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How to deal with sub-health

Sub-health, in clinic, refers to a state category between disease and health. Generally speaking, people's sub-health is related to many factors. What should we do about Sub-health? This article will recommend six kinds of treatment methods for you.

Sub-health state refers to a state of health and low quality between physical and mental health and disease. Although there is no definite disease in the body, there are all kinds of feelings and states of maladjustment in the body and psychology, so as to present a physiological state of reduced adaptability to the outside world. This state is mainly caused by the low physiological function, degradation and aging of the human body. Its performance mainly has the spirit not to be good, the reaction ability drops, the adaption ability drops, forgets, the metabolism disorder, the appetite is sluggish, the limbs are powerless, the mood is fidgety depressed and so on. How to intervene the sub-health state has become a hot topic. The intervention of traditional Chinese medicine is quite effective, which can be carried out from the aspects of exercise, massage, diet, music, etc.


Massage can also effectively prevent sub-health, because the use of massage manipulation on the corresponding acupoints or parts of the human body, stimulate meridians and acupoints, so as to adjust the physiological function of the body, promote the circulation of human Qi and blood, improve its pathological environment, so that the human body can enhance the resistance to disease, so as to achieve the role of disease prevention. Massage can dredge channels and collaterals, move Qi and blood, reduce swelling and relieve pain, harmonize Ying Wei, nourish heart and mind, balance yin and Yang, and prevent sub-health.


Huangdi's Internal Classic pays great attention to the harm to health caused by the abnormal change of spirit and emotion. It points out that "people have five internal organs and five Qi to generate happiness, anger, sadness and fear", "anger is Qi up, fear is Qi down, shock is Qi disorder, thinking is Qi complex..." The disorder of emotional activity can affect the functions of the five zang organs, lead to the disorder of the Qi mechanism of the human body and the disorder of the Yin and Yang Qi and blood of the Zang organs. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of sub-health must be carried out both physically and mentally. It requires people to be calm and calm, calm, happy and angry, not reckless, not to worry about selfishness, but to have a clear mind and few desires, to suppress eyes and ears, to use God exclusively, to have a harmonious temperament, and to follow the principles and customs. In the aspect of seven emotions regulation, we can release and transfer emotions properly to maintain a good spiritual life.


Exercise can activate muscles, bones and joints, relax muscles and collaterals, invigorate Yang Qi, move Qi and blood freely, and strengthen physique. Proper exercise is an important means to prevent and eliminate fatigue, and it can also make people feel comfortable. Long term exercise can promote metabolism and strengthen physique, which is one of the effective methods to prevent sub-health. Usually, it can be carried out such as walking, Taijiquan, etc. it can also comb the hair, rub the foot, press and rub Shenshu, Zusanli points, etc., so that the joints of limbs, five zang organs and six Fu organs can be activated, promote blood circulation, strengthen the constitution, improve immunity, so as to prevent disease. There is a festival in diet

Traditional Chinese medicine puts forward the treatment method of "medicine to dispel, food to follow". In the general discussion on the method of storing Qi, it points out that the principle of "five grains for nourishment, five fruits for assistance, five educations for benefit, five dishes for filling" is proposed in the paper. It advocates "discarding thick taste, being sincere and tasteless, timing and quantitative, reasonable cooking, four seasons for adjusting food, and paying attention to following the times", and according to different types of constitution, it is targeted or medicated, In order to prevent and cure diseases, strengthen the body and keep away from sub-health. It is necessary to reasonably adjust the variety of diet, such as grains, meat, fruits and vegetables, to have a balanced intake, not to be partial to diet, so that the human body can obtain the required nutrients in an all-round way.

Medicinal dishes

According to the principle of syndrome differentiation and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, the sub-health state is mainly manifested in the deficiency in the middle of the syndrome, which can be selected to nourish the heart and tranquilize the mind, strengthen the spleen, promote the recovery of the viscera function, maintain the body function, regulate the immune system, etc. Guipi pill and Buzhong Yiqi pill can be used to regulate the sub-health status of college students; Buzhong Yiqi pill and Liuwei Dihuang pill can be used to regulate the sub-health fatigue patients. Those who are tired for a long time can take Astragalus drink, pseudostellaria milk tea, peanut milk, antler milk, sesame walnut congee, Astragalus eel soup, sesame Shouwu brain tonic cake, Sanren powder, swim bladder powder, Astragalus yam stewed pigeon and so on; those who have a cold repeatedly can take ginseng red date honey drink, Huangjing Yuzhu milk, baishen Fangfeng tea, Astragalus stewed pigeon and so on; Those who are afraid of cold can be treated with milk of antler gum and chicken soup of Cordyceps, etc.; those who are depressed can be treated with citron Bergamot drink, rose kumquat cake drink, orange peel, orange core and orange collaterals drink, kumquat leaf green tea, rose cake, orange peel kelp silk, etc; The obstacle can be adjusted and treated by the nectar drink of night fruit, the milk drink of Fu Shen, the joyous tea of Bai Zi Ren, Yuanzhi tea, Poria cocos and Zaoren porridge, the stewed pig heart with Bai Zi Ren, the stewed sheep heart with red dates, the soup of pig heart and Zaoren, the soup of Lily and red dates and lotus seeds, etc.

Music adjustment

According to Huangdi's Internal Classic, "wind is born in the East, and the sound is the horn; heat is born in the south, and the sound is the symbol; damp is born in the center, and the sound is the palace; dryness is born in the west, and the sound is the business; cold is born in the north, and the sound is the feather.". There is a mutual relationship between the royal family and the royal family. Using this relationship, we can adjust the mood, have a pleasant disposition, and treat the disease for a long time. If the liver wind moves inside the patient, may listen to the commercial voice, can calm the liver to put out the wind. Shang Yin belongs to the West. It belongs to Jin and Shang Yin. It's light and strong. It can relax people's mood, soothe their hearts and help to eliminate their depression.

As mentioned above, the six methods of massage, intervention, exercise, medicated diet, diet and music regulation are the practical and effective treatment methods for the sub-health people in this paper, which is very worth trying for the sub-health people.