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Brainwashed by Princess disease? Not a princess but a princess skirt!

Every girl has a princess dream when she was a child, just like Lin Xingchen, the heroine in the latest hit "dear princess disease", but few girls can live the same life as her. More girls put their princess dreams on Barbie dolls when they were little, and they will wear all kinds of beautiful princess skirts for the dolls, but in fact, every girl Can wear beautiful princess skirt to walk on the street, don't worry too dazzling, come to see how the gods are low-key to wear princess skirt!

What do you think of the white pompous skirt? Wedding dress, or lovely little princess? Just right to the length of the knee, so that you can usually wear out of the door does not appear abrupt it!

The fashion style of changeable cake skirt

Cake skirt is a common element of princess skirt, but in order to be worn in daily life, we need to change the style a little. The irregular hem adds fashion elements, and the V-neck is more feminine than the round neck.

Bubble sleeve princess skirt in animation

The princess skirt with one line collar is also a classic design. The bubble sleeve looks more like the princess skirt in Disney animation. The ear edge of the skirt is also lively and lovely!

Boyfriend's favorite Pink Lace Dress

Lace is a common element of gorgeous princess skirt. Pink is also very girl like. Such a skirt is not only a girl's favorite. Even men's tickets will like you better when they wear such a princess skirt to date!

How to wear a beautiful ballet princess skirt

Is there a sense of ballet in the nude pink skirt? It's elegant and lovely. It's really like a little princess. It's very nice to wear a simple top~

Classic black and white

If you want a fashionable and cold Princess image, you can try the classic black and white color. The white dress still has the gorgeous and immortal spirit of the princess, and the pure black turtleneck still has the mystery of the night.

Macarone broken diamond pompous skirt girl heart burst shed

Macarone color matching is a girl's favorite. The bits and pieces on the pompous skirt make the skirt look more gorgeous and noble. Isn't that what the princess skirt in my childhood imagination looks like?

Black lace dress of night Princess

The mysterious and sexy black lace, the noble and elegant gauze skirt, and the very princess style style, will you capture the prince's heart if you wear it like this?

A long dress that can be easily controlled everyday

Want more low-key girls to wear this paper, multi-layer black long yarn skirt, not so fluffy and bloated, a simple white vest can easily control, when walking, gently drive the skirt, very lady~