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Six nutritional methods of fish soup with high nutritional value

Housewives have come to see whether the fish soup made by husband is always the same style, whether the fish soup made by husband is a kind of taste, whether the fish made by husband is just carp, whether the fish made by husband says you can't cook, here are six kinds of fish soup methods for you.

1、 Stewed black fish with lotus root

Fish handling:

1. After the black fish is slaughtered, it shall be cleaned and dried, and the tail shall be cut off, and the meat of the interrupted part shall be removed along the back.

2、 The removed fish has a small amount of fishbone residue near the belly, which is removed with a knife.

3. The rest of the fish without bones is cut into thin slices along the skin.

4. Cut the rest of the fish rack into sections, and reserve them with the head, tail and skin.


1. Before the treatment of the fish rack, blanch in boiling water to remove blood, and then fished out to control dry.

2. Put the boiled fish rack into the sand pot with good water, add ginger slices (a little more), lotus root (peeled and cut into hob pieces), and scallion sections.

3. After boiling the fire, cook it for 2.5 to 3 hours with a small fire, then add proper amount of salt and chicken essence.

2、 Stewed fish soup with Papaya

Materials: 1 papaya, 2 loach (about 600g), 4 ginger, 5g almond, 8 dates, lard and a little salt.

Features: this soup is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, protein and minerals, with the effect of tonifying deficiency and milk. "Papaya stewed with loach and fish soup" is a traditional milk promoting and testing formula in China, which is an effective hair milk agent and is specially used to treat women's postpartum milk deficiency.


1. Scrape the papaya off the skin, remove the core, clean with water and cut into thick pieces.

2. Remove the scales and gills of the loach, remove the internal organs, rinse with water; wash the almonds and dates with water.

3. Put the pot on the fire, put the lard on, heat up, fry the loach until it is fragrant, and then put it out.

4. Put papaya in the pot, and then pot for half an hour, add a little salt to taste, then you can eat.

3、 Black fish soup with bamboo shoots


1. Clean up the black fish and cut into sections for standby. Wash the skin of the bamboo shoots and cut into pieces for standby.

2. Soak the dates in water for 1 hour and rub the bottom of the pot with ginger (to prevent the skin from breaking when frying fish).

3. Heat the oil in the pot, fry the black fish until golden yellow on both sides, then pour in some boiling water and put in ginger slices, red dates, longan and spring bamboo shoots (for deodorization, put more ginger slices or a little yellow wine).

4. Pour all the ingredients and soup into the soup pot, boil it in high heat and then turn it to low heat for 1 hour. PS: add salt to taste when you drink it. Because the soup is delicious but the meat has no taste, I think it's more suitable to choose smaller fish. 4、 Fresh mushroom, loofah and fish fillet soup

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Ingredients: Grass Carp 160g, Luffa 160g, grass mushroom 120g, tofu (North) 100g.

Seasoning: 3 G ginger, 5 g shallot, 8 g coriander, 5 g sesame oil, 5 g pepper, 2 g peanut oil, 10 g salt, 3 g salt.


1. Loofah peel and wash, open side to pulp, cut like chopsticks head. Wash and dice tofu, wash and cut mushrooms.

2. Put 1 piece of ginger and 1 piece of green onion into the pot, add 2 cups of water to boil, put down the plate tofu and cook for 3 minutes, then put down the mushroom and cook for 5 minutes and soak it in cold water, take it up and wipe it dry, wash and wipe the grass carp (grass carp) meat, slice it with skin, marinate it with sesame oil, pepper, salt and oil for 5 minutes, and arrange one piece on the plate.

3. Heat up the pot, add 1 tbsp of oil, stir fry the ginger, put some water into the pot, put down the tofu, fresh mushroom and towel gourd, boil for a while, add salt to taste after ripening, put down the fish slices, turn off the fire immediately, pour into the soup bowl, put down the coriander (coriander) and serve.

5、 Shredded radish

Radish shredded crucian carp soup is a fat reducing and slimming soup. Radish has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, resolving phlegm and relieving cough. It can be stewed together with crucian carp which can replenish qi and blood, warm the spleen and stomach to make soup, which is very suitable for everyone to drink in autumn and winter, because radish shredded can not only reduce phlegm and cough, appetizer and eliminate fat, but also improve human immunity and.

Materials: fresh crucian carp (1 tail, 638g), white radish (1 / 2), onion (1 root), ginger (3 pieces).

Seasoning: oil (3 tbsp), concentrated chicken juice (2 tbsp), cooking wine (1 tbsp), salt (1 / 2 tbsp).


1. Remove scales, gills and internal organs of crucian carp, wash and wipe dry water, and make three oblique strokes on both sides of the fish.

2. The white radish is peeled and washed, and cut into fine threads; the onion is peeled and sliced, and the ginger is peeled and sliced.

3. Heat 3 tbsp oil in the pot, saute ginger slices, fry crucian carp until golden yellow on both sides, and set aside.

6、 Carp soup

Ingredients: 1 carp, 80g ginger, 1 tablespoon medlar.

Accessories: 2 tablespoons rice wine, 1 teaspoon salt.


1. Carp to gills, belly, not to scale, wash, can also buy well prepared carp back more convenient.

2. Peel, wash and slice ginger.

3. Heat the pot and add oil. Fry the carp on both sides. Add 600ml of water, rice wine, salt, medlar and ginger. Cover the pot and cook for 1 hour.

Fish soup is very nutritious. For teenagers who are growing up, it's good to eat more fish in life. It can not only provide effective protein for body development, but also provide a lot of amino acids for brain development, effectively meeting the needs.