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What to do if you have gallstones? Treat with these three kinds of medicinal meals

In clinical, gallstone is a common disease in most people. Generally speaking, when people find that gallstone appears in their body, they should start treatment as soon as possible to cure the disease. In the treatment of gallstone, the following three kinds of medical meals can be used.

Cholelithiasis, also known as cholelithiasis, refers to the diseases of gallstones in the biliary system, including gallbladder or bile duct; biliary tract infection is a common disease. According to the location of the disease, it can be divided into cholecystitis and cholangitis.

After the stone is formed in the gallbladder, it can stimulate the gallbladder mucosa, which can not only cause chronic inflammation of the gallbladder, but also cause secondary infection and acute inflammation of the gallbladder when the stone is embedded in the neck or tube of the gallbladder. Because of the chronic stimulation of gallstone to the gallbladder mucosa, it may also lead to the occurrence of gallbladder cancer. It has been reported that the incidence of this kind of gallbladder cancer can reach 1% - 2%.

In addition to treatment, the following three kinds of medicated diet can help to improve symptoms.

Stewed pork with rice wine

If the patient has hypochondriac pain and distention or burning hypochondriac heat, irritable mood, bad breath, easy to lose temper, thirsty and dry mouth, red tongue, yellow tongue and other symptoms of liver and gall, it is suitable to eat yellow wine stewed pork.

Method: 200g of Lysimachia, 150g of honeysuckle, 1kg of lean pork and 3 spoons of yellow wine.

Wrap the medicine cloth bag with the money grass and the money flower, and put the meat into the pot, pour some water into the pot and heat it up. Add the rice wine, and then simmer for about three hours.

Efficacy: the nature of Lysimachia is sweet and salty, slightly cold, with the advantages of softness, firmness and heat clearing; the nature of honeysuckle is sweet and cold, with the advantages of heat clearing and detoxification.

Stir fried radish

If the patient has hypochondriac pain or hypochondriac distention, pain can be pulled to the back of the shoulder, stomachache, frequent sighs, epigastric distention or fullness, red tongue, thin moss and white tongue and other symptoms, this type of patient is hepatobiliary depression, suitable for eating hot fried radish.

Method: 250g green radish, proper amount of cooking oil, then wash the radish, cut it into pieces, put it in the pot, add oil and fry it well.

Efficacy: radish flavor is sweet, slightly cold, with the benefits of regulating qi and reducing Qi, widening the middle and benefiting the gall.

Corn soup

If the patient has the symptoms of liver and gall dampness and heat, such as cold or high fever, costal distention, costal pain, nausea, bitter mouth, abdominal distention, big knot, yellow and red urine, yellow and red face, yellow and yellow eyes, red tongue, yellow and thick greasy tongue, it is suitable to eat corn Xuqing decoction.

Method: 30 grams of corn, 30 grams of citronella root and 8 red dates.

First soak the material in cold water for about an hour, then fry it for about 40 minutes with a small fire, and then eat it when it is cooked.

Efficacy: corn must be beneficial to water, heat, liver and gall; Baicao root is sweet, cold and heat clearing, which has the advantage of heat clearing and diuresis; jujube has the effect of tonifying middle Qi.

It has to be said that although gallstone is a disease that does great harm to human body, when treating gallstone, we can take medicine diet, and the three medicine meals recommended in this paper can alleviate gallstone symptoms are the recipes that we can often eat.