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It's forbidden to keep healthy. These foods are not harmful overnight

As we all know, people in the disposal of overnight food, either throw it away, or eat it again after warm, which also has a certain connection with people's understanding of the hazards of overnight food. Therefore, for the eight kinds of overnight food that will lead to people's illness, I'd like to introduce them to you in the hope of attracting your attention.

1. Seafood

The non edible overnight food includes fish, seafood, green leafy vegetables, cold dishes, etc.

Fish and seafood are prone to produce protein degradation products overnight, which will damage liver and kidney functions. Green leafy vegetables contain different amounts of nitrate. If they are overcooked or put for too long, they will not only turn yellow and taste bad, but also will be reduced to toxic nitrite by bacteria, which has carcinogenic effect. Cold dishes are polluted when they are processed. Even if they are refrigerated, they are likely to deteriorate overnight. They should be prepared and eaten now.

2. Overnight tea

Because of the long time of overnight tea, most of the vitamins have been lost, and the protein and sugar in the tea soup will become the nourishment of bacteria and mold reproduction, so people usually think that overnight tea can not be drunk.

3. Overnight boiled water

When the tap water is boiled for 3-5 minutes, the content of nitrite, chloride and other harmful substances is the lowest, which is most suitable for people to drink.

Although boiled water has been fully boiled, it is recommended to drink less boiled water overnight, because nitrite can form carcinogenic nitrosamines in human body. Some experts found that the content of nitrite in boiled water was higher than that in raw water. Moreover, the content of nitrite in boiled water which has been boiled repeatedly for a long time or more than 24 hours is obviously increased. After 24 hours, the content of nitrite in boiled water is 1 or 3 times of that in the first boiling.

Chinese residents have the habit of drinking boiled water. It's better to drink it now or only the same day's boiled water, and don't drink the boiled water that has been boiling for too long.

4. Overnight Tremella

In theory, all foods with high nutritional value should not be eaten overnight. If the nutrients are reduced, it is easy to become a hotbed for bacteria breeding. The same is true for tremella soup. Whether it is cultivated indoors or cultivated in the field, tremella contains a lot of nitrate. After cooking and bacteria decomposition, nitrate will be reduced to nitrite.

If you drink it on the same day, nitrous acid can naturally enter the blood circulation. The red blood cells in the blood contain hemoglobin, which can carry a lot of oxygen for the body to need. But the overnight Tremella will cause the reaction of nitrous acid, which will cause the normal hemoglobin in human body to be oxidized into methemoglobin and lose the ability of carrying oxygen, resulting in the lack of normal hematopoietic function in human body.

5. Family bitterness, bad goods

Marinated food and bad food are seasonal dishes that Shanghai citizens like to eat. Many citizens also like to put the leftover marinated food in the refrigerator "overnight", but this practice has a great potential for food safety. To prevent food poisoning, don't eat bittern bad goods overnight in spring and summer.

The halide in bulk should be eaten on the same day, not overnight. From the perspective of food safety, it's not sanitary. If possible, it's better not to eat the bad overnight. Food experts warn that even food in the refrigerator is not absolutely "safe.". Mould and psychrophilic bacteria are easy to breed in refrigerator.

6. Half raw egg

Nowadays, a lot of trendy people like to eat half raw eggs. They think that half liquid eggs that are not fully cooked will not damage their nutrients, but in fact, raw eggs contain a lot of bacteria and viruses, and in fact, the cooked and half raw nutrients will not be different from too much. And half of the eggs are easy to breed bacteria after eating overnight, causing gastrointestinal discomfort, flatulence and so on.

Some people say that tea eggs are cooked the day before and sold overnight. However, tea eggs are cooked twice in the process of making. They are cooked first, then the eggshells are smashed and tea and other auxiliary materials are added before cooking. If it's a well cooked egg, it's OK to eat it overnight if it's properly sealed at low temperature!

7. Overnight leafy vegetables

It's better to eat the vegetables that day. Don't leave them until the next day. Super no "hue" even if, these overnight green vegetables, not only no nutrition, but also produce disease causing nitrite. Although the content of nitrite will decrease when refrigerated in the refrigerator, the content of nitrite will still increase after a long time.

Under the same storage conditions, the nitrite production of stem and leaf vegetables is the most, melon vegetables are slightly lower, and rhizome and cauliflower are in the middle. Therefore, if you buy vegetables to go home for storage, you should first eat stems and leaves, such as spinach, cabbage, etc.

8. Overnight soup

People in the south like to drink soup very much, especially Cantonese. They are famous for their love of making soup. Put the soup that can't be drunk into the refrigerator, and it's not too bad to drink it when it's boiled the next day. Moreover, you can cook excellent noodles with the soup that was carefully cooked the day before. However, we should pay attention to the package, and pay attention to the preservation method of the overnight soup. First, when the soup is ready, use a clean and uncontaminated spoon to serve it, and then put the seasoning.

If you can't finish drinking, you should choose to put it in the refrigerator with a tile, glass or ceramic container, especially you can't use an aluminum pot or a stainless steel pot for preservation, otherwise it is easy to have chemical reactions, which is not conducive to your health.

After making clear the harm of the above eight kinds of overnight food to human body, we must pay attention to the proper disposal of the overnight food at ordinary times, so as not to cause certain harm to the health of our family due to improper disposal operation. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the above eight kinds of overnight food.