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No squat, no man! It's the real man who can do these exercises

No squat, no man! It's the real man who can do these exercises

People who go to the gym for the first time usually look around, pay special attention to those who have a figure, and then imitate their movements. But the ending is not ideal, and it may hurt yourself. This kind of mistake is not only on novices, but also on experienced people. Now we have listed 5 basic movements that every man should master to lay a good foundation for his fitness.

1. Squat

Squat such an important and basic action, not only for you to bring the ideal body. If I could only choose one sport in the following days, I would definitely choose squat. In terms of function, squatting can exercise your whole body, especially your core muscles, and make your other movements more relaxed. Standing, walking, running and jumping are all easy, if you often do the right squats. At the same time, when you have a large load, it will stimulate your body to release hormones to promote muscle growth.

2. Standing over head press

The key word is to stand. When you are sitting, you can help yourself to complete the movement with a little help of equipment. When you are standing and you have nothing to lean on, you have to activate every muscle of your body to help you complete the movement. If you want to work out your core muscles, try pushing a larger load up too far. Proficiency in this movement can improve the quality of your flatbed push, pull up and push up movements.

3. Pull up

Many people don't like pull up because it's difficult, but always avoiding this difficult action will lead to some defects in your muscle exercise. Pull up can be said to be the most important action to exercise the strength and muscles of the upper limbs. Why? Because compared with other movements, it is more efficient and less likely to cheat. If the pull-up is too difficult for you, you can start with a small amount of exercise and gradually exercise yourself to a more standard group with more pull-up. At the same time, pay attention not to shake back and forth on the horizontal bar. What you want is efficiency, not quantity.

4. Plate support

This movement may seem simple, but many people's movements are not correct. On the premise of your correct movement, it can be said that you only need one movement to exercise the core muscle group. At the same time, you can do plate support anywhere, and do not need other auxiliary equipment. If you can hold on perfectly for two minutes without shaking your body, it's a big improvement in your stability.

5. Stretching

Many people will ignore these warm-up exercises. Without sufficient warm-up, you can't guarantee the full stretch of your movements, which means that your exercise effect will be discounted. Generally speaking, the hip warm-up exercise is particularly important, because almost every movement you do involves the hip. Try to remember some simple warm-up actions so that you don't forget that you need to warm up.