Syndrome of blood collaterals caused by heat injury:

Syndrome: short course of disease, red or purple purpura, fast occurrence, pruritus or wind mass of skin, red body, hot face, irritated five hearts, sore throat, thirst, red stool dry, blood urination, red or red tongue, thin yellow fur, pulse number.

Treatment: clearing away heat and detoxification, cooling blood and expelling wind.

Prescription: yinqiao powder combined with Xijiao Dihuang Decoction. In the prescription, Yinhua, forsythia, dieding, chuanhuanglian are used to clear away heat and detoxify, rhinoceros horn, Cortex Moutan, Shengdi, and red peony are used to cool blood and detoxify, and poria cocos is used to reduce infiltration and dampness, Prunella vulgaris is used to clear away liver fire. If the skin rash is serious, add laver and cicada to clear the heat and penetrate the rash; if the skin is itchy, add the skin of local skin and white moss; if the throat is sore, add burdock; if the stomach is sore, add white peony and liquorice; if the stomach is uncomfortable, add dates; if the nose is black, add lotus root and Platycladus; if the urine is blood, add big and small thistle and white grass root; if the albuminuria, add motherwort.

(3) Syndrome of blood stasis blocking collaterals:

Syndrome: course principal, repeated attack, occurrence delay, purpura Color Purple dark or purple red, joint pain and abdominal pain, face and lower eyelid blue dark, rough skin, white eye cloth purple or purple red blood, dry throat, dark tongue or ecchymosis, thin white or yellow fur, astringent or stringy pulse.

Treatment: promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, detoxifying and eliminating wind.

Prescription: Taohong Siwu Decoction. In the prescription, peach kernel, safflower, chuanxiong, red peony can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. In the prescription, Radix Arnebiae, Scutellaria, etc. can be added to clear away heat and rash to eliminate residual evil. Joint pain frankincense, myrrh; abdominal pain Canadian dollar Hu, Kawa Ko; albuminuria plus motherwort.

Tested by:

Purple grass root 30g / day. There are 10 to 20 jujubes, which are taken or eaten in Decoction three times a day.

Chinese patent medicine:

(1) Yinhuang Oral Liquid: 10-20m1 every time, 3 times a day. It is mainly used for the patients with heat injury and blood collaterals syndrome and pharyngeal redness, swelling, pain and hyperactivity.

(2) Yinqiao Jiedu pill: 1 pill every time, 2 times a day. The indications are the same as above.

(3) Fangfengtongsheng pill: 6G each time, 2-3 times a day. It is suitable for the patients with heat injury and blood collateral syndrome accompanied by fever and cold, pruritus, arthralgia and dry stool.

(4) Bazhen Yimu pill: one pill every time, twice a day. It is applicable to blood deficiency syndrome.

Acupuncture and massage:

Main acupuncture points: Quchi, Zusanli; prepared points: Hegu, Xuehai. Use the main acupoint first, and prepare acupoints when the effect is not ideal. Those with abdominal pain should be pricked at Sanyinjiao, Taichong and Neiguan.

According to the above description, after knowing that they are suffering from anaphylactoid purpura, people can actually take the method of traditional Chinese medicine to treat anaphylactoid purpura to carry out the treatment of the disease. In fact, before the treatment, we should also pay attention to the cause of the disease.