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What to eat for lung fever: 10 small prescriptions for treating lung fever

Cough with lung heat is a common respiratory disease. Generally speaking, this kind of disease belongs to chronic disease, and the frequency of the disease is also very high. So what's good for eating with lung heat? How to treat lung heat? Next, we will introduce some treatment tips to you. Please see the details below.

1. Treatment of white sugar mixed with egg

People with chronic bronchitis are prone to attack after cold, chest pain, shortness of breath and upset. It is very effective to take the egg with white sugar after cooking.

The method is as follows: take a fresh egg, knock it in a small bowl, do not stir the yolk and protein, add a proper amount of sugar and a spoonful of vegetable oil, put it in the pot and boil it in water, and finish it before going to bed at night. After 2 to 3 times of coughing, it can be cured. Stubborn people can eat more.

2. Steamed duck egg with agaric

The main materials we need are Auricularia auricula, duck egg and a little ice sugar. After adding some water and stirring, steam and take it twice a day. It can cure Yin deficiency and lung dryness. This prescription has curative effect on less dry throat and phlegm.

3. Treatment of walnut, sesame and ginger powder

5 walnuts, 25g raw sesame, 25g ginger, proper amount of brown sugar. Mash walnuts and raw sesame into small pieces, and ginger into small pieces. Put it into a bowl, add brown sugar and stir well. Take one tablespoon (about 30g) at a time, and take it with boiled water once in the morning and once in the evening.

8. Two methods of almond treatment

The cure method of cough and asthma of lung deficiency: sweet almond is about 20g, the skin is soft with 60 ℃ hot water, after peeling, try to smash it, boil it with rice (50-100g) and water, put 10g of ice sugar into the pot, boil it into thick shape and eat it.

When suffering from a fever and coughing, break the apricot kernel left when eating sweet apricot and take almond. After taking one, coughing stops. After taking one every two hours, you can basically recover.

9. Apply Fengyoujing to relieve cough and asthma

When suffering from asthma and coughing, you can apply the essence of wind oil on the front neck and both sides of the neck, stop it immediately, and at the same time calm down the phlegm and asthma.

10. Rehmannia grosvenorii

Wash the Siraitia grosvenorii, cut the shell, and put the pulp of the belt together in a water cup to open the blister. The water is reddish brown, slightly sweet and tastes good. Drink water several times a day. After a day's remission, he recovered in two days.

4. Stewed mushroom with pear juice

Pear can moisten the lung, cool the heart, eliminate phlegm and reduce fire. The interferon produced by the double chain sugar nucleic acid in the mushroom can kill the virus in the body. The method of "stewed mushroom with pear juice" is used to prevent dry cough in autumn and winter and eliminate infection. Generally, the effect can be seen after taking it for two or three days.

Production method: firstly, peel and slice the pear to extract juice, then wash and slice the mushroom, add some water and ice sugar to stew together, and after the mushroom is stewed, eat the soup together twice in the morning and evening.

5. Boiled radish water can be treated

Cough for several days in a row, it is difficult to sleep at night, you can buy several white radishes, cut half of the radish into pieces every night, and boil it with water. After the radish is cooked, filter out the water with a tea cup or small bowl, and drink it after it is slightly cold. Cough can be reduced. Drink for a few days in a row and you will be cured.

6. Eat ginger tablet to stop cough

Wash and peel a piece of ginger, cut it into pieces, put one in your mouth when coughing, and the coughing will stop immediately. When the throat itches again, take another one, twice a day, one before going to bed at night, and two or three times the next day, and you will be cured.

7. Pumpkin rattan juice for relieving cough

The fresh pumpkin rattan is decapitated and inserted into the bottle. After one night, the juice drops into the bottle the next day. Take the juice everyday and take it with boiling water. It can effectively stop coughing.