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Men don't drink too much every day

Why does alcohol damage liver

There is alcohol in the wine. The main component is the alcohol we often say. Because 90% of ethanol is metabolized in the liver, ethanol can affect the liver.

Under the treatment of liver, ethanol will have a series of chemical reactions. The process of ethanol metabolism is from ethanol to acetaldehyde to acetic acid. Acetaldehyde has high activity. It can combine with protein to form acetaldehyde protein conjugates, which can directly damage hepatocytes. So it is the product of ethanol oxidation that directly damages the liver when drinking alcohol.

Liver hypoxia caused by ethanol oxidation

Human liver is the main place to deal with ethanol. The oxidation of ethanol needs to absorb a lot of oxygen. However, the liver lobule is a relatively easy place to be anoxic, and oxygen consumption in the ethanol metabolism process will lead to anoxia in the central area of the lobule. For a long time, a large number of drinkers have vasoconstriction, decreased blood flow and hemodynamic disorder, which further aggravates the situation of intrahepatic hypoxia. Therefore, drinking alcohol can not only damage liver cells, but also lead to liver hypoxia. For a long time, it is very harmful to the normal function of liver.

Drinking alcohol can lead to liver toxin accumulation

There are some bacteria in the liver, some of which are good for the body. These bacteria sometimes absorb toxins from the liver. Drinking for a long time will lead to subtle changes in the acid-base environment of the liver, and eventually "drive out" these bacteria. Therefore, the production of toxins in the liver increased. It even accumulates in the liver and affects the normal development of liver cells. Therefore, long-term drinking will lead to the aggravation of liver load, not only refers to the damage of liver cells, but also refers to the accumulation of liver toxins.

How much alcohol can the liver tolerate in a day?

According to reports, the tolerance of the male liver is 40 grams of alcohol per day, and that of the female liver is halved. Generally 40 grams of alcohol is equal to 1000 ml of beer with 6 degrees of alcohol, 500 ml of red wine with 12 degrees of alcohol and 100 ml of white wine with 50 degrees of alcohol.

Therefore, it is not unreasonable to say that drinking damages the liver. Drink in moderation. Never drink too much. In addition, when drinking, never drink on an empty stomach. It's better not to mix drinks. Long term drinking is not advisable. The healthiest way is to stop drinking, drink more water, supplement vitamins and protein.