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What are the benefits of meridians regimen

The meridian health preservation of traditional Chinese medicine has a magical effect. It can treat some common diseases in daily life, as well as some difficult and miscellaneous diseases. It is a unique medical method in China. After thousands of years of practice, it has been quite mature. Let's take a look at the benefits of meridians.

1、 Lung Meridian: let your skin no longer dry

A straight line is connected from the depression of the scapula, along the inner side of the arm to the inner end of the thumb, which is the lung meridian of the human body. "Lung dominates skin hair". When beating lung meridians frequently, ensure at least 1500 ml of water per day, which can make water flow to dermis through lung meridians, and make your skin no longer dry!

2、 Sanjiaojing: improve your immunity

The Sanjiao channel starts from the growth of the fishtail pattern in the corner of the eye and ends between the ring fingers. Sanjiaojing is the commander in chief of human health function. It can make each viscera cooperate smoothly and step by step. Some Chinese medicine experts also equate it with the lymphatic system, which shows that its function is not general. It is suggested that you drink as little water as possible before beating the Sanjiao meridian, which is also in charge of the operation of water. There is too much water deposition in the body, which will make you feel swollen eyelids the next morning!

3、 Heart Meridian: the most accurate self physical examination method

The heart meridian starts under the armpit and ends at the tip of the little thumb and runs through the inner side of the upper arm. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the heart meridian can reveal the most accurate health index of human body, which is a self-test method of health.

The specific method is very simple: first, extend the hand straight forward, 15 seconds later, put it down at an angle of 45 °, 10 seconds later, then lift the arm vertically.

If your blood flows down rapidly and the vein highlights disappear, it means that your indicators are normal and you don't need to worry about your health. If the vein highlights disappear slowly, it means that you are too tired and in urgent need of decompression. It is suggested that you take the opportunity to have a good sleep!

4、 Stomach meridian: make your face white and red

The stomach meridian starts from under the clavicle, along the breasts, across the abdomen, to the front of both legs, and ends between the fourth toe. The facial blood supply mainly depends on the stomach meridian. The glossiness of the face and the elasticity of the skin are all related to the blood supply of the stomach meridian.

If wrinkles suddenly appear on the face, it is likely to be caused by deficiency of Qi and blood in the stomach channel. The best beating time of stomach meridian is from 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning. If you insist on beating, you will find your face white and red. Even if you stay up late, you will not look too haggard!

5、 Bladder classic: let you remember well

The bladder channel starts from Baihui Point on the top of the head, extends to the back, buttocks and ends at the heel. Generally, traditional Chinese medicine believes that the real effective position of bladder meridian starts from the waist, so you only need to knock the lower body.

Regular beating of bladder meridian can improve the quality of blood supply to the brain, stimulate the activity of brain nerve cells, and improve your memory! From 15:00 to 17:00 in the afternoon is the running time of bladder meridian. At that time, beating can effectively reduce the "afternoon fatigue" and make you more energetic!

6、 Pericardium Sutra: let you eat fat

From the Tianchi point one inch outside the nipple to the tip of the middle finger, the meridians are called pericardial channels. The beginning of pericardium is at the periphery of the heart.

The pericardium in traditional Chinese medicine is a thin film outside the heart. When the external evil invades, the pericardium is in front of the heart and plays a protective role.

Beating pericardium meridian often can not only improve heart function, make your breath and blood flow more powerful, but also reduce fat.

From 19:00 to 21:00 in the evening is the running time of pericardium meridian. If you knock the pericardium meridian after supper, the cholesterol accumulated in the blood can be discharged smoothly from the body, and the metabolism speed of food fat in the body can be accelerated. Even if you eat a lot, you don't need to worry about getting fat!

After reading the above introduction, I believe you have understood many benefits of meridians health preservation. Meridians health preservation is the precious wealth left by the ancestors. We should not lose others. When there are some problems in the body, we can use meridians to regulate the body. When there is no disease, we should also properly regulate it to prevent getting sick.